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Personal Values and Ethics

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We are living in a society where the ‘values’ are a fundamental part of it, to be able to have a decent quality life in your social, family and professional life. The values we have are very important, now days they demonstrate and distinguish the person you are and are becoming. The values we learn since we were little until now, have and will influence throughout your whole life to make us a better person.

All these values are very important because when we are citizens we have to act and be professional; having value makes us have ethics in our life and makes us have ethical behavior. Therefore, the values need to be exercised in any place and activity that we carry out either within our professional life or our social life because we are guided by our personal values. They make us better people day after day.

Consequently, it is estimated that values have a purpose, they are useful in a lot of good ways: as a guide for action (how we should behave), as a guide to assess or judge situations (points of cooperation), as a basis to give good reason for behaviors, personal changes, etc. The types of values that establish the principles that guide the behavior of human beings and their relationship with others in society within our professional life are very important.

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Personal values, these are those that we consider necessary principles on which we build our lives and guide us to interact with other people. Citizen values, a set of values that allow human beings to work, be and develop their potential according to their own efforts. At the same time, it is personal attitudes which include their personal values they maintain throughout their life and practice them (Lifeder, 2019).

Professional values are nothing more than human values directed towards the profession. Their meanings are related to the requirements of the profession. They establish a professional personality and define you as the person you are looked up too.

Ethical performance in the community is essential. A case of ethics in the community or in society begins by first respecting the privacy, the property of the other individual. And these values as mention before are gain through the personal life of the human. By knowing and following what you think its right, defines your behavior ethical giving us a chance to take them in practice in our professional life. Work ethics could include values such as honesty when delivering your work. In my perspective, the main values that citizens and professionals should have would be those of honesty, respect, and discipline. Usually these values are the ones we take in practice the most throughout our day and are consider to be necessary to have peace and tranquility.

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