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Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media Essay

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Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are part of our daily life. Social media technology may have some positive effects, but there are also adverse effects we are facing due to social media. Because of social media, many people face different problems like relationship problems, fake ids problems and lack of interests in education and their jobs.

My aunt had a horrible experience on social media. Someone made a fake id by using her name and added all family members on it. He or she posted nasty comments and inappropriate pictures by using her name which made her look bad. When other family members noticed that there is something wrong because of the inappropriate language and images, they immediately contacted my aunt and informed her. She got very upset and reported to the Facebook. Due to this incident, she is petrified to use any social media.

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Because of social media, it is easier to connect with distant relatives who live in other countries. While you are connecting with your long-distance relatives, there are some minor reasons due to which your relatives getting upset, and they stop talking to you. For instance, some people get upset because you do not comment on their posts. They also get upset if you add someone as a friend that they do not get along with or have any personal issues with them.Social media is an addiction. People spend countless hours on social media which may cause the problems in their daily lives. The more people wake up in the morning, and they check their social media accounts before they even leave the bed. Due to this addiction, people are away from their family members, and they spend less time together. They talk to their family members through Facebook or other social media accounts. They can not stop thinking about updating their status or posting pictures on Facebook or other social media. Their lives circle social media; everything has to post on social media perfectly like what they are doing, what they are cooking or eating, etc.

People feel lost and aggressive if they have no Wi-Fi or connected to use social media. Students are also addicted to social media. They spend countless hours on Facebook and other social networking sites. Because of using social media in an excessive amount, students do not concentrate on their studies which effect on their academic performance.Another adverse effect of social media is people compare their lives with others. Some users post an idealized version of their lives. These types of posts are making other users start comparing their lives with them. For instance, a person displays an excellent post about his life and pictures of a wonderful trip to Europe, while some other person is having a rough day. A person who is already facing hardship in life, become depressed after seeing these posts and photos which show lots of fun and memorable times because he does not have much money to travel and have a great time as others do.In the end, it is the fact that using social media is fun. However, excessive use of anything is not good for us. We have to balance our social lives.


For the sake of the prosperous future, students need to concentrate more on their studies instead than spending their time on Facebook or other social networking sites. We can become successful by spending our time on more productive activities. We can do better in education, physical activity, and employment if we concentrate on it instead of consuming our time on social media.

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