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Analysis of Africa’s Plate Tectonics and Continental Drifts

Africa has some of the greatest history, and physical geography. From jungles to desserts, and colonialism to urbanization. Not all events are good ones, especially with the rough terrain that African had to endure, but also the good that came out of it from raw materials, but also involved exploitation. There are positive and negatives in the geographies of Africa. Ultimately, Africa has a beautiful context of life and history behind its luscious trees. The main concepts that help round...
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The Essence and Explanation of Plate Tectonics: Analytical Essay

Tectonic plates—the large slabs of rock that divide Earth’s crust so that it looks like a cracked eggshell—jostle about in fits and starts that continuously reshape our planet—and possibly foster life. These plates ram into one another, building mountains. They slide apart, giving birth to new oceans that can grow for hundreds of millions of years. They skim past one another, triggering earth-shattering quakes. And they slip under one another in a process called subduction, sliding deep into the planet’s...
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Argumentative Essay to Support Plate Tectonics Theory

Diagram of the structure of the earth: (2018). The Structure of the Earth – Primary School Geography Encyclopedia. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Oct. 2018]. The inner core is made of molten iron it is the hottest part of the earth, the crust is a solid layer that is rocky it’s made out of 3 types of rock (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.) Below the crust is the mantle it’s made of rock that is denser than rocks...
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Critical Analysis of Articles: Impact of Plate Tectonics on the Evolution of Humankind

The plate structural super cycle is a spin the Earth experiences a time of 400 to 600 million years from where the mainlands were a solitary enormous landmass to now where they are discrete mainlands that are spread the world over. This procedure is rehashed again and again from an enormous landmass to single mainlands and back again and is the thing that structures a cycle or a succession of occasions. Climate change occurs when changes in the earth’s climate...
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Scientific Report on The Glass House Mountains Formation Based on Plate Tectonics Theory

Scientific report This report discusses varies types of theories and mainly focuses on the Glass House Mountains. There have been many theories that tried to explain why there are earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains and deep-sea trenches over the surface of the earth. Among all the theories, plate tectonics theory is most scientific and universally accepted. It is based on a broad synthesis of geologic and geophysical data. It deals with dynamics of Earth’s outer shell-the lithosphere that revolutionized Earth sciences by...
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Link between Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes: Analytical Essay

Intro This report will explain the link between plate tectonics and volcanos. This report covers what is a volcano? What are plate tectonics? How plate tectonics relate to volcanos, how volcanos impact the environment and human population, actions taken to minimise damage, information on David A. Johnston and the work they have done on volcanos and finally technology used to research, predict and detect volcanos. What are Volcanos? A volcano is a breakage in the crust of Earth, which allows...
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The Changing Planet Earth

The advancement and knowledge on the plate tectonics theory was a very important asset to biogeography, it provided a foundation for our understanding of our ever-evolving planet. The theory provided our understanding on the landmasses that inhabit this world as well as the ocean basins. Paleontologists refer to the total of Earth’s dynamic as TECO events. In this essay I will describe more in-depth about the Earth’s dynamic structure and how plate tectonics affected biotas. Starting with the geological timescale,...
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Projected Changes in Australia's Volcanic Regions

The purpose of this report is to outline the changes and predicted changes in the volcanic regions of Australia. It will explore the theory of continental drift by Alfred Wagener and the more advanced and developed theory of plate tectonics and how it has affected the volcanic hotspots and also provides several predictions for the future of Australia’s volcanos. The main subject of the report will be the Glasshouse Mountain region, located in South-East Queensland directly above the Eastern Australia...
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Overview of Four Types of Boundaries and Their Effect on the Geology of the Earth’s Crust

For millions of years, the earth has never stopped moving, internally and externally. The features of our earth are continuously changing and have been doing that since the formation of the earth. Today, geologists present a scientific theory justify the movement of the earth’s plates called tectonic plates which divide the earth’s crust into plates and boundaries (Continental Movement by Plate Tectonics 2019). This report is written to give information about the four types of boundaries and their effect on...
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Destructive Power of Intraplate and Interplate Earthquakes

The claim that “Destructive earthquakes are only generated by interactions at the plate boundaries” only states that earthquakes are generated at plate boundaries (interplate), however, there are also earthquakes that do occur away from plate boundaries, known as intraplate earthquakes. Intraplate earthquakes are caused by immense stress within a plate and originate from ancient fault lines and/or rift zones. Earthquakes are measured by using an instrument called a seismograph, determining the magnitude from 1-10 on the Richter Scale. The magnitude...
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Location of the Eastern Australia Hotspot

The glasshouse mountains are volcanic peaks located in the Sunshine Coast, halfway between the hinterland and the coast. Unlike most volcanoes formed on plate boundaries, the mountains are bye-products of the East Australian hotspot. Hotspots are formed when anomalously hot magma, called thermal plumes, rise from Earth’s core into the mantle. Hotspots then develop on top of the plumes in the asthenosphere and melt the surrounding rock, creating a weak spot. The magma then rises through the cracks and erupts,...
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Future of Our Planet Earth

The earthquakes that rocked Haiti and Chile were caused by the Earth’s shifting tectonic plates. Researchers have developed a new model (MORVEL for ‘mid-ocean ridge velocities’) of the Earth to predict the movement of one plate relative to another (Sherwood, 2019). This new research project by scientists allows us humans to predict what will happen in the future. We can use this to our advantage of our planet to help save many lives that would be lost due to natural...
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The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull Eruption Vs the 2018 Kilauea Eruption

Plate tectonics is a scientific theory describing the large-scale movement of seven large plates and the movements of smaller plates of the Earth’s lithosphere. Alfred Wegener, a geologist in the 19-20th century, discovered the theory of plate tectonics in 1915, when he also proposed the theory of continental drift and Pangea. The country of Iceland sits on two plate boundaries (Eurasian and North American) which are divergent. This means that the two plates were moving apart, then the space was...
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