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Personal SWOT Analysis

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According to Kolb (1984), “learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it.”

The process of developing my own SWOT analysis (Appendix 2) provides an understanding of where I am and what I have to do to progress both academically and professionally. It aims for the definition of goals for future careers and the establishment of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited objectives (SMART). My SWOT analysis and action plan (Appendix 1) is to get me on the right path; in the future, it may be necessary to achieve the targets that have been identified for the success of pay success and career development. It is therefore important for me to engage in a workable action plan.

With regard to my performance, I realized that I measure performance far more broadly than the grades I have received so far during my assignments and exam. Much of what I have learned at University has been learning to manage time and commitments and to make sure I maximize the opportunities available to me. These opportunities include the services offered alongside my course, the facilities of the university and the opportunities that come from new friendships. I was happy with my grades and I think I’m on track, I’m hoping to receive helpful feedback from my tutors to help me make further progress with my degree.

The more satisfying feeling was that I had to contribute something to increase confidence in group situations. This is particularly important to me as I normally do not contribute to group situations but with a desire to achieve managerial / leadership responsibilities within my career this is something I need to develop.

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An additional factor in research shows that there is a positive correlation between study participation and success in courses and exams. In my SWOT analysis, what will aid my development at university is to expand my wider reading. By doing so, I will attain better grades in my assignments and exams throughout the course I am currently undertaking. I have also identified broadening my reading as critical as research shows that employers are looking for well-rounded candidates who are open-minded and interested in the world around them.


After I finished my questionnaire about Honey and Mumford learning styles, it became obvious that my favourite style of learning is a’ reflector.’ The description they provide states that reflectors are very careful and thoughtful people who like to consider all possible perspectives and implications before they move forward. Before you commit, you like to stand up and evaluate past experiences. In carrying out this SWOT Analytics and Actions Plan, I identified my weaknesses and looked at what I have to do for a business career in management. By doing a SWOT analysis based on my work experience, I identified my strengths and weaknesses with respect to learning.

Honey and Mumford (1972) identified four learning styles that correlate to each stage of Kolb’s Learning Cycle – Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist, Mobbs, D. (2010). Individuals are believed to have a preferred learning style.

Honey and Mumford recommend that your understanding and self-awareness of your preference for learning may maximize your learning experience, improve your learning skills, help you to become an efficient student and open the door to a variety of potential opportunities for learning. They have developed a questionnaire of learning styles that I have completed to learn more.

The exploration of the above-mentioned theory gave me valuable insight on ways to apply myself to the learning cycle in order to achieve my objectives. I have to be aware that as a Reflector who works with an online learning platform with minimal communication interactions, I do not gain the guidance and reassurance I seek to move forward, and I will have the need to work on my activist features to ensure that I do not have any real reassurance about the challenge.

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