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Plant And Diet Food

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Ambika and Hu (2018) found that vegan diets contain a different nutritional type, specific in terms of a minimum rate of animal consumption. Vegan diets considered as a type of plant-based foods that reject eat some or maybe all the kind of animal products altogether. This report will discuss the advantages of a vegan diet and their ethical impacts in humans for reducing heart diseases, cancer diseases, and it is rich in nutrients (Asher 2018). Also, a vegan diet plays a beneficial role in reducing the pain of arthritis (Petre 2016). This report will discuss the dangers of a vegan diet, including the risk of anemia that is caused due to lack of heme-iron, and the risk of leaky gut because it contains protein sources of legumes. Also, it will explain the risk of lack of a vitamin B12, which is essential for the formation of red cells and nerve cells (Forrest 2018). This report will discuss an example for a new fast food vegan options of a plant-based meat replacement and explain its issues (Winter 2019).

Benefits of a plant-based diet

Reducing heart diseases

A vegan diet plays a beneficial role in a healthy heart. Nordqvist (2017) discussed that People who eat vegans have lower calories than those who eat meats. This leads to a fewer weight record. A fewer weight record connected to reduce the condensation of harmful cholesterol and lesser blood pressure. Minimum standard of unsafe cholesterol implies that who follows a vegetarian diet has the least risk of death from heart diseases than those who eat meats (Key, Appleby & Rosell 2006).

Protecting from cancer

A vegan diet can protect and best fight the growth of cancer cells. Several examinations propose that eating vegans decrease the danger of improving specific different types of cancer, there is a proof that plant-based meat replacement has a minimum range of disease than those who follow an animal diet (Petre 2016). Asher (2018) found that a vegan diet decreases the opportunity of forming cancer cells.

Rich in nutrients

A vegetarian diet has high substances of nutrients which are useful for the health of the body. Bauer and Yeh (2014) discussed that a vegetarian diet is one of the healthiest approaches to live well. A vegan diet consists of many greens, fruits, and legumes, which are useful components for a better healthy life. Because plant-based diet depends on these components, it resorts to be more significant in certain nutrients such as dietary fiber, some vitamins, and minerals (Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle 2012).

Decrease the pain of arthritis

A plant-based diet has a good impact on decreasing the pain of people arthritis. Petre (2016) discussed that studies have found that people with arthritis have a low standard of a mineral called selenium, which is located in legumes in plant products, which consist of antioxidants that help to reduce the pain of arthritis. A vegan diet has some nutrients such as vitamins that prevent osteoporosis, which causes the pain of arthritis (Petre 2016).

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Dangerous of a plant-based diet

Risk of anemia

Vegetarian people are the most likely to the risk of infection in anemia. While a vegan diet has a type of iron, it is termed non-heme iron which it is absorbed by the body slowly. This non-heme iron anemia can produce side effects (Forrest 2018).

Risk of leaky gut

A vegan diet increases the risk of leaky gut because it contains protein sources. Because of a vegan diet excludes all the type of animal protein, individuals that follow a vegan diet transform to legumes as vegan protein origin (Mariotti 2017). Legumes have a high standard of anti-nutrients, which they can rise leaky gut (Forrest 2018).

Risk of a lack of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is important for body health. Forrest (2018) shows that animal sources contain more vitamin B12 than plant sources, that puts vegans at higher danger of having a vitamin B12 deficiency. A vitamin B12 plays a useful role in forming nerve cells and red blood cells (Forrest 2018). Most nourishment experts concur that those who follow a vegan diet should complement with a high kind of vitamin B12 complement to stay away from some health problems that can be a product from lack (Frey 2019).

New fast food vegan options

Fast food options are meatless, but they have the same harm of animal products on the human’s body. An example of a new fast food veggie option is McDonald’s vegetarian burgers, the issues of McDonald’s vegan fast food are contained calories, sodium, and saturated fat as animal fast food options. Also, burgers make with treated soy and protections, it filled with sodium (Winter 2019).


In conclusion, Vegan diets considered as a type of plant-based foods that reject eat some or maybe all the kind of animal diets altogether (Ambika & Hu 2018). This is significant because it reduces some chronic diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and it has high substances of nutrients which are useful for the health of the body. Also, it has a significant impact on reducing the pain of arthritis (Petre 2016). However, this vegan diet has some dangers on humans, some of them are the risk of anemia, leaky gut, and the risk of a lack of vitamin B12 (Forrest 2018). McDonald’s vegetarian burgers are one of the fast-food veggie options which are non-good on the health as non-vegan diet options (Winter 2019).

In my opinion, a plant-based diet is healthy when the follower of plant-based diet knows how to manage and balance their diet. Therefore, when they follow a healthful vegan diet that will avoid them from some diseases and be able to become rich in nutrients.

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