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Personal Statement: My Experience in Accounting

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Accounting can apply to many different fields in the business world, so it is a useful degree to obtain. So, what is accounting? In laymen’s terms accounting is the recording of a person or companies finances. Accounting has two main categories: managerial accounting, financial accounting.

Managerial accounting is mainly used for the internal users of a company and often does not require a special degree beyond a bachelors or masters. Financial accounting is for external users so they can make informed decisions about a company. Often to be in financial accounting you need to get a specific certification like the CPA (certified public accountant). Within these two categories there’s many subcategories. The main two that I am personally interested in is forensic accounting and auditing. In order to have a career in one of these fields I would need a CPA.

Achieving a CPA license goes well beyond getting a bachelor’s in accounting. On top of the bachelor’s, an additional 30 credits are required. I will most likely get my masters because it will fulfill that requirement and make me more valuable when looking for a job. Also, FIU has a master’s program for accounting that is only 10 months. While working towards the CPA, work experience is required. That’s something I personally need to focus on since I don’t have much work experience as of now. Another important thing to keep in mind for the CPA is the test itself. The CPA test is 4 sections, each totaling 4 hours each. All the test must be past within a certain amount of time of each other. I feel like time management will play a big role in passing this exam. So, I will be doing practice test and studying well before that exam when the time comes.

Forensic accounting is what interested me the most in the accounting world. When I first started college working for the FBI or CIA always interested me, but I didn’t want to do something dangerous. I have always been good at math and I am very observant, so when I found out about Forensic accounting, I got excited. I know that many companies have a forensic accounting department, but the fact that this may be important in the FBI or CIA was a plus. The only reason I am hesitant with this specific field is the opportunity for growth. I am not sure how much you could work your way up or what my main goal would be. Also, I don’t think the pay is as well as other jobs which is concerning for me because I would like to be able to have options based on how much time I want to work.

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Another dream job of mine would be working for a company like Google. I would most likely go into internal auditing for them, but I’m not sure. I never knew what an auditor was until this past year. One of my teachers this semester used to work as an auditor and really enjoyed it, so it made me investigate it a little more. As I mentioned previously, I consider myself very observant, so I think a job where I’m checking over statements and looking for mistakes would be my strong suit. I think I would be more interested in working for a company like Google rather than the FBI or CIA, but I still have time to think about how I want to move forward.

I know a lot of people at FIU are looking at the big four accounting firms but speaking from my point of view I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy that. I feel that the big four is very competitive which makes me nervous. The only reason I’d consider working for one of those companies is the experience and knowledge you gain from working at such a massive company. FIU is very connected to a lot of companies and I’m aware many of them come to our campus to recruit for accounting jobs and internships. If there’s a chance I could work for such a well-established company straight out of college, I think it would make me a lot more valuable in the working world which is a plus. At this point in my life I’m still looking at all my options and deciding which path I want to take. I like how with an accounting degree you could work at a small company with not many hours, making a decent salary, or at a huge company working your way up to a great salary. I feel that I’d have options and could move towards whatever I feel is right at the time, which I am fond of.

The one thing I need to really focus on is experience because I don’t have a lot, and I feel it’s important to have some experience in the accounting field before I graduate. I still have some time, but not very much so I am actively looking for internships that have to do with accounting. Accounting has so many different career opportunities and pathways, and I haven’t researched all of them, so a rotational internship is the most attractive to me currently.

Overall, I am happy that I am in FIU’s accounting program. I have so many supportive classmates and family which is encouraging. At times it can be challenging but, in the end, it will be so rewarding, and I’m just excited to keep learning. Also, accountants will always be needed, and I will always have a job which is the most important thing to me. I feel very fortunate to be going to FIU with the reputation they have with the accounting program, and eager to see what the future has in store for me.

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