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Essay on Photoshop

History When Thomas and John Knoll started working on the application in 1987, it was only the beginning of Adobe Photoshop, a pioneer in digital image modification. It was initially designed to put on view grayscale pictures on a monochrome feature and was first named “Display” by Thomas Knoll. His brother John recommended developing it into a whole picture editing program after seeing its potential. Following several improvements, the software was renamed Photoshop and presented to Apple and Adobe in...
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Effects of Photoshop on Youth

In today’s world photoshopping has become a normal practice. It has become so normal that you can no longer tell if photos are real or fake. Growing up thinking that it is normal to have such a perfect body is not healthy. Due to the many consequences, it can bring. Science has proven it can have physical and mental health consequences, that can have a long-lasting impact. Changes made by Photoshop create unrealistic body expectations for young girls. By trying...
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Why Photoshop Should Be Banned? Essay

Photoshop is a huge controversy in social media today. Although it can be used positively, such as to make photos more unique or eye-catching, there are also many downsides to it. People online can create an image of themselves through photoshop on how they wish people to perceive them, or to fit in more with society’s standards of beauty. Of course, people have become very aware that photoshop is used in things such as magazines and advertisements, and teenagers know...
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Photoshop: Creating an Image of Unachievable Perfection

Photoshop. A word that pretty much every human being has heard of. It is used by more than 10 million people worldwide. Yes, Photoshop can be used for good like to fix lighting, crop something out, even to add a funny background, but what happens when it begins to do more harm than it does good? It has been shown that images that have been altered or enhanced has caused harm amongst our society leading to mental health disorders like...
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