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How does Personality Affect Academic Performance

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In the society we live in today getting a degree or being educated is essential to go up in the socio-economic hierarchy.This research paper is a study on the effect of people’s personalities on their academic performance. Personality is a set of personal traits that make up a person’s behavioral pattern. Academic performance is how we measure our individual achievements in various academic subjects. There are five types of personality traits; Openness,Conscientious,Extraversion,Agreeableness,Neuroticism (Pappas,S,201).

In the pursuit of academic excellence different factors can affect our performance, sometimes people’s personalities can affect their performance . Extroverts are usually find it hard to accept people’s ideas and see things from other people’s point of view, making it hard for them to participate in team work which makes it hard for them to perform well in group projects. The are usually loud and find it hard to concentrate in class and they are mostly restless (Gaille,B,2015).At the same time extroverts find it easy to take risks and try new things . They posses a social learning style.

The Big Five personality factors (Costa & McCrae, 1992)—particularly Neuroticism and Conscientiousness—were found to predict overall final exam marks over and above several academic predictors, accounting for more than 10% of unique variance in overall exam marks. Results suggest that Neuroticism may impair academic performance, while Conscientiousness may lead to higher academic achievement. (Furnham, A, Chamorro-Premuzic, T, 2003). In sample 2 (N=75) the EPQ-R (Eysenck & Eysenck, 1985) was used as the personality measure and results showed the three super-factors were the most powerful predictor of academic performance, accounting for nearly 17% of unique variance in overall exam results. It is demonstrated that (like Neuroticism) Psychoticism could limit academic success. (Furnham, A, Chamorro-Premuzic, T, 2003).

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According to Grozier (1997) conscientious students are likely to meet deadlines for assignments, they are more likely finish tasks rather than leave them incomplete, they will put a certain amount of effort into a task, that they can apply themselves without continuous supervision, and so on.(Hazrati-Viari, A, Rad, A, Torabi, S,2011).

Openness to experience predicted only intrinsic motivation and subsequently academic achievement suggesting that those who are high on openness tend to be intellectually curious, intelligent, insightful, aesthetic, and interested. These qualities can demonstrate why students who are high in openness perform better.. For example being interested and insightful, they desire to gain deep understanding of many things. This interest can orient to new strategies of learning and new academic issues result in academic achievement (Hazrati-Viari, A, Rad, A, Torabi, S,2011). For instance Chamorro-Premuzic and Furnham (2008) proposing the ‘‘investment” role of openness to experience as a determinant of higher IQ, argue that IQ is separately affected by fluid intelligence and openness to experience and affected deep learning, which in turn led to higher grades (Hazrati-Viari, A, Rad, A, Torabi, S,2011). People with Agreeableness personality traits tend to do well in school, they find it easy to be in study groups they often have positive and pro social thoughts even in hostile moments. Their personality makes them stand for conflict resolution anywhere there is hostility (Robinson,M,2012).They are also very polite and attentive to teachers making it easy to gain teacher’s favour.

Aside from the big five personality traits there are other part of a persons personality that can affect their academic performance. People who have a Reserved personality are usually emotionally stable so they have no emotion distractions to distract them from their academic pursuits(Justin,B,2018).They also lack confidence because they are usually low in Openness. Self-Centered people on the other hand are usually socially confident, energetic and outgoing but they tend to be impulsive, ill-tempered and they will do anything to make themselves get ahead of their peers in class even at the expense of others which makes them terrible at teamwork.

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