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The Effects Of Symbolism Usage In A Doll’s House

Ibsen’s life and inspirations, along with the context of his writing during the 1800s was summarised during the Interactive Oral. Initially, I was only aware of the unequal treatment of women in terms of occupation restrictions. However, through learning about the domineering position by men...
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Themes Of Love And Hate In Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet by playwright William Shakespeare is a tragic love story. It has two main protagonists Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Love is the play’s most overarching theme but as the chief characters are from long standing feuding families, hate is also clearly embedded...
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Love As A Complex Emotion In Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet has become ‘the’ love story; the historical epitome that has stayed culturally relevant for centuries influencing many, from The Lion King II to High School Musical. The theme of love is displayed in a manner of ways. With its notoriety for romantic...
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Special Expectations Of Gender In Romeo And Juliet

In William Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, there are many themes and factors present. These contribute to the fated tragedy at the end, one being social expectations revolving around gender. Romeo and Juliet challenge these expectations individually as characters and introduce traits of the...
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Romeo And Juliet: Fate Or Actions Consequences?

Romeo and Juliet is written by William Shakespeare in 1594-1596. It apprises two feuding families; Capulets and Montagues, that held an ancient grudge against each other. Romeo and Juliet were described as ‘star-crossed lovers’ from two opposing families. They both took their own lives to...
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