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Phantom of The Opera: Reader's Book Review

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The main characters of the book „The Phantom of the Opera“ are the Phantom of the Opera, Christine Daae, and Raoul.

The Phantom’s real name is Erik. He lives under the Paris Opera, which he helped to build. He is dangerous. Erik has always been ugly. But in music and architecture, he is a genius. He blackmails the managers and spreads terror. Erik is obsessed with Christine Daae and wants her to love him.

Cristine Daae was an unknown singer who was promoted by the phantom. First, she thought it would be the angel of music that her father told her and Raoul about when they were kids. Later she knew Erik’s identity and she knew that he was in love with her. So she felt sorry for him, because nobody loves Erik, But actually she was in love with Raoul.

Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny, knows Cristine since childhood and when he saw her at her performance he knew immediately that he still loves her. During the course of the book, he tries to free Christian Daae from the Phantom and wants to be with her and marry her.

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The book sets in the Paris Opera around 1900. The work on the Opera building began in 1862, on the order of Napoleon III, and because of war and fire, the opera only opened in 1875. The building is a symbol of the wealth and confidence of France during the Second Empire. It was a very ambitious project of Baron Haussmann, who rebuild much of central Paris. The architect, who designed this building is Charles Garnier, because of him the opera is often called Garnier Place. The project contained a few peculiarities, like a special underground lake, that had to be created to make the foundations of the building safe.

As the name suggests, the book revolves around the Phantom of the Paris Opera. Mostly it’s about the phantom’s obsession with the singer Cristine Daae. And it’s also about the love story between Christine and Raoul.

One evening, Christine had her first important role in which she impressed the audience, especially Raoul, who she has known since childhood. Both realized immediately that they still loved each other. After the performance, Raoul visited Christine backstage where she then acted as if she didn’t know him. When Raoul left, he heard a man’s voice in her room and was hurt because he thought Christine loves another man. Some days later they met and she told him that the voice was the angle of music and she doesn’t want to lose him and that is why she pretended not to know him after the performance. After that, they met a few times and spent time together and Christine also found out that it was not the angel of music. One day, they decided to run away together to deliver Christine from the phantom. But before that, Christine wanted to sing for Erik one last time because she had promised him. During this performance, she was kidnapped by Erik in the house by the underground lake and Raoul had to rescue her. He got help from the Persian, who knows everything about Erik, but in the end, they were not really helpful, because they fall into a trap. Christine was given a choice down there, either she marries the Phantom or everyone in the opera dies. She wanted to marry him, but in the end, the phantom settled for a kiss, and Christine and Raoul could marry.

In my opinion, the book is not bad, but it’s very boring. So I don’t really like it. I thought before reading the love story could be quite funny and exciting, but nothing exciting happens in the book. Maybe that's because the book is simply written and very short and therefore no tension can build up. I would recommend it more for third graders. The best part I think is the end, because it finally gets a bit exciting and at first, you didn't know whether Raoul survives, and I also like the part when the phantom solves everything when he speaks to the Persian at the end.

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