Peculiarities Of Social Inequality

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Social inequality is characterized by the presence of unequal opportunities or rewards for different social positions and statuses within a group or society. It is not a new topic but rather a topic that has been big for many centuries. In the past, inequality was seen as a normal everyday part of society. However, nowadays inequality is a topic that has been brought to many people’s attention. Inequality requires attention because it involves how women are treated, gender issues, and racial concerns.

Inequality does not just occur in one area or region, it is a global issue. There are other issues that essentially lead to different types of inequality. According to the PASCAL International Observatory, there are four key points to the causes of inequality. The first one is that there is not enough access to education for women. It is stated that education can help empower women to deal with adversity, and it can improve the health and economic wellbeing in families and communities. Secondly, innovation is the center of enduring prosperity and where nations, communities, and organizations have fostered free enterprise on a consistent basis, livelihoods of people thrive. Inequality has risen with financial sector over-expansion, weak social policies and without the skills to remain useful, people are deprived of opportunities, creating a massive underclass. Historical processes such as wars, industrialization, colonization, as well as current trade arrangements, financial systems, and global politics impact inequality between nations, individuals and groups within countries.

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Women have faced inequality for a long time. It has brought about many protests, organizations, and amazing feminist activists. In 1957, the Saudi Arabian government banned women from driving (Oct26Driving). The fight to remove the ban has been going on since the 1990s. The first major protest occurred on November 6, 1990. On this day, 47 women drove through the capital. The women that participated in this protest were all imprisoned, they had their passports taken away, and many of them lost their jobs. The people who have shaped the Women To Drive Movement put their own safety and freedom at risk. An example of this would be Wajeha al-Huwaider. On International Women’s Day in 2008, she made the bold decision to film herself driving and post it on Youtube. One of the reasons why the Saudi Arabian government banned women from driving is because they claim driving affects the ovaries which could result in birth defects. Saudi Arabia (World Economic Forum). Another example of this would be that there is a law stating that every female must have a male guardian. It is usually a male family member up until the woman gets married. The women must get permission from their guardian to do certain things such as travel, get an education, get a job, and even open a bank account. Women are also required to make sure that all of their body (with the exception of their hands and eyes) is covered whenever they are out in public.

Feminism is a very important term and aspect when it comes to gender equality. The changes that are brought by feminism not only benefit women but benefit men as well. “Feminism has been characterized by the tendency of reassurance” (Evans 80). Some feminists argue that feminism is about bringing changes that are beneficial not only to women but also to men then making feminism less threatening and more palatable to a broader range of people. According to Plank, the author of 23 Ways Feminism Has Made the World a Better Place, the integration of women into the workforce after World War II resulted in massive macroeconomic gains. Since females make up about half of the workforce, their integration has had a positive ripple effect on all industries. Women are getting more opportunities than ever. The world is evolving for the better. However, just because the world is evolving, that does not mean that it is perfect. Women across countries are still being abused and tortured. According to Ackerman, while it is true that women worldwide are seeing more opportunities than ever before, the Summit reported data outlining the situations and environments that women still face each day. She stated that in Somalia, 95% of girls experience genital mutilation and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1,000 women are raped each day. With that being stated, there is always room for growth. While one are may be thriving, another may need a little bit more attention and help.

National income, instead of going towards the poor or the less fortunate, more of the national income has been going to the rich. This is not a newer topic because a big impact on global income-inequality was World War II which began in 1939 and ended in 1945. World War II had a lasting impact on economic inequality. The policies that were put in place after World War II affected countries in different ways. The countries and regions that did not experience any post-war effects had higher levels of inequality. Since 1980, the share of national income going to the richest 1 percent has increased rapidly in North America, China, India, and Russia, and more moderately in Europe. World Inequality Lab researchers note that this period coincides with the rollback in these countries and regions of various post-World War II policies aimed at narrowing economic divides. By contrast, countries, and regions that did not experience a post-war egalitarian, such as the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and Brazil, have had relatively stable, but extremely high levels of inequality (Global Inequality).

History has more of an effect on inequality than most people think. Countries all have a different history which leads to different advancements or non-advancements. “Global inequality is the consequence of two centuries of unequal progress. Some places have seen dramatic improvements, but others have not. It is on us today to even the odds and give everyone, no matter where they are born, the chance of a good life. This is not only right but, as you will see below, it is also realistic. Our hope for giving the next generations the chance to live a good life lies in broad development that makes possible for everyone what is only attainable for a few today” (Global Inequality of Opportunity). To many people, it is seen as unfair that some are able to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle while others live continuous poverty. For some, it is the inequality in the outcomes of people’s lives that matter and for others, it is the inequality in the opportunity that is unfair.

While there are still countries struggling with inequality, there are many people and groups fighting for change. Just one topic can change the entire dynamic of a community. Inequality requires attention regardless of where it occurs. It involves how women are treated, gender issues, and racial concerns.

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