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The Seafarer': Summary and Analysis

The Seafarer starts recalling his travels, and how he has endured much hardship during his time at sea. When he would take the position of night watchman at the prow (or bow) of his ship, he would be drenched and overwhelmed by the wildness of...
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The Seafarer': Themes in the Poem

ALIENATION AND LONELINESS The first part of the poem is an elegy. It is generally portraying longings and sorrow for the past. The main theme of an elegy is longing. “The Seafarer” thrusts the readers into a world of exile, loneliness, and hardships. The speaker...
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The Seafarer': Summary

The poem opens with the Seafarer, who recalls his travels at sea. He tells how he endured the hardships when he was at sea. The Seafarer remembers that when he would be overwhelmed and saturated by the sharpness of cliffs and wilderness of waves when...
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Salome': Nature Of Aestheticism in the Play

Of the many instances of conflict in Oscar Wilde’s decadent play Salomé, it would at first appear that the conflict between Salomé and her mother, Herodias, is downplayed, if not entirely absent from the play’s primary sources of tension. However, considering the play’s many differences...
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Fire and Ice': Devastating Struggle of Human Emotions

Fire and Ice is one of Robert Frost’s best-known poems. It metaphorically represents relationships between people, the struggle between the two extremums of human emotions, and its ability to bring the end of the world. The poem meticulously combines formal conciseness and conceptual depth. Thus,...
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Thanatopsis': The Role of The Unity of Nature

In the speaker’s vision of death, nature plays a central role. Instead of dealing with abstract entities like God, angels, souls, or Heaven, the speaker focuses on the physical objects that make up the mortal world — think: dirt, rivers, trees. In doing so, the...
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