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Overview of Major News Media in America: CNN, The New York Times and Fox News

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In this paper, I have written about political and national news media in America. I have selected three major television and print outlets in the United States. I chose CNN, The New York Times, and Fox News. I researched the three outlets ownership, their expected audience, their political affiliations, notable writers, and anchors. Each company has its own highs and lows in their reputation history. Lastly, I will compare and contrast the differences between my chosen groups. Every reporting association has their own political leanings. This plays a great role in national elections, including the presidential election of 2020. This paper will reference many different instances of their choices in reporting political events from the past few weeks.

Cable News Network (CNN) is a pay television channel owned by American Telephone and Telegraph Company in New York City. The station ideally believes in the Democrat Party in the U.S due to the exclusive positive covering the network has offered to this party (Martin, Gregory, and Ali Yurukoglu 2556). It boasts several anchors, reporters and commentators including John King. Fox News is a conservative television channel that is owned by Fox Newsgroup. The expected audience of this channel is all the supporters of the conservatism philosophy in the United States. In the recent past, this media house has been in controversy over favouring the Republican Party in reporting and damaging the Democratic Party. The media house has quite a large number of staff members among them, Tucker Carlson. The New York Times is a newspaper that is owned by the New York Times Company. The paper holds a liberal view of society, whereby it supports specific issues and undermines others based on their perspective on the issue at hand. There are about 1,300 staff writers that work for the paper with A.G Sulzberger as the chief publisher.

CNN was the main 24-hour news channel in the U.S. but in 2016 it was described as a global-multi platform network by one of its executives. During its prime years of service, it had a high viewership and following, but in recent years that has changed. The decrease is a result of bias accusations that have hit this media house. It has been frequently associated with the left-bias in reporting, especially on political matters.

Fox News, on the other hand, has only ever risen in popularity. It has recorded the highest-rated prime time over the past twenty-three years, and has been able to outperform other basic cable networks in the United States. Despite favouring the Republicans in reporting, the reputation of Fox News is growing bigger “and better in its increased dominance over the other cable networks.

The NYT covers a wide range of news in the U.S. It even received significant criticism by President Donald Trump, who regarded the paper as ‘fake news’. Despite this, in 2017 the Consumer News and Business Channel reported the paper had displayed progress by increasing the number of digital subscriptions. Factual research also noted that in situations where the paper errs, they always make corrections.

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CNN’s network boasts itself as being a pioneer in providing 24-hour news coverage in the United States. To date, it has the lead on the different brands intended to cover news round the clock. It continues to deliver live reportage and scrutiny of news cutting across from sports, business, political, international and many more areas.

Among its main competitors is Fox News, which is lavish compared to CNN. Compared to other cable news outlets, Fox News outspends its rivals and has the most expense on average per month. Fox News is the media outlet looked at most to deliver statistics in business news. Among the cable television networks in the United States, Fox News continues to command viewership numbers for the last four years. The audience of Fox News views themselves as ideologists compared to those of its competitors due to the conservative nature of reporting in this media outlet.

The New York Times is the oldest paper in the history of the United States and also doubles up as one of the world's ultimate papers. It stands out from other papers due to its unique supremacy in reporting capability since its inception, a trait which has been passed on for generations. Surprisingly the article has never led in following, but it has stood out over the years due to a cultivated, knowledgeable circulation at the expense of the mass audience.

With its large viewership, CNN has a very critical role to play in this year's presidential election. This is because this media house has been consistently subject of bias in its coverage of political events. The media house has been liable for favouring democrats which means that they will help publicize those ideologies more compared to the republicans. In another incident, during the Democratic Party Primaries debate, CNN appeared to be unswervingly aligned to Bernie Sanders compromising reporting disinterest.

To a large extent, Fox news channel has allegedly biased favouring conservatives and the Republican Party. For this reason, Jonathan Bernstein has gone ahead to describe the channel as an extended wing of the Republican Party. This continued bias in coverage means that conservative and republican ideologies will be more publicized, thereby increasing the political muscle of these two parties during this year's election.

The Times, being a paper that has had a good reputation over the past years, has a vital role to play in the 2020 presidential election when it comes to informing the public. Historically the Times has always favoured Democrats, and this year seems to be no exception. Recently the paper endorsed Senator Elizabeth, Massachusetts, and Senator Klobuchar, Minnesota, for the Democratic Party nominations. Although, despite the Times being persuasive globally, its potential to convince the civil society on electoral candidates vying for positions has been overrated.

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