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Parent-child Relationship Essays

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Positive Parenting, Child Care And Protection

From this essay report, I will be stressing on what is progressive nurturing, child care and protection were all about. Besides, their status and how can we apply it in our nation. In fact, progressive parenting and child care and protection is the frequent union of a parent and an infant and that involves loving, training, leading and providing of basic requirement of a youth regularly and completely. (Seay et al., 2014, p.207) Also, child care is the general term...
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Topic Of Mother And A Child In The Novel Americanah

The relationship between a mother and her child can definitely be complicated, as it is prominent throughout the novel Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Although the two individuals may be similar in many ways, the differences can make the journey through life’s ups and downs a little more difficult. Every parent has a different bond with their child, which in turn affects the ability for a child to develop their identity and maintain a strong sense of self. Adichie presents...
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The Influence Of Parents On Child Behavior

FAMILY INFLUENCES The family is the first form of socialization a child receives. A child learns from the family’s relationships and uses that information to form their own relationships. According to Kwalombota Mahalihali (2016), “the kind of care and attention children receive during their early years of life affect their handling of important issues, such as trust versus distrust and autonomy versus disunity”. Not only do the adults in the family influence child behaviors, but siblings do as well. With...
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Rhetorical Essay: Dear Dads - Save Your Sons

Not every day does a person get lucky enough to come across a tad of literary work that comprises of limited words but leave a lasting effect on the readers. Such texts are successful not only in catching the attention of the readers but also in moving their hearts. These kinds of texts are an outcome of several literary techniques that make these texts stand out and touch the hearts and minds of the people. “Dear Dads: Save Your Sons”...
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The Role And Influence Of Parents In Bless Me Ultima

In society, adults and children alike are told they must carry on the family name, but today, more now than ever, there are more and more people carrying two family names on their backs. The most notable culture to carry double surnames is the hispanic culture where a child will take their both father’s and mother’s surname, often adding an y (and) between the two names. For most hispanic children, their last names are equal parts of their identity and...
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Parenting, Attachment Theory And Moral Development

ABSTRACT This research paper explores about socioemotional processes and theories of developmental psychology. Parenting styles, Theory of attachment, Kohlberg’s moral development and their strengths and weaknesses literature reviews and how the theories can be applicable to real life situations. INTRODUTION Socioemotional process consists of variations that occurs in an individual’s personality, emotions, and relationships with others during one’s lifetime (Santrock, 2007). Developmental psychology was initially targeted on studying how adolescents strengthen to develop into youngsters and then adults, but contemporary...
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Should Fathers Get Paternity Leave: Essay

For the past decades, family dynamics have shifted from a single-income household, consisting of a breadwinning father and a caregiving mother. The trend has transitioned to a dual-income household, whereby income responsibilities rest in the hands of both parents. With that in mind, notably, mothers give birth nearly every day all around the world, yet, some fathers struggle to find time off-duty to lend them support. Many fathers struggle to find time to be there long enough for their newborns....
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Essay on Parents-Child Relationship

Children are the most important entities not only in the life of parents but also in the life of society and the state to a larger extent. Even before a child is born, his parents have certain notions about what their dream child will be like and the kind of. This study is an endeavor to study the impact of the home environment on academic achievement with the objective to find out the academic achievement of twelfth-grade students in relation...
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Human Vermin: Self-Image and Parental Alienation

The masked anxiety in Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’ is a rooted trauma from parental alienation which transforms Gregor’s self-image from human to bug. The behaviors in the narrative are mirror images of the author’s life and are reminiscent of his feelings towards his father. This parental alienation experienced during Kafka’s interactions with his father is further demonstrated by Gregor’s parents in the text. The self-neglect Gregor faces while being a dutiful slave-like character who is treated like vermin by his family literally...
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Key Motives of Amy Tan's Novels

In Tan’s novels, her Chinese and Western culture and the ultimate attempt at balancing the two is the foundation in which her stories lie upon: the trivial matters such as the manner in which one sits at a table, of the way one speaks and behaves, as well as the rough yet cherished moments of life. These details are perfectly described due to Tan’s expert use of verisimilitude and are showcased in each and every one of her characters. A...
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Should Parents Monitor Their Children's Internet Usage? Essay

When I was around 12 years old, I started to notice that my parents stopped caring about what I was browsing on the Internet, what TV shows I watched or even the types of movies I watched. When I was younger, I was used to them often asking me what I was looking up, trying to keep a close eye on my search history and telling me what I could and couldn’t watch, deeming certain shows too inappropriate. It was...
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I Am Mother': Movie Analysis

Grant Sputore’s debut film ‘I Am Mother’ is a science fiction thriller that circles the story between a child and her mother living in an advance bunker years after the self-destructive behavior of humans that caused their extinction. Giving a hint that the world outside the facility is no longer fit for human life. The film starts following a robot, voiced by Rose Byrne, as she chooses a gestated embryo that soon births the first human to walk on the...
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Theme of Father-Son Relations in the Movie ‘Dead Poets Society’

The movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ was set in 1959 in Vermont at an all-boys boarding school known as Welton Academy. In Peter Weir’s 1989 film, ‘Dead Poets Society’ touches on the relationship between Neil Perry and his father, where Neil’s true self was oppressed in his role as an obedient son. Following, human relationships have a complex nature, they present many challenges making it essential in the forming of an individual. Their father-son relationship continues to dissolve throughout the movie,...
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The Topics Of Holocaust And Parent-Child Relationship In Maus

Maus is a two-volume graphic novel written by Art Spiegelman from the visits he made to New York to visit his father, Vladek. Vladek was a survivor of the Holocaust and Polish Jew living, his survival and the visits that Art made helped create this graphic novel. This story analyzes the relationship between Art and his father, Vladek. Vladek is portrayed as ambitious lighthearted young man and as his story unravels from his recollections of the horrors that the Holocaust...
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Should Parents Give Their Child Allowance: Essay

The query of whether or not allowances are proper or wrong is one that has been argued for lots generations. Now it’s your turn, as a determine, to determine whether or not or now no longer an allowance is an excellent manner to train your toddler approximately monetary responsibility. There are many motives given on why an everyday fee of cash to a toddler has to or shouldn’t be achieved in the end I accept as true that there’s no...
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Parent Child Relationship In Barn Burning By William Faulkner And Great Falls By Richard Ford

Introduction In this paper I emphasised on analyzing relationships of Parents and children in short stories Barn Burning by William Faulkner and Great Falls by Richard Ford. For the analysis of short story, I will discuss how childhood incidents can build the foundation of adulthood by analysing short story Death by Landscape by Margaret Atwood. I am going to use formalist approach for analysis of the literature. In the formal approach the literature is looked from the structure point of...
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Corporal Punishment In Parent-Child Relationship: For And Against

The famous American pediatrician, Benjamin Spock, once said, ‘A child supplies the power, but the parents have to do the steering.’ Amy Chua is an eastern parent who wrote about her parenting style, in the article ‘Tough Love: Parents and Children,’ she explains her rationale for the use of corporal punishment on her child. Chua believes strong discipline is necessary because it prepares children for the future. Also, western parents care too much about their children’s self-esteem and let their...
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Gay Father In The Family And The Society

The love and personal relationship with their partners decreased for most parents, having a child. In addition, the rate of social participation of gay fathers also decreased; they appeared to socialize more with heterosexual parents and reported losing some gay relationships since they became parents (Bergman et al., 2010). Gay fathers reported higher life satisfaction but gave less important to their career since becoming a parent (Panozzo, 2015). Research on fathering has shown that heterosexual fathers influence their children in...
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Generation Gap: Parent To Child Relationships

Parent-child relationships are considered to be among the most important relationships Individuals have. These relationships area unit a primary contributor to the psychological well-being of each generations. Two basic demographic changes have created the roles that older oldsters and their adult youngsters play as joint informal mechanisms of support a lot of salient in recent years. First, the scale of current and future cohorts of older persons can challenge public and personal organizations’ ability to produce formal support to older...
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Influence of Caribbean Colonialism on the Structure of Mother-Daughter Relationships in Jamaica Kincaid's Novel ‘Lucy’

Jamaica Kincaid extensively exploits the relationship between a mother and her daughter through her literature pieces. ‘Lucy’ is a succinct depiction of this theme and exploits her troubled relationship with her mother. According to Barrio-Vilar (2016), Kincaid’s novel’s ‘Lucy’ is an allegory that seeks to expose the need for Caribbean countries to question and reject the influence of Western culture, politics, and economics to become more independent and have the autonomy to decide their future. The novel is centered on...
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Negative Effects Of Single Parent In The Family On The Example Of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie

Tennessee Williams’ play The Glass Menagerie acts as a memory that shows a dysfunctional family that has a hard time dealing with life’s pressures. The father and husband, Mr. Wingfield, abandoned his wife Amanda and both children Laura and Tom. This impacted them and created a deep fear in them. Children need both of their parents love and affection in order to become stable individuals. Growing up with only one parent can affect then negatively and can put the child...
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The Parent-Child Relationship In Shakespeare’s Play King Lear And Kurosawa’s Film Ran

Do you ever read a book and question why the author is delivering the moral? I believe your answer is “NO”. As viewers, we tend to forget that the main role of a narrative is to draw its audience into exploring and questioning key aspects of its context. Today let’s consider if this statement, “a narrative’s main function is to question aspects of our world” is true by discussing, “in what what does Shakespeare question aspects of his context and...
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Dream Parents in the Story 'Dog' by Richard Russo

In the story ‘Dog’, we follow a kid named William Henry Devereaux and his treatment by his parents, who are both English professors who were ‘academic nomads’. Henry was a nine-year-old boy who wanted a dog for Christmas, but probably wants a dog to substitute the love and care that his parents don’t give him. Richard Russo’s ‘Dog’ is a short story that shows the negative impacts that parents at times have on their children and the unintended results that...
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Father And Son Relationship In The Novel Maus

More people in Auschwitz died than in any other Nazi concentration camp. Could you live bearing the fact that your life was at stake for just being yourself? Faith is required to keep hope, when we also see people’s vulnerabilities, we grow closer. Night by Elie Weisel is a strong example of this belief. In this book, a father and son are required to sustain by only having faith in each other. They are trapped like many Jewish people in...
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The Role Of Parent To Child Relationships In The Story A Rose For Emily

To a young girl, her father will always be an essential part of her. To a father, their daughter will always be considered his little girl. In “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, Emily Grierson is neither considered a friend or a foe towards the townspeople. Due to the relationship Emily had with her father, his actions had quite an impact on Emily’s outcomes such as turning her socially unbalanced and unfit to make bonds with individuals. Emily depended...
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Mother-Adult Daughter Relationships Within Dementia Care

More and more people have been diagnosed to have dementia. These people need special care that may be provided by their relatives or specially trained caregivers. It has been observed that women with dementia who have daughters are usually cared for by them. Catherine Ward-Griffin, Nancy Bol, and Abram Oudshoorn’s research is devoted to the mother-daughter relationships and the perspectives of women who receive care from their adult daughters. Sometimes, it is better for women when they are cared for...
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According to the 1973 court case Roe v. Wade, abortion was made legal throughout the United States. This case was reformed in 1975 by H.L. v. Matheson, which allowed states to decide requirements for minors. Since then, states have required either parental consent, advanced notification, or even no form of parental involvement for minors seeking abortions. As of today, twelve states in the US do not require any form of parental involvement. An article published in 2017 about parental consent...
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Greed And Pain As The Main Factors Of A Parent-Child Relationship In King Lear

King Lear is a play written by William Shakespeare, dating back to Elizabethan times. This play follows the stories of two royal families and the dysfunction within it. The parents and children from the families all possess qualities and attributes that prove them to be inhumane. As much as we do not see it, children exhibit some of our greatest traits and show remarkable a resemblance to ourselves, but in many cases, they portray the negative traits too. Both of...
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