Police Officer As A Career Path

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Growing up, I went through thousands of career choices until one day I concluded being a policeman. As I grew older and as I matured, it made me realize that I should choose a career that I love and will enjoy for the rest of my life. That is why the research topic that I had been chosen is being a policeman. I chose this topic because I want to be in this profession and I was inspired by the good-hearted and loyal police officers. Being a policeman is such a fulfillment, this profession is one of the most reputable and prominent jobs and being in this job I could be able to sustain my financial needs and this could help me and my family to buy our needs and wants.

I made this research to provide the readers with more accurate knowledge about the course criminology. According to Coursehero.com, Criminology is all about the scientific study of crime, especially why people engage in criminal behavior. This study helps you to understand more about Police Officers.

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Being a police officer is not easy, this is hard yet one of the most prestigious jobs. That’s why I want to be a police officer, and I am so inspired by them. Police officers are helping to keep people safe in our city. They're the ones who enforce the law, and they are the reason why citizens in our community can live their lives in peace.

We all know that nowadays, the rate of crimes is constantly increasing day by day in our society which has been shown on our television and other media. A lot of people are afraid of leaving their home because of a fear of crime, they are scared because they feel insecure. On the other hand, both the government and the individuals in our society can be a great help to reduce and diminish the number of crimes being committed. Also, when people themselves care about the security of our society and if they care about decreasing crimes in cities, this is a sort of preventive action to mobilize the situation in our society.

5Choosing a career is one of the most significant and noteworthy choices in our lives. It is very important to love, care and uphold your chosen career. Also, you need to be able to see yourself doing that job for the rest of your life. It may be profitable to be perceived and to know the background of your desired career for you to assure your happiness.

I have a stack of choices for my dream career. Some of this is Being a Civil Engineer, Lawyer, Doctor, Judge, Architect, and a Computer programmer. Choosing a career is quite difficult especially when you don’t know what to do in the future.

This research study has very humongous effects on readers. This is relevant for those people who wanted to be a policeman because they would be able to gain knowledge. This study could help them to cultivate their quality and skills and foster their learning.

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