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Patriot Act: Arguments For And Against

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Imagine living in a mysterious world where your every move you was being monitored by the speakers of your phone, and everything that requires a connection. A place where it is no secret who you are, where you have went and who you associate with. The word privacy doesn’t exist in such a world like ours and the world everyone is heading to is becoming more secluded from the truth. Although surveillance isn’t different from the practice of people watching, Instead of it being a practice that might occur at a store, or at a sporting event , mass surveillance is sustained through time, and is done on a wide number of individuals. This implemented practice was put in place to pay attention not just to any random person that crosses the streets, but to pay attention to a specific group of targets and for many reasons.

Many precautionary measures are needed to protect any civilized civilization from a chaotic dangerous situation. Due to technological advances mass surveillance has become a very complex matter, both as a social subject and monitoring system. Individuals can be watched without total disclosure due to the relatively small size of mass surveillance device and its invisibility. Anyone can watch a person a far without even being face to face with them.

During these days it is generally unknown the information people willingly give up is being sanctioned by a higher superior. We were to trust any government agencies to keep everyone safe from the evils that are in society. Although we were to believe that there has been many instances were our sense of security has been illegally invaded by agencies who are causing more harm than the common good. The United States government has a long history of such wrongdoing pertaining to the illegal surveillance of its own citizens. Often unwarranted, it violates our rights to unlawful searches without probable cause.

According to the Times magazine, Then President Geroge Bush ,implemented a presidential order in 2002 allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to surveillance without a warrant the international (and sometimes domestic) intercept calls and email messages of hundreds or thousands of American citizens and residents that resides in the United States. (ACLU 2006) No warrants were required, which is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment that prohibits these types of searches without proper warrants or approval by a judge (Constitution of the United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992). When this was exposed and brought to the public’s eye then President George Bush, claimed that” he is not bound by that law is simply astounding. It is a Presidential power grab that poses a challenge in the deepest sense to the integrity of the American system of government (American Civil Liberties Union) (ACLU). President Bush authorized the surveillance of many innocent American citizens when they had no prior’s prior to the illegal unethical searches. How could this act be legal and actually protect the United States from attacks?

Our own Government seeks to harass and violate our constitutional rights by doing these unauthorized searches. Yet the chances of them surveillancing the wrong people is high due to human error brought by the operative. Misunderstandings of the “alarming finds could just be merely a complete out of context. What if the government wrongly arrested the wrong suspect without displaying any type of warrants? These are the risks that many Americans face in order to stay afloat with the nature of the call.

Under The Patriot act congress passed, The Act enacted by the control of U.S. law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism by providing the government the authorization to probe telephone and e-mail. It allowed foreign intelligence gathering within the United States; it also the detainment of non-US citizens suspected of acts that are trying to cause harm to others. Due to this heinous passing the Federal Bureau Investigation unlawfully searched the house of Brandon Mayfiled. A Portland resident who was suspected to be involved in the Madrid train bombing incident in 2004, once challenged the government’s surveillance of his home and law office argued that the Patriot Act wrongfully violated his family’s Fourth Amendment’s protections against unauthorized unreasonable searches and seizures despite being cleared of wrongdoing. With the Patriot act, many people’s rights are being stripped away just because of little to no evidence of wrongdoing.

In recent memory , A case that involved whistleblowing has been the leaks caused by Edward Snowden. Snowden exposed top secret information from the National Security Agency (NSA) while he was a contractor. The information he shown revealed that the communication records of many Americans have been kept, Despite it not of those looked into had been involved with any suspicious or illegal activities. Why would anyone trust something that was meant to keep surveillance of anyone without their consent? Thesee mass surveillance tactics are shown to be illegal in our constitution, your rights were being violated in the name of “protection”.

The potential of losing personal private information can have a psychological effect on individuals. The feeling of being uneasy and paranoid can lead to many issues to the person due to the government searching into their everyday lives just by looking into their computers, phones and lines without even knowing they’re being watched and listened to by government agents. This could be detrimental to anyone’s mental health due to everything that is happening to them. How is it ethical to cause someone to be frightened due to one’s “suspicions”?

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The accelerating increasing ability of the government survlancing our lives could lead to a total a society in which there’s no privacy. The United States Government could turn into an authoritarian society like China and many other countries that places an emphasis on surveillancing on its citizens by monitoring and keeping a close visual of them. The United states could develop into that if others don’t stand up for themselves and fall into the traps that can do incriminating measures. Authoritarian governments are known to silence and sensor everyone through hacking and other measures to keep their citizens afloat. How could this be ethical? We are in the risk of a mass scale full surveillance system that will be placed all over just to monitor our every move and whereabouts.

A terrible thing that happens often is that individuals can be charged without even having no prior knowledge of them even participating. . The government processes the information that goes over the internet to see if there is information any self incriminating acts that are being committed . If you mention a politician to a friend in an email or text then that might be enough to take a look into the conversation. Even jokingly about you doing something can get you charged even though there was no intent or real motive in what the individual says. Even though you are being arrested for something you said what would give the government the right to look into your conversations without obtaining no formal warrant from a federal judge?

There are many rebuttals that are for the use of mass surveillance and claims it is beneficial to the safety of Americans and residences. Some say “if you have nothing to hide then show it.” In this instance this is true because if you know you are being honest and open about things it proves that your innocency. Why should someone be afraid if they haven’t done anything illegal? Many counter claimants use this to back these claims.

Surveillance is essential to making people safe to prevent crimes or attacks from happening. It can track phone calls, text messages, and emails of people just to see if they’re involved in ny group that intends to launch attacks. By surveillancing citizens, the government can see who is a law abiding citizen and who poses harm to countless others. This could so many lives from threats and that could create a new sense of “safety” in a post 9-11 world. Would it be worth it just to keep others safe in a world where there’s so much evil and pity for innocent lives?

Mass surveillance does not create a threat of harm on its own entirely. While the government is watching our actions over video, telecommunications lines, and Internet websites. Not a single person is harmed by these activities. Sure, it might be invading your personal activities but it won’t harm you at all. your person. The main objective of this work is to unravvel criminal work and potential terrorism being executed. A large sum of people believe that this is justifiable when it means its going to keep everyone safe from harm.

Mass Surveillance is essential to protecting United States citizens from terrorist attacks. Even though we are giving up our privacy in order to keep the nation safe it still has its disadvantages. If we don’t give it up then were at risk of being attacked by enemies. If it’s to keep us safe then lets give up our rights.

Despite that, it is still unethical to allow anyone to listen to our conversations without the proper authorizations or credentials. If we allow government agencies to disrupt our way of living in the name of “ safety” then why even have a constitution that protects us from unlawful searches? Its going back on what was created to protect others from government snooping and from keeping you from living a life free of being watched. Unfortunately, the government isn’t being held accountable for spying on many Americans without them even being involved in any crime or wrongdoing which is unethical.

In conclusion, despite all of the positives that are being addressed our safety and wellbeing is being jeopardized by the government that people are supposed to trust. No one should ever be monitored unless they have reputable evidence displaying illegal activities or wrongdoing.They are more negatives than positives regarding this matter and our rights are being violated We live in the “land of the free” so we should be free from these illegal searches that are often unwarranted.

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