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Pollen Allergy: Causes, Common Symptoms and Treatment

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Sneezing, runny nose, red eye, itching… No doubt, the pollens are back. How can we protect ourselves from it? What are effective treatments?

When the good days come, your eyes sting and tearful, your nose runs, you sneeze. The signs don’t deceive, you’re probably allergic to pollen, a common health problem. We tell you more about the symptoms and treatment of this allergy. Pollen allergy is more specific to the age of 20 plus. However, kids can also face pollen allergy.

Pollen allergy is a seasonal allergy. It begins in the spring when nature begins to revive, and continues until September. Pollen dispersed in the air for about 2 months from March for Birch, April for Cypress, plane, oak, and ash, May for grasses, June for herbs, and August for Ambrosia. It is estimated that 20 % of the population is affected by this health problem.


Every spring, the same nightmare begins again for 10 to 20% of the population. This period when flowering plants reproduction is accompanied by the spread of pollen in the air, and it brings a great displeasure for pollen allergic people! Because the pollen grains, by penetrating the air, are able to trigger in the body of allergic person. The person, who does not recognize these bodies, indeed make every effort to eliminate them, which results in nasal discharge, sneezing, itching, or conjunctivitis. Therefore, we can say that pollen grains (Trees, plants) are the main reason of this allergy.

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Symptoms and Indications

The most common symptoms of pollen allergy are: 1) the conjunctivitis; 2) sneezing; 3) nasal congestion; 4) runny nose; 5) cough; 6) dry throat; 7) headaches; 8) red eyes.

The events, their intensity and their duration vary from one individual to another. In the most serious cases, this allergy can cause breathing difficulties or even an asthma attack in the most sensitive subjects. In order to keep hay fever under control, sufferers can do a lot when symptoms occur and also preventatively.


With the correct treatment, pollen allergy can be kept in check. Pollen allergy treatment consists of taking antihistamines and corticosteroids which have the effect of calming the attack in the presence of the allergen. But we’ll have to take these drugs every time we have a crisis. To solve the problem more sustainably, it is necessary to meet an allergist who can take stock and propose a desensitization. This therapy removes the allergy by exposing the patient gradually and in small doses to the implicated allergen.

It is important not to take pollen allergy lightly. In most cases, people with hay fever only get medicines from the pharmacy and refrain from a visit to a doctor. Symptom-fighting drugs enough, however, one should warn with hay fever as early as possible to the doctor. Because: “Meanwhile, the risk of an allergic person developing Asthma is already at 46%. A worse asthma attack could even be fatal’, says the Hamburg-based ENT Doctor, Dr. Christa Wilcke.

What to Do Yourself

In order to minimize the effects of pollen on the body, some precautions can be taken. In times of allergic risk, limit your outings in case of peak pollution. This other aggressor weakens your airways and makes you more vulnerable to pollen. Take the same attitude in case of wind, as the pollen is even smaller and can be more easily ingested by the nose or mouth. Anything that can make your respiratory system more fragile should be avoided: smoking. Other measures can also be taken: air your house regularly and dry your clothes inside in order to be as little as possible in contact with the allergen.

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