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Pharmaceutical Service In Malaysia

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Pharmacy is a profession that deals with the scientific preparation and dispensing of drugs with medicinal purposes. It is a global vocation with an extensive history of 4000 years. It existed in Malaysia with the enactment of three main regulations monitoring this profession, the Registration of Pharmacy 1951, Poison act 1952 and Dangerous Drug Act 1952. There are two sectors in the healthcare system of our country, public and private sectors. However, pharmaceutical service was not prevalent during the early 19th century in this country since there are only less than 50 pharmacists registered and most of them were mainly graduated from overseas. But, a major reorganization of health services has been occurring in the country since 1957. Thus, USM instigated the pharmacy course in 1972 to overcome the plight of lacking pharmacists. To accommodate the high demand of this profession, more private and government institutes offer this course to the public which further contributes to the increasing annual registration of pharmacists.

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Over the past decades, it undergoes a tremendous transformation in the field of education, industry, and practices. In the past, pharmacy education in the country only emphasis on preparing the students to work in the community, industries, and hospitals. Nevertheless, numerous diseases of civilization are discovered among the patients due to the improper diet and lifestyle. Hence, the current education will equip the pharmacists with the knowledge of clinical pharmacy, information, and specialization such as oncology, Therapeutically Drug Management (TDC), etc. Besides that, there were only a few pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country in previous years. As time flies, the public can assess a variety of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare products in the market. To assure the quality of those products, four main divisions are established which are National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), Pharmacy Enforcement, Pharmacy Policy, and Management as well as Pharmacy Practise and Development. Furthermore, the community practice in the earlier was business-operated and physicians were highly respected. Nowadays, it is more patient-orientated which stresses effective communication in the consultation between patients and pharmacists and it is highly required the documentation of the patient information in the manual or computerized healthcare system. To rectify any misleading information about the advertisement with medical claims, the advertisement board is set up. The availability of medicines are prescribed to patients are based on the level of care (Primary, secondary and Tertiary) designated by MOH.

It is one of the programs regulated by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). Undoubtedly, the challenges that Malaysia is going to face will be the compatibility of current pharmacy services delivery toward the overflowing population with more degenerative problems like arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease in the future society. Also, there are still some issues of equity and accessibility of pharmaceutical services for the indigenous, poverty and rural population despite the effort of socio-economic development plans of Malaysia. It is suggested that partnerships be appeared between private and government sectors in the future to contribute better financing mechanisms in ensuring better health care services provided.

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