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Pioneer Of Science And The Importance Of Their Achievements Across Science Disciplines

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The interconnectedness of today’s society and more significantly the world is driven by transport. I would therefore consider Karl Benz as one of the most notable pioneers in science as he created the first motor car. As of 2018, there were 1.4 billion vehicles on the road globally. New predictions have said that by 2036 this number will double. This reinforces the importance of his achievements across science disciplines as transport via car is major worldwide. The engineer grew up in Mühlburg, Germany and originally began his work on a two-stroke engine in the hope of establishing a new source of income for himself. Little did he know, his invention would become a major component of contemporary society.

Originally, Benz aspired to become a locksmith, however as a result of his father passing away, Benz took up the role in order to support his family. Despite his situation, he was captivated by technology, and used his knowledge in this area to provide for his family. Although it is unknown what his first job was, Benz made pocket change from repairing damaged watches and clocks, and later fabricated a darkroom to which he would develop photographs for those visiting the nearby Black Forest.

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Benz’s ability with technical matters was also shown in school, whereby he assisted a physics teacher. His educational endeavours continued at Karlsruhe Polytechnic, and he began to work at an engine manufacturing facility. This occupational change carried a particular motive; this is where he dreamt up the idea of creating a horseless carriage (the first motorcar), therefore wanted to develop his knowledge on engines thoroughly. Following this, he moved onto an occupation at a wagon and pump establishment in Mannheim, whereby he expanded his innovative knowledge which allowed him to engineer a solid foundation for his revolutionary concept. 1872 saw Benz open up his own engine shop which gave him the resources that would make his idea of the motor car a reality. Then in the late 1800’s, Benz’s automobile was debuted, a motorised tricycle that was revolutionary for its use of a ‘gasoline-powered internal combustion engine’. Despite there being other models of the idea, it was the implementation of the internal combustion engine that made Benz’s car a real-world and consumer investment.

The invention of the motorcar is vital as it brings all the disciplines of science together. For example, mechanical engineers work on the engine, whilst architects design both the interior and exterior and cognitive psychologist improves the ergonomics of the vehicle for the user. This invention has also developed into more efficient modes of transports. Examples of this include, delivering aid with lorries to the specialised vehicles used by paramedics.

This is why Karl Benz’s work is so meaningful to me, despite in early life, fate was against him, he still saw his model through until it became a reality, which inspires me to have the ability to replicate his achievements in order to leave a lasting impression on society.

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