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Paying Wages To College Athletes

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Did you know that college football is one of the main sources of income of universities? In fact, the highest paid college football teams can generate over 200 million dollars in revenue. This is why student athletes are very respected and why most of them receive scholarships and awards. I extensively researched this topic and I am here to tell you that. Student athletes should be paid salaries to participate in their university’s football teams in order to become more dedicated and enthusiastic to winning.


The main reason for paying athletes salaries are their contribution to their university and their undivided focus on the game.

Argument 1: Just like employees, they are allowing their organization to generate a significant amount of revenue. They invest their blood, tears and sweat to engage in competitive games that attract large audiences. As a result, universities earn revenue by selling tickets, receiving sponsorships, getting airtime on television and selling souvenirs from the team. According to Jung (2015)’s book, strong college football teams attract more donors and grants to the university and also enable the academic institution to benefit from a stronger reputation (Jung, 2015). So they should receive wages in return just like employees who actively contribute to profitability and reputation of their institution.

Argument 2: In Addition, granting salaries to student athletes will enable them to concentrate on their athleticism and avoid seeking demanding external jobs. Many players come from humble backgrounds and are unable to pay from their fundamental physiological needs.Hence, despite the fact that they are talented athletically, they need to find another source of revenue to afford their dorms, their food and their clothes. This is why many of them seek jobs off-campus.

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However, this negatively affects the time they have to practice and invest in the game. Also, it subjects them to unnecessary stressors that can also hamper their performance during the game. Paying these athletes modest wages could, thus, remove the pressure of seeking an off-campus job, as it would allow them to afford their basic necessities while focusing on the game.

Counter-argument: However, critics argue that college athletes should only receive scholarships in return for their contribution, and not cash wages. Johnson’s book published in 2014 states that granting scholarships to players is very important as this encourages talented athletes to join universities and removes a part of the financial burden of education (Johnson, 2014).

However, scholarships do not relieve the daily financial struggles some athletes are in charge of paying for their food and gas. According to Sanderson and Siegfried (2015)’s research article published in 2015, cash wages would motivate athletes further to keep investing them mentally and physically in games. In addition to scholarships, it is only fair to give them a portion of the money they bring to their university, because students athletes are really a valuable asset for the finances and reputation of the academic institutions.


To conclude, I hope you agree with me that student athletes, who are bringing in millions of dollars to their universities, should be compensated financially because of their efforts and to alleviate financial burdens off their backs. Paying them would not only make them more financial secure, but will also enable them to devote and commit themselves further to their teams and games.If you agree, please spread the world and help your favorite student athletes achieve financial security through wages paid by their college.

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