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Personal Ethical Framework For Decision Making: Essay

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Ethics provides a set of idealistic expectations that helps people with making judgments while providing reasonable causes for their choices. Ethical decisions often conflict with creating resolutions regarding religion. Many religions promote ethical decision making; however, some religions often do not acknowledge the full extent of ethical choices of an individual. Most religions oppose against or forbid certain behaviors that may not be regarded ethically appropriate in their beliefs, such as sexual orientations or behaviors. Many people rely on their religious or spiritual beliefs as foundations for making ethical or moral decisions. Personally, as a business manager, it can be challenging to separate religious beliefs and workplace decision making. It is important to define an ethical framework when starting a business and its usefulness for the individual’s own personal decisions and the employees of the company.

Creating a culture for a great workplace builds strong foundations and brings individuals together to pursue common goals. A strong ethical framework brings individuals together with a purpose, values, and principles by establishing priorities and expectations. Creating an ethical framework starts with research and recognition. Personally, conducting interviews, surveys, or focus groups allows for my employees to share while the company gains an awareness of what the associates find fundamentally important. It was essential for us to ask the following questions during deliberation; What do we base our ethical standards on? How do those standards apply to situations that may arise? What kind of outcomes are we trying to produce?

My research concluded that a reasonable amount of people relies on religious beliefs to make moral or ethical decisions resulting in different beliefs of fundamentals for their employer’s business. As a business leader, it is important to recognize and reasonably accommodate or make modifications in workplace practices, policies, or procedures involving employees’ religious beliefs or practices. According to Tisha L. N. Emerson and Joseph A Mckinney, “Some empirical research has failed to find a strongly positive relationship between religious belief and ethical attitudes.” (Emerson, 2010). Business professionals who recognize religious beliefs important are less accepting of unethical behaviors or practices.

After completing this research, the company had to additional accommodations to protect associate’s religious beliefs by creating a way for associates to swap shifts for religious observances. Because this is a retail company, many religious observances fall on peak times of business and associates are obligated to work on those days. Before coming up with alternative actions, some questions that were asked were; How can we make sure people are treated fairly and equally? Will there be any issues of deviating from our core values and beliefs as a company?

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Once the decision was made, an app was created for associates to download. This app offers many features; however, in this app associates can swap shifts if they know they have a religious commitment to make without relying on using personal or sick time. Once the testing period was over, an analysis was made determining the outcome. Questions such, What was the outcome of the testing? Did this decision beneficial and addressing all concerns of the employees? After testing, this app was determined beneficial to all employees with many different concerns.

The utilitarianism approach was essential when applying my personal ethical framework for decision making. The utilitarianism approach determines that choices concerning business conduct through determining how most people are affected by the decision. According to Denis Colins, “Organizations need managers who are utilitarians, always looking after what is best for the organizations and broader society.” (Colins, 2017). Utilitarianism is a familiar practice when making ethical decision especially concerning large groups of people. The utilitarian approach is designed to weigh the good and bad results. Determining the best action will provide a good decision overall.

Personally, my ethical reasoning, decision-making, and behaviors have changed while utilizing this ethical framework. Working with many people drives the importance to remembering that not everyone has fundamental values. Values and beliefs can be so deep-seated, often, we are not aware of how our responses and attitudes affect others. As a business professional, it is essential to be knowledgeable and open to others religious beliefs and values. Recognizing that there was an issue was a detrimental aspect of following my company’s core beliefs. Using a good framework takes the best of my own morals and beliefs and adds pieces that were missing.

Making an ethical decision requires awareness to others sensitivity. Situations may cause ethical implications. Using this ethical framework, not only helps to identify ethical and religious beliefs of our associates, but it also helps a business leader to sit back and think. It is crucial to clarify what is known and the decision-making process, understand the standards of conduct and characters of virtue, and clarify consequences. Having a personal ethical framework heavily relies on questioning such as; What is the purpose? What are the priorities? How does this change my company? etc. Practicing this framework is essential for being a better business leader.

My ethical framework was useful in determining the needs of my associate’s as well as the need to readjust or introduce new procedures that may not have been implemented otherwise. Without determining a purpose, research, and evaluating alternative actions, my company would not have been able to decide and reflect on the outcome. Ultimately, the decision made was the best decision not only for the company but for the employees as well. The employees felt that their voices were heard.

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