Population And Demography Factors

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Many factors play into the evolution of our population now compared to a century ago. As mentioned in our book “Population; An Introduction to Concepts and Issues,” the rise of life expectancy is the “most important phenomenon in human history.” Population growth has presented transformations in human society since the beginning of human history. The increase in population growth has led to a longer life expectancy due to healthier eating and medical advances, in comparison to a century ago when there weren’t proper medical treatments or healthier eating habits. Now we have higher immigration, births, and more medical technology which allows for higher growth in population. Another factor, technology, has advanced to unbelievable lengths since a century ago. A vast majority of our population relies on technology more than ever before. Technology controls every aspect of our lives whether it be through mobile devices or new medical technology. Over a century ago we did not have smart computers, televisions, watches, or phones that we could use for just about everything. A century ago we did not have advanced medical technology that offers x-rays and early detections of genetic diseases and cancers. Technology has pushed our creativity and innovations to levels that were once an unimaginable concept. Life expectancy, another factor, has increased tremendously compared to a century ago. According to the University of Oxford’s world data, life expectancy was less than forty years across the nation over a century ago compared to the over 80 years that we have reached presently. Sanitation and hygiene, a reason for higher life expectancy, is more common now than it was a century ago. In class, we discussed how showers were not common over a century ago and that people would only take one or two showers a year compared to the five and six showers we presently take per week. Vaccinations also became prominent and have resulted in the elimination of diseases that were highly common and deadly in the nation. Overall population, technology, and life expectancy have improved human life compared to a century ago.


Many factors can influence the demography of a location. Every day the world’s democracy experiences change. One factor that influences demography is immigration. The United States, for example, receives an absolute number of immigrants, whether they are legal or undocumented. Immigration changes the demography of a population daily, specific to the location of choice. The USA is stricter on immigration and works hard to prevent undocumented immigrants from crossing the border, however, some immigrants are not caught during the immigration movement, this plays a huge role in demography as well. Another factor that plays into the influence of demography is birth and death rates. Every hour demography changes due to the birth and death rates of humans. Birth and death rates not only affect the population but its effects on how to move forward with a population and helps determine whether a larger amount of resources will be needed.

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The migration of people into other countries is a major part of the demography of the modern world. How do you think the world of 2050 will look demographically as a consequence of the trends currently in place?

Migration has always existed and is not unfamiliar to our country. Migration has diversified our society. Through migration, we have been exposed to different cultures, languages, and traditions. Demographically, I assume the world will be incredibly expansive in 2050. Migration changes the population presently as it has a century ago. Through migration, we will be introduced to new and unfamiliar languages and cultures. Though migration is slightly different from immigration they both play a huge role in society. Just as migration was very common a century ago, it will be even more common thirty years from now. Most people are more welcoming to those that enter their territory from different regions of the world. Overall migration will become more welcoming though current trends may say otherwise. The migration will continue to make different societies more racially and ethnically diverse whether it be through religion, cultures, or languages.

If death and birth rates were both high, then little growth would occur. The population would most likely remain consistent. Life for a person living society with high death and birth rates would be sketchy. It would be troublesome to know that there are high death rates in the population with which you are located. This would lead to the person finding ways to preserve life whether through healthy eating, exercising, or mental health. Living in a society with high birth rates could cause a “scare” for overpopulation and the number of available resources. High birth rates would influence a person’s life through new policies and education procedures as well as the populations in the city they live in. High birth and death rates will cause a consciously aware state of mind.

The statement that “nearly everything is connected to demography” is legitimate because almost everything is. Demography has a connection to our society, and issues that we experience throughout it. Demography affects our population, education, life expectancy, and death and birth rates. The quote “demography determines everything” is different in comparison to “nearly everything is connected to demography” because demography determines the population, census, and demand of resources. Demography determines new policies that will be created, housing resources, and educational determines. Demographers study the change of human populations to determine how to move forward concerning future populations.

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