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Self-assessment And Professional Performance

The beginning of the 21st century appears to be ushering in a new era of human life with a number of very significant inexorable changes. The ever changing and developing technologies have changed the all round expectations of the people as a whole along with the library users. Users are not satisfied with traditional library services. Users are demanding modern, innovative information and knowledge support facilities from libraries, not only in the existing fields of engineering but also in a...
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Disney’s Organizational Culture And Innovation Performance

Abstract The concept of organizational culture and innovation have well researched in organizational theory. Their important role of them has also gained a lot of attention in the manufacturing industry. However, only a few of researchers paid attention to their relationship. The tourism industry, as an important sector, which benefits for economic development at both country and firm-level, has been ignored by researchers. The core aim of this essay is to assess the relationship between organizational culture and innovation performance...
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Effect of Outsourcing of Product Distribution on Organizational Image and Performance: Case Study Of Philip Morris International

Introduction With globalization increasing, outsourcing is a strategic tool that has attracted increased attention in recent years. Several international businesses like Phillip Morris International, Boeing, etc select outsourcing as a tool of competitive advantage. Outsourcing could sometimes be a complex method but improper strategy and implementation would produce strong barriers to efficient firm performance. Referencing the core competence theory, this paper will investigate the firm’s outsourcing strategy style, operation model, and impact on the company’s performance. Outsourcing has been a...
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Performance Management in Customer Service Delivery: Key Elements for Organizational Management

Performance management is essential in improving customer service delivery as it reviews how staff are doing currently and therefore highlights what can be done to make the delivery better. The purpose of a performance management policy is to review how staff are performing. This generates information that can be shared, if it is good practice, or it can generate improvements to be made if something is bad practice. A performance management policy gives staff a set of rules that they...
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HRM Modeling and Models: Comparative Analysis

Improving economic efficiency and effectiveness is one of the priority goals of the leadership of any organization the implementation of which almost always affects the human resource management system. The main functions of management (planning, organization, implementation, motivation, coordination, control) are actually aimed at streamlining and regulating personnel activities, at increasing the efficiency of using human potential through certain methods and models. Many analyses of literary sources show that the views of specialists on affective and efficient models of human...
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Workplace Environment And Employees’ Performance: The Court System

Introduction The courts system in Nigeria and elsewhere has been composed to settle disputes, ensure public order, prosperity and sustain societal peace. This has been the practice of civilized states to ensure that as important as justice is, it’s not left in the hands of political and social interests. The courts system in Nigeria as presently constituted was established by Nigerian Constitution of 1999. Though the 1999 Constitution is not the first legal framework that established the court system in...
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Comprehensive Overview of Key Methods Used in Performance Management

Introduction Grades are an essential part of almost every university class. What would happen if there were no grades ? Would your individual performance improve or decline? Similar issues take part between employees concerning their performance. Performance management involves assessing and communicating employee contributions. Rating employees’ performance is similar to giving them grades. In the employment context, important questions include the following : Do employees improve their performance when their contributions to the organization are measured? Is it helpful to...
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Reinventing Performance Management Techniques during COVID-19

Developing complicacies in business functions have direct to the appearance of new and comprehensive ideas in the management of business. Covid-19 outbreak has also proved to be one of the big game changer and a disruptor all over the world economy. As the function of HR all over the companies revisits concerns to jump out of the present crisis, it will require for making sure a robust system of performance management ready, which administers and assesses employee performance in a...
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Antecedent Factors of Competitive Advantage and its Impact on Performance: Analytical Essay

Abstract: Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have performed an important role in national development upon their support on both the traditional even modern sector. They have experienced an increase of competitiveness, particularly since the Indonesian government deals with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The agreement encouraged SMEs to escalate their innovation and creativity to be able to survive amid intense competition. This research aimed to find an explanation about factors influencing the business competitiveness of SMEs and the effect on...
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Impact of Total Quality Management on Firm Performance of SMEs in Amhara Region: Analytical Essay

I Introduction 1.1 Background of the study In Ethiopia, in particular, in Amahara Regional State, textile and garment industries are the most potential areas for further development and job opportunities. Because of the large agricultural land for the production of cotton as the raw material source, Amhara Regional State should take advantages for further processing their raw material to finished product. According to a McKinsey (2015) study apparel buyers are sourcing large-volume items from Ethiopia. Amahara Regional state is the...
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Operating and Commercial Performance of Ryanair Airline: Analytical Essay

Introduction The purpose of this report is to evaluate the operating and commercial performance of Ryanair Airlines. This paper begins by briefly looking at the operational characteristics of the company, will follow with the marketing and competitive situation followed by the financial performance and It will conclude with the environmental policy of the airlines. Ryanair, founded in 1984, has their headquarters in Dublin, in Ireland, and its first operational base is London Stansted. part of Ryanair Holdings is Ryanair Uk,...
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Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry

It is observed that the HRM has a vital aspect of providing high quality service in the service sector. Employed staff will be responsible in providing excellent service so that the customer satisfaction is achieved by the hotels. In most service industries, it is HR that creates the goodwill, brand image, and popularity of the organization. When we glance in the past HRM was not in practice scientifically. Various theories developed implemented and redeveloped. Many hotels justify the absence or...
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Factor Analysis Of Employee Engagement Towards Employee Performance

Administrators unequivocally concur that this century requests more effectiveness and profitability than some other occasions ever. Organizations are endeavouring to expand their presentation. Administrators have been thinking about numerous difficulties to succeed putting their organization in front of contenders. To enable directors to oversee, various researchers, specialists and experts have been contributing their part demonstrating the most ideal ways they believe are helpful to supervisors. Among those proposed systems, ideas like Total Quality Management (TQM) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR)...
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Effects of Deposit Mobilization on Performance of Commercial Banks in Ghana

A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits and gives out loans. The development of any economy relies upon capital accumulation, which thus relies upon investment and a comparable measure of savings to coordinate with it. Banks collect the savings of the individuals in the economy and lend them out to businesses and borrowers for investment, hence the importance of banks in the economy. Banks play a significant role in developing the economy. In as much as the financial...
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Effects of the Central Bank of Kenya Regulations on the Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya

Abstract Bank regulation refers to the formulation and issuance by authorized agencies of specific rules and regulations, under governing law for the conduct and structure of banks (Harvey, 2012). This study, therefore, seeks to assess the effects of central bank regulatory requirements on the financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya. This study is aimed at establishing why despite the review of banking regulations by the CBK in 2013, some banks are still performing poorly while registering huge losses whilst...
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The Relationship Between Employee Engagement And Organisational Performance

Abstract In our modern day and age everyone has heard of employee engagement in one way or another. As a HR professional I have been bombarded with numerous employee engagement platforms, survey providers and consultants. However up until recently there have been very minimal empirical studies that looked objectively at the possible connection between employee engagement and an organisation’s performance. In this literature review first, I looked at the brief history of engagement research. In the second part of this...
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