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Personal Strengths That Allow Me to Become a Member of the National Honor Society

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It is an honor that I am eligible to apply for National Honor Society. I have been looking toward to be part of National Honor Society since the beginning of my high school year. Being a member of this organization is not a right but a privilege. This prestigious organization does contribute a lot of services to our society such as helping people in need regardless of race, age, financial status, and religions. Thus, I can grow more as a well-rounded person from this boundless experiences. Throughout my high school years, I have shown great qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. I believe my strength of character and leadership are capable to join this prestigious organization.

The character can be distinguished as the combinations of traits and qualities in the morality of an individual person. These valuable qualities are built by oneself throughout the time. Since the beginning of my high school year, I have aimed to be the best in classes with the righteous principles. As the high schoolers, cheating on the tests is not a surprising thing for the teachers even though they are in the advanced classes. However, I always refrain myself from those kinds of situations by simply following my ethics. Once, there were the answer keys for a test was spread throughout our class. Some of my friends offered me to take a look at the test so we can receive a much better grade. I could have memorized those and cheated on that test. However, my subconscious always reminds me that it is not worth it to cheat on the tests. The relationship between my teachers and I was built upon honesty and trust over time. Is it really worth it to break it to get your own temporary success? After this trust is broken, it will require a higher level of time and hard work to rebuild this relationship. Even though it was rebuilt, it will never be as perfect as before. Nonetheless, my conviction of cheating is you are not trusting your abilities and ingenuity enough to do your own. Hence, I looked at the opposite view of this test. I rather get the score that I studied for it then getting a high score with dishonor.

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Obtaining an outstanding score on exams and tests is not the only matter that describes an individual character. It is also important that how one performs in the class with faithfulness, punctuality, and rules. Throughout my high school years, the commitment to my classes is in the excellent state. As a prepared student, I always stay on the top of my course materials. Everyday assignments are always completed and having discussions with the teachers about the course materials become my personal challenge in school. Moreover, being punctual for classes places me in a better position with responsibilities and respect for the teachers.

Beside from the school activities, I also show my responsibility as a leader in our community. I was an intern for the Greater Boston Chinese Community Services (Uplift) and a member of Lead n’Serve leadership program for 3 years. It promotes peer and ethical leadership through civic responsibilities, personal empowerment and social transformation. Being in the program, I became more well-rounded with responsibilities and proficient leadership skills. I was a leader along with other peers to assist the elementary and middle school students in education and building the positive characters. I trained new volunteers with explanations and directions about the rules and regulations in the classroom. I was also in charge of planning and preparing art and craft activities for students along with other interns. For this summer, I was responsible to take care of girls’ safety during the field trips and swimming days. I was also in charge of managing and assigning the directions for new volunteers throughout the day.

Due to my righteous abilities and principles as a student, I believe I am capable of being a candidate for National Honor Society. I have strongly shown my character and leadership throughout my high school years. I truly hope I can be a part of this prestigious organization for this year.

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