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Explicatory Essay on Homer’s 'Odyssey'

Pride Passage 1, Odysseus & Calypso (book 5 lines 201-224) In this passage, Odysseus is taking his destiny in his own hands by leaving Calypso to head to his home, wife and son in Ithaca. Despite Calypso’s powerful and emotional persuasive argument, her pleas have no chance as Odysseus has decided that a life with his family carries more weight and he forges forward with the additional understanding that he is losing the opportunity to become immortal. Odysseus saw himself...
1 Page 540 Words

Theme of Insanity in Edgar Allan Poe’s Poem 'The Raven': Critical Essay

Edgar Poe is famous for his Gothic style of poetry. One of his most popular poems is ‘The Raven’. It is impossible to read this poem without wondering whether the narrator is insane or not. Insanity is exhibited as the narrator of the poem imagines a raven entering his room in December at midnight. The narrator proceeds to lose his mind as he converses with the bird only to get the reply, “Nevermore”. This lapse of mental control may be...
1 Page 446 Words

Odysseus Is Not a Hero: Critical Essay

Many people ponder the idea of being a hero, and what qualities or characteristics make one a hero. The borders between being a hero and a normal person can be blurred, and Odysseus from ‘The Odyssey’ is a great example. Some may consider Odysseus a hero, and some may not. To me, Odysseus is not a hero because of his arrogance, his selfishness, and the fact that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Firstly, Odysseus' arrogance cannot make...
2 Pages 1021 Words

Importance of Following Directions in Homer’s ‘Odyssey’: Critical Essay

Book 12 of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ is an epic. An epic is always a long poem that is narrative and explains a hero’s journey, which in this case is the main character Odysseus. Another reason that this is an epic is that the gods Odysseus were forced to face on his journey to try and get back home. In an epic, the hero faces supernatural antagonists. Odysseus has proved himself to be a good leader, but at the beginning of this...
2 Pages 983 Words

Viking Holiday Feasts in ‘Beowulf’ and ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’: Analytical Essay

Feasting, as defined by Linwood Fredericksen from the Encyclopedia Britannica, is “a day or period of time set aside to commemorate, ritually celebrate or reenact, or anticipate events or seasons—agricultural, religious, or sociocultural—that give meaning and cohesiveness to an individual and to the religious, political, or socioeconomic community”. Holiday feasts were an essential part of the social scene of the Viking people. In the days of Beowulf, many elegant feasts would be taking place around the fall season such as...
3 Pages 1207 Words

Lost Love in 'The Raven': Critical Essay

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe is a poem about unhappiness and loss. The narrator tries to get away from despair and human mortality, trying to pass away into a kind of forgetfulness. The poem shows many different stages of mood which is sorrowful throughout; her beautiful beloved has died. Loneliness and distance as well as beauty and death are the themes in the poem. The speaker is harking back to the sweetness of her beloved, and also her untimely...
2 Pages 867 Words

The Raven': Critical Analysis Essay

I’m going to talk about Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar was born around the time of the industrial revolution and he was an American writer, editor, and literary critic. Poe is best known for his poetry and short stories, particularly his tales of mystery and macabre. Edgar was best known for his poem including the raven and a valentine. Edgar's life is dark and he portrays that in his poems. He was dark, depressed, and death bound. Edgar links his life...
2 Pages 792 Words

Critical Essay on Medieval Romance 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'

Women in the Anglo-Saxon poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, were often seen as lesser than men in a Medieval time setting. In the poem, women like Guinevere were seen as social constructs of what an ideal woman should be in male-dominated society. These social constructs were noted in the beginning of the poem at a Christmas festival in King Arthur’s court. Women in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight offered an allusion to the women who were seen...
2 Pages 854 Words

What Was Odysseus's Fatal Flaw in the Odyssey by Homer: Essay

Envision a world where everyone is flawless, and it is rare to see errors and flaws in this world. What will that world be like? Many people of the world have adored Greek mythology for centuries. Homer, the author of the Odyssey, displayed a series of entertaining stories with a twist. To understand Greek mythology, you must understand the protagonists and their behaviors. Homer creates a significant leader named Odysseus. Odysseus is a human figure who has close relationships with...
4 Pages 1791 Words

Tone of the Prologue of Chaucer's the Canterbury Tales: Essay

Bigotry in ‘The Prioress Tales’ and ‘General Prologue’ The description in The Prioress’ Tales is full of bigotry and depicts Prioress as a woman of dual character. In the General Prologue, Chaucer describes her as a polite, aristocratic, and godly nun but realistically, she is a bigot whose stories are full of anti-Semitic attitudes. The Prioress’ tales portray her as shallow, non-Christian, and childish. The attitude of the Prioress described in the General Prologue contrasts the description of her in...
2 Pages 866 Words

Themes in 'Invictus' by William E. Henley, and the 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand

The poem “Invictus” by William E. Henley, and the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand, both have frequent themes that examine the significance of selfness. Each of the themes that these toils have to offer will be examined throughout the pilcrow of this attempt. The characters in both arts of literature face prosecution for what they expect in our adventurous hard decree and extremely bent. One of the common themes between Rand’s strange and Henley’s poems is that both of the...
1 Page 499 Words

The Tale in Homer's Epic Poem the Odyssey: Essay

The Odyssey, written by Homer, is one of two ancient Greek epic poems and was written near the end of the eighth century BC. The Odyssey tells the tale of the Greek hero Odysseus who has been missing for 10 years and is trying to return to his kingdom in Ithaca. Everyone, including Penelope (Odysseus’ wife) and Telemachus (Odysseus’ son), believes that Odysseus died during the fall of Troy. Based on that, suitors from all around have come to Odysseus’...
5 Pages 2173 Words

Poetry Analysis: 'Poem 87', 'A Valediction Forbidding Mourning', and Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 116'

I would like to examine Poem 87, which varies from those above in one fine respect. The second couplet reveals an unexpected apostrophe to Lesbia. What begins a profession of loyalty in the third person suddenly shifts to the second, bringing the reader face-to-face with her character. An emotive context surrounds the words, appearing now as an implicit, artistically-fashioned drama. No longer simply analytical or ‘mere imitation of nature’, the voice gains an emotional immediacy that was not there before....
1 Page 662 Words

Essay on Chaucer's Use of Satire in 'The Canterbury Tales'

Satirizing Religious Figures in Canterbury Tales In the general prologue of Canterbury Tales, the narrator introduces the reader to characters from different walks of life in the course of their pilgrimage to Canterbury. The narrator addresses key themes while describing each pilgrim: their appearance, their vocation, and small details or anecdotes pertaining to their personalities. While Chaucer unifies the group through their common goal of making their pilgrimage, he also addresses the individual pilgrims and their intentions in life throughout...
3 Pages 1224 Words

Analysis of Gothic Elements in 'The Raven'

Edgar Allan Poe is a famous American author. Poe wrote many famous poems such as “The Raven” and “Tell-Tale Hearts”. Poe’s poems are held in high regard today. He is seen as an amazing American author. Although many people believe that Poe’s mindset while writing poems was insane. Many things will be gone over in this research paper. Such as Poe’s life a few poems by him and his mindset. Almost none of Poe’s stories are light-hearted. Poe’s stories were...
1 Page 650 Words

The Raven’: Argumentative Essay

Edgar Allan Poe is known as a major figure in literature and gothic poems and stories. He is one of the most consequential writers with a dark and miserable life. He was born on January 19, 1809, and most of his writing was reflected in his own reality of life. He was one of the first writers to try to make a professional living as an author. Edgar Allan Poe’s past life mirrors themes such as Loneliness and Grief, which...
2 Pages 700 Words

The Raven’: Critical Analysis Essay

Born on January 19, 1809, writer, poet, and dramatist, Edgar Allan Poe, appeared to be fascinated with the notions of insanity and surrealism. These concepts laid the foundation for his writings, resulting in his work sticking out substantially among his 19th-century transcendentalist contemporaries. Poe was among the first writers to create works that embraced the then-emerging literary movement that is Dark Romanticism. Inverse to Transcendentalists, Dark Romantic poets concentrated on the inherent evil present throughout nature and society, causing their...
3 Pages 1436 Words

Essay on ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’

Rime of the Ancient Mariner rests firmly on the philosophical mindset of the Romantics. Coleridge's lines in this poem are steeped in Romantic philosophy, the importance of love, love for humans, birds, and animals, and the dangers of rational thinking. Coleridge was one of the founders of the Romantic movement, a literary movement that developed in response to the Enlightenment in the early 19th century. Enlightened philosophy honors reason above all, and appears to have developed in the eighteenth century,...
1 Page 556 Words

Reflective Essay: General Review and Critical Analysis of Canterbury Tales

Imagining that I was in the General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales I think would be an adventure and amusing pilgrimage. Discussing the General Prolouge and asking questions, the author is explaining that this will be a series of stories are told by different individuals and he will be keeping and writing each down. This is also where things become tricky on the author's behalf because he is also making up each individual's story. These series of stories are told...
2 Pages 703 Words

Reflective Essay on The Canterbury Tales

As time and weather change, language to changes. With that, as an English teacher, I have to continue updating and upgrading my knowledge of modern vocabulary. Vocabulary is embedded in literature. Literature could make me become knowledgeable and conscious of the events and situations, as well as the language used by people in the past. It helps me explain the origin and existence. Like The Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer, it informs and provides me with concepts and ideas...
1 Page 540 Words

Portrayal of Medieval Society in The Canterbury Tales: Analytical Essay

In the western medieval space, peoples and texts are transmitted, crossing the borders of kingdoms and language barriers. The contributions gathered here are concerned with the perception of the boundaries between territories, languages, or cultures and with the awareness of their lack in the texts of the Middle Ages. In 1386, when he began to write his Canterbury Tales, Chaucer was about forty-six years old. Looking back, the son of the London wine merchant could see an already long and...
4 Pages 1605 Words

Life of Chaucer and the Idea of The Canterbury Tales: Descriptive Essay

Chaucer under French, Italian, and English influence: The life of Chaucer is divided into three periods. The first, of thirty years, includes his youth and early manhood, in which time he was influenced almost exclusively by French literary models. The second period, of fifteen years, covers Chaucer’s active life as a diplomat and man of affairs; and in this, the Italian influence seems stronger than the French. The third, of fifteen years, generally known as the English period, is the...
2 Pages 1036 Words

Invictus and Ransom: Comparative Essay on Film Versus Book

David Malouf’s text Ransom and Clint Eastwood’s film Invictus, portray the idea of Fate and Freewill in which life is predetermined with the idea of controlling events through self-determination. Invictus concerns itself with the aftermath of an inhumane Apartheid and the role of an influential personal Mandela who demurs surrendering to fate while uniting a furcated nation. In comparison, Malouf’s Homeric adaption of the Iliad as a reimagination through his novel Ransom explores the extent to which life is determined...
3 Pages 1263 Words

Difference between Ideal and Real in the Characters in The Canterbury Tales

In Chaucer's time, society had certain expectations of a monk, doctor, and summoner. All of these characters are thought to be courteous, honest, and intelligent however Chaucer depicts his characters as greedy, dishonest, and inappropriate. Throughout the tales, Chaucer finds humor in the difference between the ideal and the real in the characters that populate The Canterbury Tales. Society views people to be a certain way depending on their occupation despite not knowing who they truly are. All of the...
1 Page 496 Words

Critical Analysis of the Characters in The Canterbury Tales

Creative response: You are producing the film version of The Canterbury Tales. Choose five characters and cast them with real-life actors (living or dead). Explain why the actor fits the role. Two or three sentences should suffice. As the director of the film production of the Canterbury Tales, I would begin to carefully look through my auditioning actors and their qualities to produce and direct a wonderful Canterbury Tales production. For my actor for the Reeve, I would cast Johnny...
2 Pages 720 Words

‘Ransom’ Versus ‘Invictus’: Comparative Analysis

Many characters in the historical fiction ‘Ransom’ by David Malouf and the 2009 film ‘Invictus’ directed by Clint Eastwood portray forgiveness and reconciliation through their actions and attitude. ‘Invictus’ highlights the determination of wanting to unite a “rainbow nation” whereas, ‘Ransom’ shows how the act of reconciliation unites two long-time enemies. Through these acts of reconciliation both writer and director demonstrate the impact of forgiveness in bringing people closer together. Additionally, both texts illustrate the impact division has on an...
2 Pages 1037 Words

Funeral Blues': a Literary Review of The Poem

W.H. Auden wrote Funeral Blues the poem. Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973) was born in York, England, and later became and American citizen. Auden was the founder for a generation of English poets, such as C. Day Lewis, and Stephen Spender. Auden s earlier works were composed of a Marxist outlook with a knowledge of Freudian Psychology. Later works consisted of professing Christianity, and what he considered increasing conservatism . In 1946 Auden emigrated and became an American citizen. While in...
1 Page 638 Words

Funeral Blues': The Portrayal of Loss and Love in One-sex Relationship

I have chosen to analyse the poem Funeral Blues by Wystan Hugh Auden. He was a homosexual and wrote it for his boyfriend Christopher Isherwood that died from prostate cancer. The two of them met during their studies and had a very intense relationship. This poem has a very dark feeling to it; you can sense it just by reading the title. It is filled with emotions anyone who has lost someone can relate to. Funeral Blues was published in...
2 Pages 1006 Words

Funeral Blues': The Theme of Loving a Beloved One

'Funeral Blues” was written in the 1900’s by an author named W.H Auden. It is a popular poem, and was included in the British movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” in which it is read at a funeral. The poem is about losing a loved one. The narrator has lost the love of their life, and now that they have, nothing else matters- not even life itself. It is touching and sad, and one can assume the narrator is a...
2 Pages 1003 Words

Equilibrium of Love in Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” and Pearl Jam’s “Black”: Comparative Analysis

One of the greatest comparisons to poetry would be considered music. Music is a different form of poetry being in motion. Poetry is an interpreted text since it has many meanings to different readers. Likewise, music has the same power on listeners. These artistic mediums provide an audience with a way to perceive ideas in different ways. Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” project similar meaning as Pearl Jam’s “Black.” Both the poem and song share similarities such as theme, irony,...
2 Pages 865 Words
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