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The Patriotism of Nathan Hale

The C.I.A. Headquarters in Virginia is a big, concealed campus surrounded by woods. The C.I.A. collects and organizes intelligence. On the C.I.A. website, their primary mission is, “to collect, analyze, evaluate, and disseminate foreign intelligence to assist the President and senior US government policymakers in making decisions relating to national security” (About CIA, 2019). There is only one person that has a statue on the premises. That person is Nathan Hale. C.I.A. employees who pass by this statue understand the...
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Patriotism and Its Hypothetical Understanding

Certain general suppositions about human instinct underlie patriot guessing, to be specific, that people are naturally social-social animals, either conceived or acknowledged into specific social networks that both shape them and are supported by them, in and through which they discover a lot of their importance and noteworthiness, and to which they definitely owe certain obligations and loyalties. These educate yet don’t characterize nationalism, for they may apply to any social gathering. At the point when, how and why any...
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Essay on Patriotism and Love for My Country

For as long as I can remember I have been a patriot. When I was very young, my grandfather would tell me stories about Spain, it’s history and accomplishments and I remember how proud I felt to be Spanish. I love my country and would do anything to protect it. But I am also a citizen of the world, I have lived in ten different countries throughout my life and thus been gifted with the ability to look at the...
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Reflections on Whether American Patriotism Will Pass

The opening shot of the C-Span clip for the Republican National Convention, Day 2 (July 2016) shows State Rep. John Cabello of Rockford, co-chair of Trump’s Illinois campaign, giving an introduction, during the roll call of states that culminated in Trump’s official nomination. He said “Mr. Chairman, I am John Cabello, the state representative from the great state of Illinois. The only Hispanic member on the Republican side of the aisle serving the House of Representatives”. I am not sure...
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What Is Patriotism Essay

All of us are proud of what race we came from and all of us love our own country no matter what happens. Now in our essay, we will talk about patriotism and how we can say that one person s a patriot. First, we are defining patriotism as love for own country or homeland. It means one person who’s having patriotism by heart is working hard and honestly doing something for his own country, like sacrificing himself or his...
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Nussbaum’s Idea of Incorporating Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism in Schools and Its Inefficiency

In the essay ‘Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism’, written by Martha Nussbaum, she declares that our nation is shockingly ignorant to the remaining of the society. In societies, patriotism is “the devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country”. In society, cosmopolitanism is “the ideology that all human beings belong to a single community based on a shared morality”. Martha’s definition of cosmopolitanism is a human whose allegiance is to the community of human beings in the entire universe. Nussbaum begins by...
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Essay on Nationalism, Patriotism, National Identity and How Globalization Can Affect Them

National identity is a sense of a nation and its people as a connected whole from an internal and external perspective (internal, as the people of that nation see themselves, and external, as the rest of the world views the people of that nation), which has developed over time. The development of ‘identity’ is something very important, which means that every human being is trying to find out the answer to who they are or where they belong to in...
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5 Paragraph Essay on Patriotism

One of the main similarities between the two inaugural speeches is the use of emotional appeal. Emotional appeal is one of the most effective persuasive techniques as the viewers give off an emotional response before logically thinking about what the speaker says. Trump and Obama use this technique throughout their speeches by using patriotism to appeal to American citizens. To begin with, Trump refers to past presidents, thanking them for their work as presidents. He starts off his speech by...
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Nationalism and Patriotism: An Essay

Webster’s dictionary defines nationalism as loyalty and dedication to a nation, especially in the sense of a national consciousness that promotes a country above other countries and emphasizes the promotion of its culture and interests. Not the culture and interests of other countries or supranational regions. In simple terms, nationalism can be described as a kind of love and pride for one’s own country, and the belief that one’s own country is better than any other country. But it means...
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What Is Patriotism? Essay

Are you proud of what race you came from? Do you love your own country? Are you willing to protect your mother country no matter what happens? Now in our essay, our focus is to talk about patriotism and why a person wants to be a patriot. What’s patriotism going to be? It is an act of expressing affection for their own homeland or country. Meaning, if an individual, by heart or by nature, has patriotism and will certainly work...
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Coercive Patriotism in America and Lack of Freedom

Have we ever come to ask our self what is patriotism? Is it showing love for the country voluntary or is it forced? How do we show it? Do we show it through purchasing products or hanging the flag outside of our house? And what exactly is its purpose? To show people’s loyalty or just to represent of country? Although many of these questions are not often asked today, during the war these were things that no one asked because...
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Youth and Patriotism: Is the Military the Only Way to Show Patriotism? Essay

ROTC stands for ‘Reserved Officers’ Training Corps’ and is defined by the 12th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines as, “One of three components of the National Service Training Program, the civic education and defense preparedness program for Filipino college students”. The idea has long been established ever since the Philippine Commonwealth but progressed to different stages of implementation throughout the years. It started off as a completely voluntary endeavor that was first known as ‘Military Science’ and first...
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Essay on American Patriotism and Its Current State

How is a ‘real’ American defined? A recent study revealed that a large amount of the American population could not show the location of Iowa on a map of the United States, so how Americans define patriotism could be very equivocal. The definition of patriotism according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary reads: “a feeling of love for his or her country and supports its authority and interests”. However, more recently it has become more evident that patriotism in America is coming...
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Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism: Mohandas Gandhi Vs Martin Luther King Jr.

This paper will examine the idea of social justice and the global moral theories used to achieve it. It will defend Mohandas Gandhi against Martin Luther King Jr. The reason why is because Gandhi uses cosmopolitan theory in a nonviolent way to fight for freedom and segregation on a national level, while King uses purified patriotism to end racism in the United States. Martin Luther King Jr. adheres to the global moral theory of purified patriotism. Patriotism is the pride...
3 Pages 1514 Words

The Theme of Patriotism and Idealism in Rupert Brooke's Sonnet 'The Soldier'

Overflowing with patriotism and idealism, the sonnet, written soon after World War I, exemplifies the glory of self-sacrifice. Rupert Brooke details the optimistic perspective of a British soldier through the themes of courage, nationalism, and self-sacrifice. By doing so, the poet conveys the beauty of defending and dying for one’s country, concealing the doleful aspects of war. A sonnet written in the first-person speaker, the Soldier reveals the passion and courage of those that fought in the war. The poem...
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The Maple Leaf Forever: A Symbol of Canadian Patriotism

The most common form of pride seen across the globe is national pride, patriotism for one’s motherland. Patriotism is the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a home and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment. This attachment can be a combination of many different feelings relating to one’s home, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects. ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ made a great reemergence to honor the 150th anniversary of Canada. The song was...
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ROTC Essay

President Rodrigo Duterte has proposed reinstating mandatory military training in the K-12 curriculum. Duterte reportedly wants to make ROTC mandatory again to instill ‘discipline’ and ‘patriotism’ in young people, according to reports. ROTC stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. The main purpose of the ROTC program today is to train young men and women to become officers. Students taking ROTC can immediately begin serving as officers in the military after graduation. ROTC began in the Philippines in the year 1912,...
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What Does It Mean to Love Your Country: Opinion Essay

Love is a great passion. It is natural that man loves his native country. The same is the case with me, I love Pakistan for the fact that I was born into this aromatic soil and raised on its diversity. I`m a part of this soil, thus it calls me onto it. Pakistan has given me an identity, it`s who I am. It`s my homeland, I will always be known as Pakistani .it has given me everything I have. It`s...
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