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Personality Profile Essay

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The personality profile of a design thinker can be compared with the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur on the following basis; The successful entrepreneur and a personality profile of a design thinker have the major contribution of empathy which lead them to successful entrepreneur (Brenner, Uebernickel and Abrell, 2016). Entrepreneurs who focus on empathy tend to visualize the world from various perspectives and don’t cling to their own built ideas. They focus on meeting the needs of customers, users, clients, and colleagues by adopting a “people-first approach” which means observing the world from others’ perspectives (Serrat, 2017). Successful entrepreneurs are always known for being world-class nurturers because they are quite active listeners and hold good hearts in dealing with others’ problems. The same characteristics of the personality profile of design thinkers possess.

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The personality profile of a design thinker as well as a successful entrepreneur goes for the experimental approach. This means posing questions and exploring expected constraints first in a creative manner that leads towards entirely new ways. The assessment of constraints enables design thinkers to work according to the situation and helps them in deriving better results (Chou, 2018). Likewise, a successful entrepreneur also believes in experimenting with a situation and not making assumptions only because assumptions do not lead towards the actual result with great direction. As per Chou (2018), experimentation, design thinking, and a successful entrepreneur save a lot of precious time and money and reach the best outcomes. The best outcomes in terms of high-profit ratios and maximum market share in the business world. This kind of design thinkers work in a group of people and don’t find it appropriate to work alone because working alone don’t bring great ideas and outcomes in a long run. This is the trait that a successful entrepreneur also possesses (Chou, 2018). In the present era, it has become very difficult for businesses to grow because of the complexity of products, services, needs, etc. Collaboration is necessary in order to solve complex issues with multidisciplinary skills as well as experience as leaders alone may face difficulties in leading a business efficiently. In the light of Huq and Gilbert (2017), a successful entrepreneur also assumes working together as a team may prove to be fruitful for the business and will bring prosperity to the company. A successful entrepreneur always thinks optimistically. Being optimistic means considering one better solution to a problem instead of existing alternatives (Sundstrom, Lounsbury, Gibson, and Huang, 2016). The personality trait of design thinking also lies in the optimistic side of running a business. Time and money both are important constraints to running any business and therefore, it is highly crucial for a designer to save both of these constraints as efficiently as they can. As discussed by Chou (2018), the investment of money and time over one best solution leads to great business success and provides good profitability and market share in the market.

Finally, this kind of personality profile of a design thinker aims to create those solutions which are beyond existing alternatives (Kallio, 2015). It means they possess the ability to view all the important aspects of a confounding issue and provide smooth solutions that lead towards extra improvement of the problem as compared to the existing alternatives. Same wise, a successful entrepreneur looks towards the creative approach of solving problems and generating resolution in terms of new models which contain new opportunities as compared to older ones.

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