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Essay on Women Development Policy

Women in South Africa “Women don’t need to find a voice, they have a voice, and they need to feel empowered to use it, and people need to be encouraged to listen” ~Meghan Markle Women who make up more than half the national population should be strengthened economically, not only by a means to encourage economic growth, but it is also a way of propagating women’s human rights. When we invest in woman and work to abolish inequalities, they will...
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Essay on Voting Rights Act of 1965

The Roots of Modern American Divide & Polarization Rights are a fundamental part of the United States of America. The creation of these rights and their protection date back to 1789. Politics and rights movements seem much more intense now in the twenty-first century however, the divide in the debate about rights has been around since their creation. More recently this divide has turned to polarization as parties become more partisan on rights issues and the public continues to push...
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Essay on John F Kennedy: Analysis of Presidency Elections

John F Kennedy, born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. From the start Kennedy was born into a wealthy family with his father, Joseph Kennedy Sr. being one of the richest men in America at the time and his mother Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald coming from a wealthy family herself. They was no doubt that John F Kennedy was going to be a well known figure in the future. The Kennedys were a big family with a total of 9 kids,...
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Essay on Insurance Policy

The insurance sector is growing day by day in India but some people still feel that Life Insurance is not required for financially sound people. But, it is not the case. Some section of individuals merely takes Life insurance for its tax deduction benefits and low amount of premiums not thinking about their financial goals and family needs. Thus, life insurance is a risk cover that does not disturb the savings of the policyholder and provides financial solvency and protection...
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Does Voting Matter: Essay

Freedom to vote is one of the most important and most hard-earned political rights outside the bill of rights. We began as a nation where rights were restricted to only white men. It’s only because of perpetual hard work and the firm beliefs of people like Sojourner Truth, Alice Paul, Martin Luther King Jr, and many more that the franchise of voting rights was expanded to include people of color and women. Democracy cannot be taken for granted. It involves...
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Discursive Essay on Gerrymandering and Impeachment Process

We discussed reapportionment and congressional redistricting in class. Patterson discusses them, as well. Why are reapportionment among the states and redistricting within states a problem for U.S. as a whole? What about their impact on individual House members? Discuss and explain. Reapportionment among states and redistricting is an issue given there is an urgent issue with gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is inherently bad because it is unethical and it harms voters because of how it reduces the value of votes in an...
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Disadvantages of Foreign Aid

Modernization theories discovered that the only thing that was lacking in developing countries was capital, it was suggested that if private foreign investment in the third world these countries would be able to spend on capital goods such as infrastructure. Industries being established would provide employment for people, which lead to higher rates of capital formation and further economic growth. In community development aid is needed for it to fulfill the purpose, so I will discuss the effect that foreign...
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Descriptive Essay on Ronald Reagan's Way of Life

Do you love the 80s? Spunky hair, neon clothes, leg warmers, and Coca-Cola? Well, Ronald Reagan was President of the United States for most of the 1980s; 1981-89 to be exact. He did many things in the office during his presidency and outside being president. Some things that he did was developed a new strategy for the economy (also known as Reaganomics), he was a movie star for most of his career life and so many more! Staring Life For...
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Democratic Party vs Whig Party

John Tyler was quite a controversial president. Since he is branded as tyrannically abusing the presidential veto, it is no wonder why political parties would get shaken up. This was especially true for the Whigs, who at first entrusted high hopes in Tyler’s presidency and allowed him into their party. Who knew that Tyler would “go against” his own political party, which caused much backlash from the Whigs? It is without a doubt that President John Tyler and the Whigs...
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Criticism of the Law under MCA 1973: Reforms on Family Law and Divorce

Criticism of the law under MCA 1973: There has been strong criticism of the current law over the decades, describing an archaic system based on fault. Despite its appearance as non-fault biased, the evidence to support an irretrievable breakdown of marriage suggests otherwise. In 2019 Rowling notes that there is no evidence that “fault acts as a buffer’ to slow the divorce process down[footnoteRef:1]. Whereas Crouse points out that the cooling-off period required serves as a solution to protect the...
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Critical Analysis of the Book: “Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot” by Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard

Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard, “Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot”, New York, N.Y. : Henry Holt and Company, 2012, 336pp. Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard wrote the book, Killing Kennedy in 2012 after the success of Killing Lincoln, their previous novel. They are co-authors of the Killing Series, which include Killing Jesus, Killing Patton, and Killing Reagan. Killing Kennedy was created to inform the readers of John F. Kennedy’s presidency and eventually his tragic fate on November 22, 1963. O’Reilly...
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Critical Analysis of Thatcherism

Thatcherism is known as the political and economic policies brought to light by Margaret Thatcher, who was the British prime minister between 1979 and 1990. Governments of people such as David Cameron and John Major continued to represent Thatcherism after Thatcher’s resignation in 1990. The whole idea of Thatcherism consisted of the privatisation of nationalised industries and trade union legislation. On the other side however, classical liberal ideology was committed to individualism, equal rights, and liberty, and in order to...
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Critical Analysis of Mark White's Publication 'Kennedy: A Cultural History of an American Icon'

Mark White’s 2013 publication, Kennedy: A Cultural History of an American Icon, offers a different perspective on the enigma that was John F Kennedy. White looks at how the ‘extraordinarily potent’ image of Kennedy was created during his college years and claims that the image’s longevity and continuance to the present day is his most enduring achievement, greater than the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 and the peaceful resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In six well-researched thematic chapters,...
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Constitutional Reform and Boundary Harmonization as Best Practices for Decentralizing Liberia: Analytical Essay

I. Introduction The concept of decentralization has been widely considered as a tool for efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of basic services (Kurmanov, 2018). It is a multifaceted phenomenon encompassing many geographic entities, (international, national, sub national, and local), societal actors (government, the private sector and civil society) and social sectors (all development themes – political, social, cultural and environmental). Additionally, it is a mixture of political, fiscal, and administrative functions and relationships that need to be considered in...
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Consent and Reasonable Belief in Protecting Individual Autonomy: Analytical Essay

One’s individual sexual autonomy is impaired where consent is undermined. However, the meaning of consent has been debated and continues to be. Prior to the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (SOA), there was no codified definition of consent and in line with this, the courts left the definition to the common understanding of the jury. Glanville Williams criticized this, highlighting the “deplorable tendency of the criminal courts to leave important questions of legal policy to the jury.” The jury were being...
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Compulsory Voting and Participation in Politics: Opinion Essay

Voting and participation in politics have always been essential in Democracy. In an article called “Democracy in Brief” there is a section that talks about where the word Democracy comes from and best explains what Democracy is, and that specific section of the “Democracy in Brief” article states that “ Democracy, which derives from the Greek word “demos,” or “people,” is defined, basically, as government in which the supreme power is vested in the people. In some forms, democracy can...
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Pros and Cons of College Attendance Policy

Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy? The claim of fact: Will improve GPA Claim of value: Forcing college students to attend violates the choice of excellence Claim of policy: The college should mandate an attendance policy to hold students accountable for their actions. Introduction ‘ Can the policy be harmful to enrollment? ‘ College is the beginning of adult decisions and responsibilities. ‘ Claim of policy: The college should mandate an attendance policy to hold students accountable for...
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Essay on Claim of Policy

Deconstruction Analysis of an Environmental Policy Claim The Claim In 2017, the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) overturned the ban on the use of chlorpyrifos, which was its own proposed decision two years before. In 2014, EPA revised the human health risk assessment of chlorpyrifos and offered evidence on the harmful effects of this pesticide on children’s health. Based on these findings, in 2015, EPA proposed to revoke all tolerances for chlorpyrifos and cancel all registrations for it since...
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Chartism as the Failure of the ‘Great’ Reform Act': Argumentative Essay

Did the rise of Chartism mark the failure of the ‘Great’ Reform Act? It cannot be disputed that the increased nature and prevalence of the Chartism movement in the 19th century was down to the failure of the ‘Great’ Reform Act in 1832. It was expected that the Act would erase government corruption by creating a fairer electoral process, alongside providing a remedy for social injustices which ultimately failed. Therefore, with the emergence of the Chartism in the 1830’s, an...
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Characteristics of American Government

Characteristics of Trump’s Government Is the modern democratic state turning more conservative and authoritarian? I would argue that yes its turning more conservatist but not authoritarian, there are many examples of democratic states turning conservatist but not authoritarian. Some examples of democratic states that have turned conservatist would be Trump’s America. Others such North Korea are authoritarian regimes. We will be comparing these two in this assignment to establish whether the modern state is turning conservatist and authoritarian. We will...
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Building Autonomous Teams in Organization: Analytical Essay

Building autonomous teams is an art and thought to be the Holy Grail of an agile enterprise. With that being said, Spotify is one of the best examples of companies, which didn’t undergo a transformation, but was founded with an agile mindset from the very beginning. Over the past years the company has continuously improved its processes and organizational structures to accomplish what is has today – high performing, autonomous teams. And for a good reason. According to research in...
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British Imperial Policy

The late 19th century marked a new wave of global competition. Although the British empire still enjoyed its global dominance with extensive colonial control, its colonies in the New World gradually gained self-governance from the central government and experienced rapid economic development. Meanwhile, emerging industrial countries, especially Germany and United States, created arising threats and challenged the global dominant status. The emerging international conflicts mark the eve of worldly wars. Under such context, the British empire’s voluntary grant of self-governance...
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Bill Clinton Impeachment Essay

The United States of America is the world’s most powerful and biggest economy. When President Trump replaced Barrack Obama as president of the world’s most powerful nation, there was a lot of skepticism. However, one that Trump constantly preached during the campaign period was the American Agenda of putting America and Americans first. This agenda has truly worked for the treaty. The economy of the United States has been at its strongest point in recent years due to the Trump...
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Athenian Democracy vs. American Democracy: Comparative Analysis

In global politics, mentioning of the Athenian democracy and American democracy is common. Interestingly, the world’s first democracy developed in Athens at a time when it was growing imperial. However, major differences and similarities occur between the Athenian democracy and American democracy. For instance, a ‘lot chose a leader in Athens’ while a leader in the US is elected (Athenian democracy 1). The major similarity between the two is that the legislative branch passes the law. However, the following discussion...
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Argumentative Essay on Whether Thatcherism Was a Failed Revolution

The fall of the labour government ended the era of post-war consensus that reigned Britain for over 30 years. Prior to the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979, Britain gained high levels of unemployment, industrial unrest and inflation which led to the desperate need of radical change. Indeed, the election in 1979 covered fundamental reforms in all areas of society which was referred to by historians as the ‘Thatcher revolution’. It can clearly be said that Thatcher did represent a...
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Argumentative Essay on Felons Voting

Voting Rights for Felons On November 8, 2016, an estimated 6.1 million citizens were barred from engaging in casting their votes because of felony charges (Cheung). This disenfranchised population included people currently in jail and also millions of people under parole or probation, and those who had completed their sentence. It is estimated that 3.1 million people are denied their right to vote because of laws that restrict them even when the sentence is complete. According to a report by...
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Analytical Essay on War and Defence under the Bush Administration

Thirteen years later Americans are still vaguely knowledgeable about the United State’s rationale behind the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Bush administration informed Americans the war was going to begin with claims that are still to date, proven to be inaccurate. The true arcane reasoning of president, George Bush and vice president, Dick Cheney’s desire for the Iraq war is hidden behind their imperialistic attempt to economically benefit America and themselves. Despite the intense focus on the destruction of...
4 Pages 2004 Words

Analytical Essay on the Murder of John F. Kennedy

Introduction The assassination of the US President John F. Kennedy is a major event for the United States. The murder shocked people all over the world. There were many conspiracy theories about how the murder went down. Area of research I have chosen to work on the murder of John F. Kennedy because I did not know anything about him and after I got some more information I wanted to write about it. I want to know how he was...
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Analytical Essay on the Legacy of Marcus Garvey

Introduction The late Marcus Mosiah Garvey was conceived on the excellent Caribbean island of Jamaica, in a little town of St’Ann bay to Marcus Mosiah Garvey senior who was a mason and Sarah Jane Richards a domestic worker, On August 17, 1887. He was the most youthful of eleven children. As a child, he invests more energy perusing and longing for offering addresses to extensive groups. He grew up in a family that had an extremely solid feeling of closeness...
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Analytical Essay on Prostitution and Sexual Autonomy

Selling sexual service is morally worse than selling massages as the prostitute (1) damages bodily integrity by treating her body as a commodity (2) damages sexual autonomy by relinquishing her body sovereignty, and (3) reinforces discriminatory beliefs of female sexuality. Selling massages, on the other hand, (1) does not involve objectification of the female body, (2) does not involve surrendering of body sovereignty, and (3) has significant less effect in reinforcing sexist beliefs. This essay will only discuss the case...
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