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The Importance To Balance Personal Life And Work

In a world where more and more people are working in roles that could be considered as ‘always at work’, how do they achieve and maintain a balance between work and personal life? How do companies and leaders do to promote this way of life? Every day millions of people struggle with these questions. At the same time, leaders fight with solutions. It is difficult to reach an agreement because the answers vary. As a manager and member of the...
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My Personal Life: Narrative Essay

I am privileged. Profoundly, unequivocally privileged, because I was loved from the beginning. And not only loved but I was also supported. Both of my parents were born in Southern India in extremely conservative families. My grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins and even the dog next door were all exceedingly religious, traditional, sexist, and absolutely cliche-ridden. Now, science may declare that parents pass down most of their traits to their children, but my parents are living proof that...
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Constant Connectivity is a Feature of Contemporary Life: Discussion of Its Impact on the Personal Life

In 2017, Netflix CEO Reed Hasting said the irksome human necessity to sleep is Netflix’s biggest rival; “think about it, when you watch a show from Netflix and you get addicted to it, you stay up late at night. We’re competing with sleep, it’s a very large pool of time” (Hern, 2017). On average, adults get six hours of sleep a night. In the 1970s, this was closer to seven hours, and in the early 20th century, nine (ScienceDaily, 2006)....
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The Importance of Cyber Security in Personal Life

Introduction Cyber security is a worldwide problem. We live in a highly connected and digital world. We will never be truly be safe from every cyberattack online but we can educate and protect ourselves. Ventures expects ransomware costs will rise to $11.5 billion in 2019 and expected to rise every year. Cybercrime affects national government, big business and average people. The Internet is often under regulated with little to none official security. Questions are beginning to be asked about accountable...
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Poe’s Personal Life Through A Freudian Lens And Connections Between Poe And Characters In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

To fully understand and analyze a text it is difficult not to look at the author, in this case Edgar Allen Poe. Although Poe once claimed that his short stories are in no way about his personal life or about him, it is hard to imagine an author writing about something that they know nothing about or haven’t experienced at one point or another. Reading “The Fall of the House of Usher” through a Freudian lens helps us understand and...
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Reflections on How Rani Lakshmi Bai Has Influenced Me and My Life

My phone buzzes. An unfamiliar number with a mysterious number— I later find out it’s from Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh). Profile pic showing a selfie of a 30-something woman, smiling with her son, a strange picture to receive as it’s almost black and white, a kind of warrior lady she seems to be. For the past three years, I have been getting dreams for this woman, Rani Lakshmi Bai. Over the years, I’ve pieced together parts of who she is; middle-aged,...
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The Most Impactful Day in the Life of My City and My Life

It was a regular Tuesday morning, I was getting ready for school, and everything felt typical to me. I was getting ready for my bus to come to pick me up and drop me off at my elementary school, P.S. 234 Independence School. I was at the start of second grade and preparing for the next year to learn. Finally, my bus came to my stop and I went to school. Everything around me was relaxing and calm when I...
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Achieving Luck in Life

Luck is defined by the English dictionary as “the good things that happen to you, that do not come from your abilities or effort”. This suggests that luck is something supernatural and a given birthright, dictated by fate and natural occurrences. However, is it so? Psychologist Richard Wiseman found that luck is completely a matter of how we choose to look at our lives after years of investigation. The people who consider themselves lucky are the ones who recognize their...
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Importance of Being Yourself and Living for Yourself

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself” – Friedrich Nietzsche. This quote is the proof that you cannot please everyone in your surroundings, even your closest friends and/or family relatives can judge you no matter what the circumstances are, but if you tried to ignore and...
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Concepts of Falling in Love in 'Romeo and Juliet' and Greek Mythology: Critical Essay

The Beatles were one of the most famous boy bands in the ’90s. Each member had a contribution to the band. Ringo Starr played drums, George Harrison played lead guitar, John Lennon played rhythm guitar and Paul Mccartney played bass. With the different instruments each of them plays, they still connected together to create a boy band no one will forget. Just like the Beatles, William Shakespeare does a wonderful job of incorporating all sorts all literary devices in his...
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Analytical Essay on Emotional Experience of Falling in Love

Love is a philosophy that can imply various things to different people, however, all concepts of love have one thing in common. People can love other people, animals, or material things now, but it is the same: love (Kaufman, 2013). Granting their desires and cognitive compulsions can lead them to fall in love. Love, in essence, combines all of these things (Kaufman, 2013). Love is not physical nor spiritual. It’s a partnership of the mind and heart, not one that...
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Why Is Falling in Love Important for Human Beings: Argumentative Essay

Human beings have a lot of necessities; eat, sleep, move, and breathe, but there is also one thing that for us is as essential as those already mentioned, love. Love is a word that could not be described exactly with a worldwide definition, some say is an emotion, a feeling, a state of mind, a phase, a goal, or from a more medical point of view, love is a mix of a big amount of hormones produced by your brain...
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Do You Believe in Love at First Sight: Opinion Essay

Love, at first sight, is an oxymoronic statement. The concepts don’t go together at all, they might work in Hollywood but they don’t work in a scientific sense. They may work in theory but they don’t work in reality. The theme is conveyed throughout many romantic films and plays from the classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to the contemporary ‘Twilight’ and even Prince Harry said that he knew Megan was ‘the one’ the very first time they met. But science proves...
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Simone De Beauvoir on the Woman in Love: Critical Essay

‘Sometimes you have to forget what you feel, and remember what you deserve.’. I’m not sure who said or wrote it, but after reading Simone’s book, The Woman Destroyed, her fiction has the ability to deeply and powerfully influence my emotions, views, and opinions. The Woman Destroyed, a collection of three novellas by Simone, explores the complexity of womanhood in a collection of three women, all past their early youth, all confronting unanticipated crises and bound by circumstance. Each story...
3 Pages 1189 Words

Reasons for not Falling in Love in 2021: Argumentative Essay

“This is why you should not be in a relationship in the 21st century” Feriel Oueslati From the cradle to your tomb, you live in a world where love is its core. Love used to be such a powerful word that death would be welcomed with open arms if it meant saving the other half from any possible harm, where sacrifices were made in a heartbeat; the chivalrous kind of love. We all have drooled over pictures of soldiers leaving...
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Speech about Falling in Love

In the past years, I lived a life with no directions to follow. My heart was chained with emotional numbness and rejected the attempts of falling in love with the wrong person. I was scared of giving appreciation to others without even being appreciated in the very first place. I thought that I was living a happy, kind, exciting, and fascinating life, but it was nothing when I compared it with life when I was in love. The day I...
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Reasons Why You Fall in Love with Strangers: Argumentative Essay

Dear Stranger, I have thought long and hard about why it is that I find falling in love with you so easy. This question has kept me up at night and quite frankly consumed much more time than I am comfortable with disclosing, so in the spirit of closure and giving myself some peace of mind, I am writing to you with a list of all the reasons I have come up with. This may seem pointless to you. I...
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Falling in Love: Personal Narrative Essay

“If all else perished and she remained, I should still continue to be. And if all else remains and she were annihilated, the universe will turn into a mighty stranger. I should not seem a part of it.” This line quoted by Slavoj Zizek in his talk about “Love as a Political Category” is a clear expression of love, as we know it. That there is someone who is the most special among others. That if this someone will be...
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Love Goes beyond Falling in Love: Opinion Essay

To love is an uncontrollable event that comes alive without waiting for it. In the same way, love is born sometimes in an unexpected person who makes us lose our heads. To love is almost to cease being our master and to give the other the power to ‘steal his heart’ practically. When you give yourself permission to love someone – in spite of your most devastating experiences – you run the risk of suffering, but also of living, growing...
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Reflective Essay on Experience of Falling in Love

I remember walking in my junior year of high school in 2016, I walked in having no hopes to experience nor find intimate love during my high school years. It was simply that I could not feel it up until this year of high school and I found everyone quite boring and thought at the time, that I was the only one that thought what I was thinking, that love is not real and there’s no such thing as love....
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The Brain in Love: Helen Fisher Summary Essay

In the lecture by Doctor Helen Fisher titled, “Why People Fall in Love”, she explores precisely that- explaining what emotional, biological, and physical drives lead human beings to fall in love with another person. Though we have always had an innate drive for reproduction, humans did not initially evolve as monogamous beings. Fisher believes that initial romantic attraction stemmed from mammal mating rituals and sexual competition within the animal kingdom. This phenomenon is even noted by Charles Darwin as, “what...
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Role of Literature in Preparing for a Defining Moment in Our Lives: Reading Phantom of The Opera

Right from the time we begin to grow up, we are taught the skills to be able to read and from that moment, we are always exposed to a large variety of literature. For pleasure and in school, we pick up articles, short stories, and novels and we read. This makes us wonder, what is the value and the significance of literature? When we read, we dive into a whole new world, one that is very different from our own....
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Are We Losing Our Sense of Place in Life: Persuasive Essay

Memory as a form of constructing reality is a mechanism for the formation of not only an individual but also a social experience. The amount of knowledge about the past of the social group in which the individual finds himself is one of the most important factors of his social identification. The identification function of social memory is embodied in the desire of modern society to clothe the past in symbolic and ritual forms. ‘Places of memory’ exist because of...
3 Pages 1228 Words

Narrative Essay about My Son' Birthday

It was June 15, 2018, at approximately 6:52 pm l can still remember the weather vividly it wasn’t blazing hot outside but it was warm about 70 degrees and the sun was starting to set. That was when my whole life changed.. for the better l found out l was pregnant. I was scared, scared of what my family would say or think, sacred because l was only 18. 18 and in college, barely working and just getting my life...
2 Pages 1072 Words

Letter to My Unborn Son: Narrative Essay

The world is full of re-used greetings and recycled grins, like secondhand birthday cards with the names scribbled out. We are obsessed with perfection because we want what we can’t have and aim for what we can’t achieve. People worship morality, while the saints look down and curse our names. Atheists drown their sorrows in holy water and flick bible pages in Church like they flick their cigarettes in a bar. Hypocrisy stains our food, taints our water, and poisons...
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Not My Son Campaign: Information Essay

The Not My Son campaign continues into its third year to promote anti-crime awareness among young African-American males, ages 12 to 24, and their families in the south St. Petersburg area during the summer. In late 2015, an occurrence of multiple violent crimes took the lives of seven young men in less than two months. Rev. Kenny Irby, director of Community Intervention for the St. Petersburg Police Department, and Mayor Rick Kriseman made a commitment to the community to “turn...
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I Am a Horrible Mother, I Wish My Son Would Die: Narrative Essay

I have three sons. My oldest Alex and youngest Cam are wonderful boys- sweet and smart and funny. They are such caring boys. I am proud to be their mother. They will do good things in the world. I love them. But then there is my son Ben*. He is fourteen and he terrifies me. I was raped one night while jogging, trying to lose baby weight by my oldest son. The man was eventually caught after he raped a...
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Thankfulness for Having a Child: Research Paper on Down Syndrome

Personal Experience The situation that I decided to experience is being told that I am pregnant with a child that most likely has Trisomy 21, also known as Down syndrome. As I place myself into this situation, I begin to wonder how I would feel and what I would do if this event was to happen to me. If a doctor was to tell me that my son or daughter most likely had Down syndrome, I think that I would...
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Narrative Essay about Thankfulness

Fabricate of our project Quodvitae would never have been consummated without the honored consultation of so many people. We take this moment to deliberate our knowledge and gratitude. First I would likely thank god for his blessings who provide us with inner stability and tenacity effort hard and complete Quodvitae. Next, we are indebted to NASA for providing this exclusive platform of space settlement construction competition which alternated our Outlook towards space and its expedition and supported us to learn...
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Critical Essay on Thankfulness: Being Grateful Is a Great Attitude

In life, everyone is permanently filled with choices. You may decide and determine to have a pessimist’s view and live a self-defeated life or you may decide to accept the optimist’s path and take a challenging and fulfilling life. Twins born on the same day from the same womb may have different opinions and choices to make. In their looking unto the sky, one may see the mud and while the other may see stars. Happiness is a matter of...
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