Paying College Athletes: Pros And Cons

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Many children start off playing sports at a young age. From there, it’s when they decide if it’s something they want to continue or discontinue. As they become of age the question: “Is this something I want to take serious?”, surfaces. Student athletes work twice as hard as anyone else in school. Not only are they focusing on keeping their grades at an acceptable range, but they’re also working to perfect their sports skills. Playing at a college level makes them one less step from going pro. They do everything else the pros do in the league, so why are they not receiving the same type of reward/pay? The NCCA generates billions of dollars from college athletes, but they’re not getting paid and that should change.

College athletes should be making money in some way related to the sports that they play. It’s unreasonable as to why they don’t get to see any monetary gain for what they’ll potentially be doing for a living. Sports is one of the most popular industries in the entire world, and it is still growing. Due to this, it’s only fair that college athletes receive some of the same financial opportunities as their professional counterparts. It serves as a motivator to continue fighting to reach their dream goal.

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One argument that has been made to justify why college athletes are not being paid is; they’re not professionals and should not receive any income due to that. This argument does have some logic behind it, but it simply does not hold up when one takes into account, that the fact the head coaches are making millions of dollars per season. The increasing amount of money being made in college ports each year is making it more difficult to argue against paying players. According to a Times article by sports writer Sean Gregory; “Nick Saban, who is the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, made $11million this past season. Also defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll were both paid over $1million. How is it okay for the players who work hard on the field to be paid less than the coaches?

Of course most players are receiving scholarships and special privileges such as first priority when it comes to registering for classes. Yet, that’s not enough for those who represent their schools reputation on the field. It’s no secret that physical sports and injuries go hand in hand, which can sometimes result in a player receiving a career ending injury. Not only is his top career choice being thrown away, but he’s now stacked high in medical bills. Being paid can also chip in on players medical bills when they do have to make a hospital visit for any injury. The safety hazards of the sports alone should be reason enough for players to earn some kind of revenue as they go out and earn a name for the school they’re representing.

Using money to influence a high school student to select a specific program and to hire a business manager is a felony-level conduct. Allowing college athletes to be paid would help eliminate this issues, which will result in a decline on the investigation costs across the board.

Athletes risk their bodies every day when playing a sport. During the NCAA tournament in the year of 2013, Louisville’s basketball star named Kevin Ware suffered a shocking and truly terrible injury to his lower right leg while trying to reject an opposite player's shot. About six months after the incident, Kevin eventually healed and started planning his return to practice. He was one of the lucky ones. There have been many events of instrumentalist becoming (shuffling someone unable to move or flavor ) by hits or tackle on football game domain , or agony career-ending off-white -to-bone connecting band injuries on the basketball court. While professional jock who suffer such injuries may have already brand million over the course of their careers, it's a very different story for unpaid college athlete. Elite college athletes almost at a (happening sometime in the time to come) professional career may be faced with the hope of/future of never (understanding/making real number /achieving) their professional aspiration - and never earning a clam for their skills. These athletes are risking their bodies and physical health at a prospect to play a biz they love. That attack surely deserves payment.

To conclude this argument, payment serves as opportunity to the players. It gives the players a sense of accomplishment along with their wins. The money speaks as a “I see you working hard, keep it up.” Not only that some of the players who are lucky to play on great teams, come from hard backgrounds. The money they receive from the hard work they put in can go towards helping their loved ones back at home. The money isn’t just being given for fun. The money is shaping the players into something bigger and better, showing them what it’s like to be in the big leagues, and what all their hard work is for. Sometimes the player just need to feel like they’re not doing all of this for nothing. Its better that they see their hard work being paid off earlier in the careers before it’s too late and they reach a point in life where they want to give up. Be part of the reason more students push hard to be great at the sport they play. Every game and practice, athletes put their bodies and life at risk for no money at all. Start paying college athletes. There's no reason coaches should be getting millions while players do not get a dime.

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