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Personal Privacy: Surveillance In The World

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Do you allow the government to invade your privacy and having access to all your personal information? Many people are trying to reach out to others around the world for many problems that they are having such as economic problems, privacy problems, and even security. They aren’t able to do so since their government makes it illegal to have free speech. Technology companies and the government in the United States allow us to be able to have free speech while in other countries it is illegal to do so. It is important to be able to follow through with the essential question to be able to show why they need to be able to make it legal so many people can have a right to speak through social media. There is a lot of things that are put out on social media and many videos of inappropriate videos all over Twitter and Facebook that it is impossible to block or remove. There are many stories where you aren’t able to not see certain things because it spreads way too fast and there is nothing that can be done. This should involve the government and the technology companies to be able to do a better job in doing so because right now all social media is chaos. There are many countries that already do so but is still controversial since you should be able to have freedom of speech and be able to hate on things that need to be hated on. In Germany, there is a law that makes it where there is no hate speech on social media, and is debatable because many people want to put their thoughts out there and not just in their countries. While others may believe that people should be entitled to their own opinion and should be kept within themselves, others believe that this is impossible with the fact that their information is being leaked and spread all around because the government is invading their privacy and also the government blocking or not allowing them to give an opinion. The government is also trying to keep away fake media because there is a lot of it spreading around.

Personal privacy is something that everyone wants and is constantly being difficult to have because many people are always being on each other lives and also privacy should have the ability to protect personal information and really protection is a security component. Also, security is something many people are concern about since it controls who can access that information which is sometimes being leaked because of lack of security. But these are still both different in many ways and an article states, “You can’t have privacy without security, but you can have security without privacy.” Thus, without security you can’t protect privacy therefore you need security to be able to protect personal information. In order to be able to keep things that you only want to see and not give access to other people and is way security is really important to have and to make sure that it doesn’t get out. This is happening globally and is happening in many different countries. Every country has its own problems with privacy and security and should be spoken out about. For example, Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, United States, and many more have this problem so it doesn’t only take place in one country even the best countries have this problem and is why this should be dealt with.

To begin with, the United States citizens have already been introduced to this issue and have long been divided in their views about security needs and personal privacy. A lot of this has been focused on government surveillance and how businesses use data. There has been a recent issue with Apple helping the FBI unlock iPhones to find one of the suspects in the terrorist attack and because of this many people are starting to become more scared about where and who their privacy is given to. An article states, “For instance, our survey shortly after the 9/11 attacks found that 70% of adults favored requiring citizens to carry national ID cards. At the same time, a majority balked at government monitoring of their own emails and personal phone calls or their credit card purchases.” Many of these people want their privacy to be private and made so they can only have to access it and believe that people should always be holding their IDs just in case something ever happens. They are giving backlash to the government for digging into many people’s personal emails, phone calls, and even credit card purchases. Another quote of how Americans feel is “Americans are concerned about preserving their privacy when it comes to their personal information and behaviors. Those views have intensified in recent years, especially after big data breaches at companies such as Target, eBay, and Anthem as well as of federal employee personnel files. Our surveys show that people now are more anxious about the security of their personal data and are more aware that greater and greater volumes of data are being collected about them. The vast majority feel they have lost control of their personal data, and this has spawned considerable anxiety. They are not very confident that companies collecting their information will keep it secure.” The U.S citizens are really scared and are nervous about where their information is going and are afraid that companies aren’t securing their personal data. Even big companies that are mentioned in the quote that many people aren’t really sure to trust them or not because they believe that it still isn’t secure enough and aren’t confident that the information that they are giving to these companies will be safe. The pole was set to show what people believed if they trust the companies or not. This shows how people aren’t ready to believe if these sites or companies are really reliable and is really risky to given our information out if we don’t know if it is trustworthy. But, this is not the only in the U.S, there are still more that are also questioning this also in their country.

Certain countries have a reason why they make free speech illegal and one of those countries is Germany. Germany has a law that requires all social media platforms to remove hate speech in 24 hours or risk huge fines. They also remove free speech to be able to create good intentions by democracies end up serving nefarious ends of autocracies. Germany also inspired Russian to do almost the same exact to so they don’t have people spreading negative content. Going more into Germany, they created a law called NetzDG and intended to stop social media sites that had gained lots of publicity by creating fake news and racist material, and this law helps to remove all of these sites within 24 hours. If this law is broken then they could be charged with 50m euros and can also be punished pretty harshly for creating this website. The main focus with this law is usually Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube then scout these sites out, and if they see something that is possibly breaking the law they will remove it in 24 hours and if this is not done they get punished. Germany had invaded around 36 people’s homes because they had engaged in hate speech on social media which shows this is a real thing.

Also, many other countries have been aware of these cases and heard from President Donald Trump who had made claims on the fake news media. Countries such as France, Malaysia, and Kenya had started to do something about this too. France created a law against false information and things along those lines while Malaysia had already done the same thing before and was already aware of this problem while Kenya followed. An article states, “ In 2017 a record 262 journalists were jailed, 21 of them for disseminating false information. We should add this to the continuous threat to free speech from private actors such as terrorists, drug cartels, and wealthy oligarchs.” This is talking about how many people have already been caught and punished for false news and were put to jail for doing so. They also want to apply this law to continuous threats to free speech from private actors such as all the bad people. This gives a good example of how they were able to follow through with this law and be able to prevent people from doing things that can harm someone. This is happening worldwide and keeps awarding more and more countries to be able to do something about this issue. Another quote that talks about how this is a problem in countries and leads to many problems states, “ Some argue that extreme expression such as hate speech or glorifying terrorism leads to conflict and violence. Another school insists that extreme speech should be countered with “more speech.” This quote is explaining how many people have different opinions on this topic and many of them believe that they should keep free speech out the way because it can create problems and cause much hate on people or topics. While still others want to insist to have more speech because they don’t have that freedom they need to speak out or reach many people.

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Consequently, this is happening everywhere, free speech should be given without a doubt to the countries that disallow this. Such as the United Kingdom has had different opinions on this topic and almost has the exact same problem as all other countries. An article said by Jeremy Wright, a secretary, states “ If everything else fails,” Wright said, “we will look at simply denying the opportunity for some of these websites to operate in the UK.” What he is trying to say is that freedom of speech is an option that is given but if the people that are running the websites fail to abuse that “power” they will immediately shut those websites down. Where he goes on to say, “That is a power that is available elsewhere. It is technically feasible to do it. It is not without problems, I should make that clear. But I think it is right at this stage for the government to set out a full range of penalties, up to and including that one, because we need those companies, which are large, global companies … to take this regulator seriously.” This is almost the exact same thing that Wright was trying to say on his first claim but more so trying to make it clear that he wants the government to manage this and have a full range of penalties for breaking the law but also keeping many of these companies and websites alive because they are very important to them.

China has always been a really private country which they do not allow many things to be transferred to other countries. They are one of the strictest counties out there and are watching everyone’s move because they have cameras almost everywhere and there is no privacy for the Chinese people. It is also aware that many people’s privacy is being leaked and most of their privacy is not safe where many people will most likely be able to access it. An article states, “Something similar is happening with online privacy today. After years of Chinese internet companies building business models around Chinese people’s lack of awareness about privacy, users are getting angry about companies abusing their personal information. This growing privacy awareness emanates from people’s concern over data leaks, which often help scammers and criminals take advantage of unwitting Chinese individuals. The Financial Times reported that in a survey by the China Consumer Association, 85 percent of respondents said that their data had been leaked, including phone numbers sold illegally or bank account information hacked.” This is one of the biggest things that has been reported because many people believe that there is a strict thing along with privacy and security but shows that China has a lack of security. This is a really big problem and should be reported because people’s identities can be leaked since many of these people are giving out their information to websites, apps, or possibly even the government but is still not being taken with care since many of these people’s information and privacy is being out of there where anyone can see them. 85% of people’s data has been leaked and is very upsetting to see since many of these people again believe that their information is safe when in reality it is not and this should be taken into consideration.

Social media helps business owners to attract business, so primarily it serves as a means of marketing. Social media also serves as a great resource for businesses. Using social networks as a way to market involves little or no expense for the business. However, there are risks to businesses just like there are risks to individuals. A professional reputation can be ruined as easily as a personal reputation through social networking. Reputational circumstances can make a huge distinction between failure and success with organizations, businesses, and even political campaigning. Social media can also be a distraction to employees, which can result in decreased productivity. An employee may be spending more time viewing their friends’ posts and pictures, rather than focusing on their job. Social media can be addicting to some people. This should be monitored by all business owners. Employees can attend a party with people taking pictures, and then the pictures can be misconstrued or distorted. Online reputational concerns can be critical for businesses along with their employees. It can result in loss of employment, loss of economics, and unforgivable social humiliations. Businesses are at another disadvantage while using social media because followers can post negative comments on the business’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram sites. Also, a hacker can retrieve the company’s page and post false information. A business or organization’s reputation will suffer from these actions.

Each user should read all the conditions provided by the networks they interact with. A user ought to be savvy to control the privacy tools offered through Facebook, Twitter, or whatever networking site they interact with. Facebook has privacy options available to users such as controlling who sees your profile information, controlling who can search for you, controlling what activity appears on your friend’s page, and controlling what information becomes available to third parties. Each and every person should customize their profiles on the social network they are using to help protect their own privacy. It would be great if the social network’s privacy tools were automatically set so that the public could not view a person’s profile, but instead, it is set just the opposite. A person has to manually set their privacy tools to choose who they want to view their content on the network. Using common-sense can sometimes be the best advice while using social media. Unfortunately, Twitter does not have as many privacy tools available for users as Facebook. However, a user can protect their updates which will allow only their followers to view their tweets. Otherwise, anyone can see the tweets. Again, a user has to know how to use the privacy tools available to them through social networks. Even with all these steps a user can take to protect their privacy, it is still not enough, especially with data mining. A better solution to this problem would be to rebuild the operating software of the net with more functions available to respect a person’s privacy. It could be a centralized console that controls privacy and security by using a network intrusion detection system. There is probably not a chance this will happen in the near future.

Another attainable resolution might be the building of non-public privacy computer code created offered to people. This computer code would come with a tiny low plug-in kind device employed in homes. The device could keep all networking communications private and let users surf the web without being monitored by others. This could possibly replace the wireless router or become a part of the routers used today. It could also provide a privacy-secured web connection from a mobile device. People’s privacy would be more protected by storing their data on a physical gadget in their own possession rather than other’s data centers. Not only are individuals affected negatively through social media, but businesses and organizations are also. Businesses and organizations rely heavily on social networking for their day-to-day operations. One of the most popular social networking sites for businesses appears to be LinkedIn. LinkedIn helps a business to market itself. It also helps a professional to build their identity, discover business deals, and keep in contact with colleagues. Twitter is another form of social media used by professionals and business owners. Twitter seems to be the best way to attract larger audiences. When using Twitter a business owner can research a keyword that relates to his business. This helps in interacting with people in the same business. Other social networking sites used by professionals and businesses are WordPress, Google, and Blogger.

Clearly, many people do not want their information out there where anyone can see it and are scared that the government will be involved and know everything they are doing. Therefore, many people are upset that the government is not securing their information and believe that other people can get access to their information anytime. This is going around all over the world and many of these countries are also having this problem with their citizens not believing that their information is secured and not being able to speak out their information. But, the government is also aware of this but they don’t want fake news to spread and hack into other’s information to be able to keep them safe from any other terrorist attack.

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