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Peculiarities Of Shyness As A Character Trait

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Shyness is a universal phenomenon, an emotion that affects how a person feels and behaves around others. According to studies, shyness in an individual is a result from biological and environmental factors.

Biologically, it was proven that shyness is genetically acquired and some people are born shy. It was identified that shy children showed up as early as two months. In one study, shy children reacted with signs of stress to stimuli on moving mobiles and tape recordings of human voices that resulted to increased heart rates, jerky movements of arms and legs as well as excessive crying.

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Environmentally, based on several researches, it manifested the greatest contributor for an individual’s shyness behaviour. It started from a child’s home and family life, having a limited social interactions because of older sibling’s dominancy, growing up in a smaller families with few relatives living around him, both parents are working in full time and not having a socializing experience of frequent visits by neighbours and friends. Another factor is the effect of culture because of the inherited traditions or customs. In Japan, Japanese learn not to take risks in public and rely instead on group-shared decisions because failure is blamed on the person, while, success is credited to others. However, a reversed character can be seen on Israeli, in which, failure is externally attributed to others, while, success is credited to an individual, resulted them to be a risk taker, an attitude that there is nothing to lose by trying. Moreover, shyness was also correlated to a world of fast phase technology, wherein, a face to face interactions are not frequently carried out because recreational activities were displaced by playing video games, watching TV and internet surfing for youngsters. While for adults, some transactions can be done electronically without the need to visit the banks, malls and stores.

In this article, it showed that the environmental aspect is the major contributor of shyness to a person because of his cultural inheritance and the effect of technology in his daily living. Due to these factors, socializing to others were not being practiced because of individual’s cultural differences and nowadays, people are relying to social medias and web transactions that inhibits him to enhance his confidence in dealing with people. However, shyness can be dealt depending on a person’s perspective in life, it is not a measurement of an individual’s achievement because it was proven by researchers, that some shy people are achievers. Therefore, shyness is just a character, what is more important is the respect to others that will gauge you as a good person.

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