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Personal Life Of Joseph Stalin: Marriage And Affairs

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There will be a little introduction about Stalin and where he came from his real origins. As part of Stalin’s history, there will be underlined few major points for starters his life outside of his powers his wife’s and kids. Then we will move on to talk about Stalin’s power in “Russia under Stalin”, then there will be talked about Stalin’s death.

For starters let me introduce you to Stalin and talk about his back gourd for a little bit. We knew Joseph Stalin because of his political power in Russia but not many people are aware of his personal life about his wife, his kids, and where he came from. Well Stalin was born in “Gori, Georgia on 6th December 1878 according to many articles but specifically to a book that was written about Stalin says that he was born in December 1879 a year earlier than what it is presented, maybe he is trying to present himself being young. Stalin was actually born into a peasant “estate” at the time, his father Vissarion and his mother Ekaterina both were born serf” (Kuromiya, 2013). Photograph from Stalin’s ruling time as a leader of Soviet Union 1878-1953 (Vdovin, 2012).

Despite where Stalin came from, he made into Russia’s history by becoming a politician. Stalin may have become a well know politician but there is a side of his life that no one or at least not many people are aware of. Stalin’s marriages and kids. Stalin may have been married twice and had kids from both partners. But, Stalin’s first marriage did not last long, when he was married to Ekaterine ‘Kato’ Svanidze or her “Georgian name Ketevan Semyonovna Svanidze” from 1906-1907 there is not much to know about their marriage together as she died on December 5th, 1907 due to “acute weakness and typhus”. She gave birth to their first child Yakov Dzhugashvili and Stalin’s oldest son a few months after marriage, after Ekaterine’s death Stalin was devastated which lead him to make a decision and “abandon his son Yakov to be raised by a family of Kato” (, 2019). His first son Yakov became a soldier and was an officer in “Red Army”, later “Yakov has been captured by Nazi Germany when they invited the USSR during World War 2” Germany did this to get a deal with Stalin to give them “marshal field” which Stalin refused this trade and any trades presented to him, it was because he did not believe that Yakov has been captured (Russell, 2018). The picture of Ekatrine (Manaev, 2019).

Moving on to Stalin’s second marriage with Nadezhda Alliluyeva with whom he had two kids a son named Vasily Stalin and his first and only daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva. This marriage was the longest from 1919- 1932 she married Stalin at the young age of 17 and died at only 31 years of age. The photograph shows Stalin’s second wife Nadezhda and Stalin together (Heritage Image Partnership Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo, 2019). Their marriage was unhappy as Stalin has been unfaithful in their marriage having affairs with other women which lead Nadezhda to develop a “mental condition” (, 2019). Later in 1932 she was arguing with Stalin and that same evening she went to her room where her body was found the following morning by the servants reportedly, she killed herself (, 2019). Image of Stalin and his kind, son Vasily and daughter Svetlana from his second marriage (Heritage Image Partnership Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo, 2019). His daughter is best known out of all his children.

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As Stalin had several affairs with other women meant that he has more than three children in fact he has one son from his first marriage, one son and daughter from his second marriage and one adopted son from his affair, and an illegitimate son also from his different affair.

While many people from Russia have been supporting Stalin’s ruling and the things he did during his ruling. However, there were things that people disliked and disagreed with Stalin especially farmers. Farmers disagreed with some of Stalin’s plans and when Stalin wanted to take control over farms many farmers refused, they got punished either “shot or exiled” (HISTORY, 2019). This happened because Stalin’s development plan was “cantered on government control of the economy and forced collectivization of Soviet agriculture” meaning that Stalin wanted to make Russia great by growing its economy and its National Gross Profit (HISTORY, 2019). He also ruled by terror and anyone who disagreed with his believes, he eliminated anyone who opposed him. Therefore, he expanded the powers of secret police such as spy to spy and get secret information for instance information about what citizens of Russia think about his ruling and decisions. But eventually, Stalin has built a great personality for himself that even cities were named after he and statues were built to honour Stalin. Even though Stalin killed millions of people for not obeying his orders, many such farmers give up their farms and let Stalin take control over them. Although Stalin tried to make Russia more industrialized, he completely overlooked this own citizen the ones that have been starving, the ones in the peasantry villages, the people who starved to death because they did not have food and because Stalin did not take their starvation into account. On that note in Russia slowly started grain more working-class people where more and more peasants moved to a bigger city to find a job to support themselves and their families.

Sadly, Joseph Stalin died March 5th, 1953 from a stroke. Stalin’s death was a quiet one as no one knew about his death until days later when his body was found by one of his guards. Many people knew Stalin for his ruling and may have not noticed a slight change in his heath as his doctor Vladimir Vinogradov, the doctor told Stalin before his death to take things easy as it may cost him his health. “However, Stalin did not believe in his doctor’s words, and instead of taking his advice Stalin got Vladimir arrested, that same thing happened to several other doctors that tried to warn Stalin about his health but has been ignored and arrested. Many of them were Jewish” (Cavendish, 2003). Stalin’s death and how he really died is not much talked about in Russia, it is almost a different topic but with less data, the media does not talk about Stalin’s death and how he died in detail. Stalin’s death was announced throughout radio stations across Russia and the Russian colonies. Moreover, 6 months after Stalin’s death the person who became Russian political leader was “Ukrainian born, Nikita Khrushchev from 1953-1960” (HISTORY, 2019). Picture of Nikita Khrushchev a new leader of the Soviet Union after Stalin’s death (, 2019).

To conclude, we now know Stalin’s where Stalin really came from and his personal life, his two wife and children. We also know how long each of the marriages lasted and how they both ended, also briefly mentioned Stalin’s affairs in his second marriage. Then we moved on to briefly talk about Russia under Stalin about Stalin trying to make Russia more industrialized lastly, we talked about Stalin’s death that took citizens by surprise but not Stalin.

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