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A Study on ‘Religious Tourism’ With Reference to Arba’een in Iraq

This paper analyzes the concept of ‘pilgrim tourism’ with reference to the occasion of Arbaeen and the great walk associated with it, which has continued for the past 1400 years despite all odds. It also looks at the exchange of socio cultural experiences of the tourist who travel form India. This paper also makes an attempt to explore the economic aspects of Arbaeen and how Indian tour operators and SME can benefit from the business opportunities available during the period...
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The Happening of the Zulu State and Sokoto Caliphate

Around the years before 1870, Africa had some extremely unique political changes and an incredible extension of Foreign trade. At that period, there were a few of African pioneers held out against European’s control, the maps of Africa became filled out with pink and green, the traditional shades of British and French states. Instead of the slave trade had been ended under British pressure was the trade on different products developed pointedly. Africans expended huge amounts of imported machine-made textiles...
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Exploring How Dante the Pilgrim is Different to Dante the Poet

‘The Divine Comedy’ written by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri was published in 1320 a year before his death. The long narrative is written in the format of a poem, which is divided into three parts and explores the journey of Dante’s alter ego and his fictional self which exists within the poem is in search of the true way to live life in accordance to the Christian teaching and morals of life. Dante the pilgrim explores the different realms...
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The Effects of Colonization on Native Americans: Analysis of the Role of Pilgrims

History The Effects of Colonization on Native Americans Though European travelers and settlers referred to the Americas as “the new world”, there was nothing new about the lands they had “discovered”. For thousands of years, Native people roamed the lands freely in the form of hundreds of different tribes. They built communities, practiced their own religions, spoke their own languages, and lived their own lives, uninterrupted. That all changed the day Columbus landed on San Salvador, October 12, 1492: “Columbus...
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The Most Wicked Pilgrim: Critical Analysis of Pardoner's Tale

Out of the many pilgrims described in The Canterbury Tales, one stands out as the most wicked of them all: the Pardoner. The work under discussion in this essay is The Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer. It is a narrative poem written in heroic verse. The Canterbury Tales is a poem about a group of pilgrims who are traveling from the Tabard Inn in Southwark to St Thomas Becket’s shrine at Canterbury Cathedral. The character called the “Host” suggests...
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Influence of Religious Tourism

Tourism as well as religious tourism is a fast-growing sphere. The potential pf the development of the religious sites cannot be predicted so while developing a tourist site the community might face both positive and negative changes. Those changes can be from very different perspectives, for example economic, environmental, cultural, urbanistic, etc. It’s a no surprise that increasing tourist flow in the area boosts the economy as well as influences it’s political, socio-cultural and environmental perspectives. This could be proved...
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Story of Establishing the Plymouth Colony by Pilgrims: Analytical Essay

Bradford narrates the story of establishing the Plymouth Colony by Pilgrims who arrived in America in 1620 and the subsequent history of the Colony. His work focuses on showing how the success (as well as failure) of Puritans occurs according to God’s will. Additionally, he emphasizes how the Pilgrims’ faith plays a role in setting up a Godly settlement that allows them to live by their own beliefs. Particularly, the Pilgrims’ deep faith is the message Bradford intends to pass...
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Portrayal of Pilgrims in Plymouth Plantation: Critical Analysis

Values can be defined as a person’s “principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life” and they, furthermore, play an important role in most literature ( In the short story “of Plymouth Plantation,” Pilgrims, also referred to as colonists, journey by boat to Virginia and encounter the Native Americans. After years of disagreement, the Natives and colonists feast together. They strengthen values of stability through religion and reliance on community. This short story shoes different...
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Puritans History and Immigration to The New World: Descriptive Essay on Pilgrims

I. Puritans History and Immigration to The New World: Puritanism was a religious reform movement; it had a fundamentalist protestant belief. Puritans believed that it was necessary to be in a covenant relationship with God in order to be redeemed from one’s sinful condition. According to puritans, preaching and the holy spirit were the instruments of salvation, they emphasized preaching on images extracted from scripture and everyday experiences. The puritan’s teachings were influenced by Calvinist typology and policy. The combination...
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Essay on Colonies: Pilgrims in Georgia And Pennsylvania

Georgia, was the thirteenth and last province to be set up. James Edward Oglethorpe was the moving power behind the establishing of the settlement. Oglethorpe was a rich Londoner who consumed his time on earth working with poor people. He accepted that the settlement would be a superior spot to send destitute individuals, a considerable lot of whom were in account holder’s detainment facilities. Establishing another settlement toward the south of South Carolina additionally filled the vital needs of England,...
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