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Personal Nursing Philosophy And Why It Is Important

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Table of contents

  1. My Personal Philosophy of Nursing
  2. Defining nursing metaparadigm according to my belief, values and assumption
  3. My Nursing Philosophy and why it is important
  4. Relationship of my nursing philosophy with practice
  5. Conclusion

My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is a noble profession of caring for an individual, family, group or community to uplift their health status. Since I was a child the two main values I have inculcated is caring and empathy for other who is need by any means when I joined nursing in first year after studying fundamentals of nursing as a course I developed my philosophy and according to my point of view the prime component of nursing is caring for an individual, family and health worker in order to provide quality care in all aspect of health by maintaining both therapeutic relationship and standard of practice in working environment (Potter, Perry, Stockert, & Hall, 2016).

Defining nursing metaparadigm according to my belief, values and assumption

Nursing metaparadigm includes nursing, environment, person and health. Nursing can be defined as application of theoretical knowledge into practice by maintaining the professional standard at work to render a safe and high level care, in other words maintain a better therapeutic relationship with both patient, community and other team members, which helps in providing care for treating disease, promoting health and maintaining health standard of client as well as nurse (Potter et al., 2016).

According to me environment includes both internal and external factor that contributes to promotion as well as decline in health of a person, external environment can be physical, social factor, whereas internal environment includes psychological and physiological factors. (Jarrin, 2012)

Person is an individual, group, family or community, which are involved in period of caring in the healthcare setting as well in the society whether sick or well (Masters, 2015). In addition to this according to me person include both patient and nurse because fitness of nurse is also important to give better care (Potter et al., 2016)

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Health comprises of the state of person in all aspects such as physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional and economical. Every individual explain health according to their perception of environment, reaction to illness, ability to do care and acceptance of relationship with others (Potter et al., 2016).

My Nursing Philosophy and why it is important

Nursing as a profession do not follow one paradigm or theory in every situation because every health care worker have different belief, value and concept for caring a person. For me holistic care approach is vital component in caring for a person because I believe patient should be treated as whole in simple words treatment does not consider treating disease physically only but it should include promoting health by mental, spiritual and emotional concern of health. Holistic care also includes involvement of all health department in overall delivery of care to patient such as medical and Para medical department, counsellor, social worker, dietician as well as nurse. According to my point of view the main focus of holistic care is to help person in regaining its strength so that they can do activity of daily living. Moreover my nursing philosophy helps me to build therapeutic nurse client relationship throughout care without doing biasness on the basis of culture, caste and trade diversities or ability to do care among patients as a result it helps them to maintain their trust with health care worker, build their self esteem, dignity and helps in self guided improvement in them. This paradigm also includes betterment of health of caregiver as they also play a vital role in rendering quality care to the patient. (Jasemi, Valizadeh, Zamanzadeh, Keogh & Taleghani, 2017). Having a personal philosophy directs me in updating existing body of knowledge to deliver better care to person without being bias and to become a good member in healthcare team by maintaining standards of nursing.

Relationship of my nursing philosophy with practice

I would like to illustrate relationship in my nursing philosophy with practice by giving my personal life experience as an example, I was posted in post surgical unit during my internship period of bachelors degree and a patient was admitted in the ward her name was Mrs Rena, 38 years old, she was gone through with abdominal hysterectomy 4 days ago and she was complaining for severe pain, after consultation with physician intramuscular analgesic was given but after half hour she again started complaining, then with permission from my supervisor I tried to talk with her and I came to know that she was anxious about further recovery process and bodily changes, it helped me recall how mind affect body because the origin of pain was not physical though it was due to stress, so I gave her health education on the bodily changes and recovery process duration. I was able to main interpersonal relationship with her and she understood the whole concept that leaded to decrease in anxiety as well as pain level. So, I used holistic approach there because therapeutic communication is considered as treatment option now under holistic care and considering client as a whole is much more important because person’s perception of health and disease also affect there stages of recovery from any disorder or illness and if person’s self dignity and self esteem is maintained and the one is not only willing to do self care but want to improve health status then their health can improve in all aspects. And as nurse it is essential to be physically as well as mentally healthy to use all capability in caring for a person. (Jasemi et al., 2017).


To conclude my paper I would like to say nurse should consider concept of nursing metaparadigm while caring for a person and nurse should also maintain professional relationship environment with both patient/family and other healthcare team members to provide quality care.


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