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Pilot Career: Personal Statement

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The profession of a commercial pilot is certainly one of the most exciting professions to exist. The tasks and responsibility laid upon a certain person, to navigate a sixty-tonne jet, travelling close to the speed of sound, is something that has sparked my interest. A pilot is someone; you can trust to navigate from point A to Point B with no problems. My interest in Aviation began when I was eight years old, my first ever flight experience. During the flight, I was captivated about how can such structures fly with simple ease.

Travelling is a hobby that my family are extremely keen about. As frequent flyers, we do travel to various destinations. For me, flying on a plane is the best part of the experience. Knowing that 6 to 12 hours later, you’ve arrived at your destination without any trouble or hassle. I genuinely believe that flying is something that does cut stress. I am also a regular plane spotter. It is something I do enjoy during my spare time.

Particular modules in my A-level studies have interested me. The study of Mechanics and Further Mechanics have been very interesting and beneficial. Resolving vectors, advance SUVAT problem solving have been helped me strengthen my understanding of how a pilot plans for descent procedures.

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Additionally, the Mechanics section present in A-level Maths is genuinely interesting because the problem solving involved in such topics like Pulleys and vector questions. A-Level maths is a subject that enables me to build upon my knowledge. I have built up essential problem-solving skills such as manipulating Trigonometric functions and Complex Algebra, with such problem-solving skills, it puts a perspective on how a pilot thinks quite critically about a situation, they are unfamiliar with. Also, combining the ideas used in Physics and Maths, it does help to set up a strong foundation

An annual school subscription to the New Scientist opened doors to ancient relics of the Aviation Sector, extremely interesting is the contribution that the Wright brothers have made. Taking it upon myself, I have decided to complete a course of Flight Mechanics.

Last June, I participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I was appointed team leader. As a leader, it is my responsibility to make sure to communicate effectively with my team members and support every member. By doing the Duke of Edinburgh award, it enabled me to build character and self-confidence. The tasks set enabled me to produce effective teamwork and collaboration; as a leader, it allowed me to express my the ability to coordinate my group according to their skill set. I have demonstrated this skill set by identifying my group’s strengths and weaknesses so that we could formulate a plan and meet deadlines. Alongside the Duke of Edinburgh, I have also taken part in the National Citizen Service program, this gave me a chance to expand on my confidence.

My interest expands beyond Physics and Maths. During my spare time, I play for my school’s Cricket team as a wicketkeeper. Alongside the captain, the wicketkeeper remains a key member in making decisions on the field. Off the field, I was part of the School’s senior team. Moving forward with NCS and DofE award, I was able to implement the leadership and teamwork into the senior team. As a team, we have achieved much success and helped our local community. Skills like teamwork and communication are something beneficial as I will be communicating continuously with air traffic controllers and my captain.

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