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Personal Narrative Essay about Bullying

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Bullying is one of the main causes of people to commit suicide over the years. Bullying goes on in schools all across the country, and is a hard issue to stop if people keep taking part in bullying actions. Since I’ve been in school, I have seen multiple people get bullied. I’ll be honest, I probably took part in some bullying myself as a teenager. To be honest, I’ve been bullied a few times too, so I know how it feels, and it’s quite an unpleasant feeling.

Since I’ve been in college, I have taken my joking and playing that I got from where I’m from a little too far. Even though I am a good kid and don’t want to harm anyone in any physical or mental state, I have to understand that some people weren’t raised the way I was raised and also come from a completely different background. This may go into why some people may think my actions are to harm them, which might have made them tell people that they were unsafe around me. Even though I have already made it known that I was sorry for any action of bullying that I took part in, I am willing to just take my punishments and get them done so I can finish off the semester strong. My intent was never to hurt or bully anyone. I just figured that since we were in college, everybody might loosen up and be able to take certain jokes, but apparently I was wrong, and I sincerely apologize to anybody that I harmed since I’ve been here. I understand the consequences of bullying and I am just glad that it didn’t escalate to the point where people were getting hurt, because anybody that knows me personally knows that is the last thing that I want to happen.

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Bullying has a long-lasting impact on the victims and their families. People that were bullied in high school take their aggression out on others or themselves, which could have been prevented of somebody around them stopped the bullying for them. I could only imagine how people feel to be scared to come to school or work just because of how much they are bullied, and it’s not a feeling that I wish on anybody. Bullying also has long-lasting effects. I personally know people back home that we’re bullied so bad that it is almost usual for them now, it is sad, however it is true. To anybody that feels that I have bullied them, I am sorry again, because I know the feeling, even though I might handle it differently from other people.

If bullying is stopped in schools around the country, other things such as shootings and other violent incidents could have been reduced or stopped completely. A few of the school shootings happen because the victim often becomes the attacker when he or she has put up with enough of people being bullied. Even though it is a hard issue to stop, I feel as if people that are of high authority don’t put enough attention on bullying and how to stop it. Bullying is also a main reason why fights happen in schools or outside in general, and where I come from in the Bronx, NY, you see an example of bullying at least once every single day. To better myself and try to prevent me from getting in trouble, any act of bullying I see around me that my friends are taking part in will stop because I don’t want me or any of my friends to be removed off campus for something that could have been prevented. Also, when other people are bullying, then it will be on my agenda to make sure that they know what they might be getting their self into if it escalated too far.

In conclusion, life has taught me an important lesson – sometimes my words or innocent (in my opinion) jokes can cause harm and pain to others. I am sincerely sorry for everything I did. Understanding now how bad and dangerous bullying is, I will make every effort to prevent it.

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