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Portland Natural Environment: Influences on Human Health

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One’s natural surroundings can create a psychological impact that affects their moods and perceptions. Most researchers have seen how the natural surroundings one is near clearly influence one’s emotions and the way one views life. Because our environment is an essential part of life and we view it daily, it is from unknown thoughts that certain sceneries create different influences on people, for example, we will be referring to Portland in this research. Portland has been seen as a city with a beautiful natural environment since it is full of many views that are eye-catching and so eventful for people to enjoy and visit. It also contains viewpoints of the cityscape that bring Portland as a whole together. These kinds of views in the environment can be utilized in representation of how humans are connected to it, and how the surrounding can create an impact on the way one lives. Whether one is dealing with stressful situations or is having problems, the impact of being outdoors can be very beneficial to their situations and to feel more connected with the environment. Portland’s environment will impact a person psychologically, whether it’s with the natural influences or the cityscapes it has represented to us.

The benefits that nature has to humankind and all organisms around the world are a wonderful phenomenon. Much research has been conducted on what natural ecosystems do to one and all organisms that affect humans and other animals. We are born and raised in this environment, essentially connected to nature, and that simple bond is what has the most effect in all, it has the power to draw out what you never knew was in you. In this environment, human beings, animals, and nature all have a peaceful relationship that unites us to achieve harmony in the world. In his article, the author, Howard Frumkin, addressed the relevance of environmental issues to humanity. Specifically, he examined the relationships of one’s influences to nature when he mentioned, “A crucial step in the lives of most organisms, including humans, is a selection of a habitat. If a creature gets into the right place, everything else is likely to be easier ”(Frumkin, pg.3) which analyzes the concept of evolutionary selection, assesses important ideologies of how many times all kinds of organisms have used their instincts, such as their senses, and essentially their presence, and how they have felt in those environments to decide if it was a safe place for them to be. Leading to the idea now that logic can be linked to how one responds and chooses a place of security in this world. In the natural environment, the experience of animals, plants, ecosystems, and sustainability has always been linked to the way we survive and improve in our lives, but we have moved beyond the basics, posing a challenge for more people who do not realize that there could be a solution to their challenges, which could be to get out and reconnect with nature. He also mentions a sensible argument regarding this when he asserts, “taking seriously our affiliation with the natural world—may be an effective way to enhance health, not to mention cheaper and freer of side effects than medications”(Frumkin, pg.5) reflecting the focus on scientific information on how the natural environment is beneficial to one’s health. He pointed out how the way this world functions and how patients find care will transform quickly. It also puts forth solutions that improve our capacity to cure ourselves through what we are connected to. All of this is linked to the commitment that certain things that the natural environment has to offer to provide a range of health benefits, both physically and psychologically, to one surrounded by this kind of environment. The presence of finding a space where you can express yourself and feel at ease can affect one’s mind and help offer a lot of health benefits. Inducing new ways to consider how helpful nature is to your life because it’s like going back to what nature offers to support when you try to connect with it. It signifies therapeutic time and gives one the sense of being in harmony with nature, whether that is surrounded or viewed.

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There are several ways we can define the relationship between humans and nature, but the important principles we can concentrate on are aspects that keep us from progressing forward. One’s mental wellbeing is a powerful thing that keeps people with disorders or psychological problems to be in the same place they presume is safe. The environment around us is a major determinant of our mental health impact. This is what the author Hartig addresses in his article as he stipulates that “The immediate setting is part of some larger place or whole. It derives from a sense of the relatedness of immediate perceived…”(Hartig, 6) Reflecting in-depth one’s central issue is the need to reconnect with the environment. One normally focuses on their bubble in their private space, turning it like a barrier and enabling them to escape since this is a convenience that keeps them from progressing forward in life. This setting they can’t leave doesn’t inspire one to do something else which causes some kind of mental issue. They provided a thorough description of how a natural environment can assist one with one’s inner peace and help to restore one’s mental energy. It also points out that when you’re raised in something that can be considered peaceful rather than healthy, it might simply be your brain trying to tell you that it’s acceptable because it’s turning into a psychological problem. Another author who examines this is Berman, who explores that being outdoors and experiencing nature is a necessary thing for one’s well-being since it offers relaxation and allows some opportunity to collect their thoughts. Emphasizing the relevance of nature experiences with all, she explains this when she declares, “On one hand, to the extent that inter-acting with natural environments replenish cognitive resources, individuals with MDD may show the same or even greater cognitive gains than those demonstrated by healthy individuals.”(Berman, 301) Referring to how there are two key ways in which it can influence various individuals with different mental perceptions, it shows that it could be helpful for others to go for a walk and for others to worsen their condition. That’s why Berman realized that he was not entirely able to show how this process affects one’s attitude or perception, but that they saw a major overall influence, giving them a better sense of why nature-related relationships are important to humans. Her experiment surrounded those with MDD, but also the effect it might have on someone who doesn’t have it, and it was all pretty healthy. This is a chance to connect with what’s been with us, to give us life, and to promote a lot of well-rounded results for humankind.

We will see a tremendous difference in the conditions in which we find ourselves in our natural environment. The different styles of the landscape have different influences on people and are also determined by the way one was raised and how the world is perceived. The way these associations link us to the world has a mental effect on them. There are several different places in Portland that you can go to with wonderful natural scenery either to think or stroll about. Portland has been considered to be a great city with some fascinating natural sights. Most of these places all have something in common, that is, how they can help one cope with the challenges they may encounter and relax by embracing the freedom that nature has to offer. In another article, the author Bratman draws us to the conclusion that certain settings lead to different modes of living and make people have different views of the landscape. When he claims, “The specific ways in which people interact with nature may account for differential impacts of nature exposure on mental health” and “People have different levels of awareness and perceptions of natural environments in their attitudes and receptivity toward nature, childhood experiences, and sense of connectedness to nature”(Bratman, 5-6) thus illustrating that the variation between environmental settings will affect, how you react when you interact with nature. It emphasizes the importance of natural experiences for one’s mental health and how accelerated urbanization can lead to a reduction in contact with nature. We see that it has been seen in all the natural scenery that Portland has left and given a perfect spot for everyone to observe.

An attribute that we can see from the town of Portland is all its eco-friendliness and the way it has managed to remain both natural and modern. There are several areas in Portland that can offer this kind of liberation to the environment. Such locations are Washington Park, Mt. Tabor Park, Powell Butte, Japanese Gardens, and many more scenic spots with excellent views. These places offer a mode of connection that is desirable and conducive to one’s well-being.

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