Poetry Helps Students Find Their Voice

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A world without poetry would be unimaginable and dry. Poetry can be written in so many different ways, different ways that fit everyone. Poetry can tell a story, as well as connect thoughts, images, people, places, and experiences. Reading and writing poetry helps students and elders appreciate others’ points of view as well as making themselves step out of their comfort zone by sharing. Poetry should be required in schools because poetry benefits students by finding their voice, the creativity it brings, and learning more about others through poetry.

Poetry should be required in schools because poetry helps students find their voice. While completing the poetry unit in class, students have learned to enjoy poetry because they have now found their “sound” that has been lost. Poetry shows students that it gives them a different way of expressing their feelings. The students get to express their feelings by writing them down on paper instead of speaking their feelings out. This means writing different types of poems that allow students to find what style they like and the methods they do not like as much. The example also means classmates were able to find their voice because they had the option to really write whatever they wanted to, so it made them more open to express their feelings and struggles as the unit went on. Besides, poetry inspires writing by learning how to use imagery and other poetic elements making their writing more descriptive and meaningful. This shows that poetry benefits the writers by showing them they can be expressive and meaningful. Poetry shows students can take these elements to other papers to make them better by being more descriptive. To conclude, poetry should be required in schools because it helps students find their voice.

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Next, poetry should be required in schools because it helps the students become more creative. Poetry allows writers to release their inner creative self by freely with words, rhymes, and ideas” (Sinclair). The quote shows that students can write whatever they feel like with the words they chose to use. Poetry develops creativity by having no boundaries on the number of words, or elements used per poem. On the contrary, teachers and students dislike the idea of poetry because it’s “too hard for students” (Thompson). Poetry lets students create ideas and stories while having not nearly as many requirements as an essay. Writing poems allows the writer to think outside of the box while doing so with creativity. Poetry is found difficult for some people if they do not know what to write. However, when the students think of what to write about, the writing comes easily. To add on, poetry allows students to write their “surging emotions [down]” (Simmons). This quote shows creativity because writing their emotions and struggles into a poem causes them to be creative with the choice of words used to paint a picture of how they feel for the reader. In addition, stanzas and verses can be written in any “exotic form” (Dunning 2). This citation shows that poetry does not have any limits to how the poem can be written, and even how it displays to the readers. This freedom allows the writers to be more creative. Poetry should be required in schools because it shows creativity.

Also, poetry should be required in schools because it allows readers to learn more about the writer. Poetry is usually written personally or fictionally, which enables others to learn more about the speaker. Reading poetry allows students to not just think about themselves but to “view… the world in new ways [while developing] empathy and understanding of other points of view” (Sinclair). As a result, this shows poetry teaches students to be less self-centered and be open to the people’s stories around them. Poetry continues to amaze readers by understanding the story and learning about the writer's life and at times being able to relate to the poem. In addition, poetry allows students to think about what is happening; the reader doesn’t “identify immediately with the people and situations of the poems” (Dunning 2). Furthermore, this causes the reader to examine the reading to find the purpose of the story. Many times students can interpret the poem differently. This is fine because poems can have so many different meanings, there is no wrong answer. On the other hand, people think poetry should not be taught in schools because poetry is “hard to teach because there are so many different meanings” (Thompson). Poetry does have lots of different meanings, but that is good because it allows the readers to relate to the poem more. Having different meanings provides for a more significant discussion and realization because everyone thinks differently, which allows people to bounce ideas off each other. As well as getting a better idea of how to approach others. Poetry should be required in schools because it allows people to learn about each other.

For the reasons of students finding their voice, allowing more creativity, and learning more about others through poetry, schools should be required to teach poetry. Poetry lets writers express their dark side as well as their joyful side while readers can relate. Poetry appears in everyone’s daily life through music and poems, of course. Everyone should consider examining or writing a poem with an open mind. A world without poetry would be incredibly dull.

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