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Peter's Character Transformation in Orson Scott Card’s 'Ender’s Game'

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In Orson Scott Card’s эEnder’s Gameэ, Peter is a character who makes great efforts to destroy Ender and rule the world but later shows love and care for his siblings. This shows that Peter is a loving brother rather than the dangerous psychopath he is believed to be. Towards the beginning of the book, Peter portrays that his intentions are to ultimately hurt or destroy anything and shows this by skinning a squirrel while it is still alive. However, later displays himself to be a very kind and caring person as he begins to show his love for Ender.

“It’s what I’m most afraid of. That I really am a monster. I don’t want to be a killer but I just can’t help it” (132). In this passage, Peter explains that he is not intentionally trying to be a cruel and dangerous person, he just feels that he does not have control over his actions. This communicates that Peter is not a psychopath as he apologizes to his siblings and wishes that he could change.

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Peter’s desire to acquire an endless amount of power and take over the world was evident earlier in the novel. However, he showed guilt towards his actions after beating Ender. “Ender, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know how it feels, I’m sorry, I’m your brother, I love you” (76). Peter apologized to Ender while he thought he was asleep showing remorse and love for his brother early in the book; when his actions still portrayed that he is a dangerous psychopath. “But I didn’t hate you. I loved you both, I just had to be – had to have control, do you understand that?”(108). In these lines, Peter is speaking to Val about how his desire to take over the world got in the way of his relationship with his siblings.

Although he is shown to be a monster at the beginning of the novel, Peter ’s character has significantly changed into an affectionate and caring person. “If you believe that… I want to save mankind from self destruction” (167). Peter continues to display his humanity and care towards society as in this passage, he mentions that his intentions are to save mankind. “They did not wait so eagerly for each new transmission from the ansible; the names that were famous on Earth meant little to them now. The only name they knew was that of Peter Wiggin, the Hegemon of Earth; the only news that came was news of peace, of prosperity, of great ships leaving the littoral of Earth’s solar system, passing the comet shield and filling up the bugger worlds” (360). This talks about how Peter was well recognized as a peaceful and kind leader even without his presence which portrays how much impact he made to the world by changing it from a war zone (with the buggers invading several times), to a peaceful environment.

Therefore, Peter is a brilliant strategist and a loving brother. Even a character so cruel can become a kind and loving person as demonstrated by Peter.

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