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Perceptions, Culture and Communication, and Identities in Interpersonal Communication: Reflective Essay

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The topic for my informative presentation is the discussion of culture, personality, and experience. I want to examine more about our cultural identities and personalities that change our observations and how we have the inclination to interest others who display cultural or personal characteristics. Understanding more about our culture identities and personalities that impact our perceptions can aid us to become mindful and knowledgeable in concern to the influences and reactions we develop towards others. This was the topic I was interested in to present when we discussed from the previous lessons of perceptions, culture and communication, and identities in interpersonal communication.

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From what can I offer in this presentation is more of an in-depth look of each of the subtopics and explain their roles in interpersonal communication. In culture, race, gender, sexual preference, class, capability, nationality, and age change the views that we make; and as we are socialized into several cultural identities, we suppress values, opinions, and ideals that are common in our cultural groups. Subjecting ourselves to and facing cultural differences in perspective doesn’t mean we have to change our identities just to match towards other cultural groups. Instead, it is a perfect opportunity to explore various cultural groups and understand more about how people express themselves differently. Nonverbal communication is implemented towards culture with high v. low context cultures. High context cultures depend on nonverbal communication with aspects such as the intimacy of relationships, meticulous social orders and deep cultural experience to express meaning; and low context cultures is more direct with communication, depending more on words and speechFor personality, it implies to one’s common way of feeling, thinking, and conducting centered on motivations and inclinations and it helps set up our personality traits. This can be based on the “Big Five” personality traits: extraversion (energy released or isolated when socializing), agreeableness (credibility/sociability), conscientiousness (self-organization/motivation), neuroticism (emotional level), and openness (consider new ideas/perspectives). The five personality traits are used to help recognize and calculate relationships between personality traits and accomplishment in social, educational, and qualified conditions.

And perception in interpersonal communication starts with information that comes in through our main five senses and how we perceive even basic sensory information is influenced by our culture. The five senses are sight, sound, touch, taste and smell; each are also inclined towards nonverbal communication. For example, two of the senses, touch and sight, are nonverbal signals that help develop communication towards others. Touch is given by a handshake, a warm bear hug, a kiss on the cheek, a high-five, or a restraining grip on the arm; and sight is eye contact, which is a vital type of nonverbal communication, like the way we look at someone which includes fascination, friendliness, attractiveness and antipathy. Overall, each of the subtopics explain more in complexity on their roles in interpersonal communication, as well as how nonverbal interaction is executed towards the subtopics. The one main difficulty I would have when delivering this presentation is properly explaining each of the topics and going deep into explicit details. I do have the tendency to ramble on and possibly go off topic when discussing about certain topics, in most cases that could affect me personal-wise. What I expect to learn from this presentation is that I can properly speak more fluently with the audience, and also be a little more diligent and comfortable with my topic of choice from interpersonal communication.

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