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Positive And Negative Views On Procrastination

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When someone struggles with procrastination but has strong perseverance to put forth the efforts they can chuck it forward and succeed! I also feel that it is still possible to have good writing even if one procrastinates until the last minute. It adds more stress and higher anxiety and I have firsthand experienced this but it is achievable. So to get the answer to these questions and accurately attain this, I have done the research and I truly believe that time is of the essence and if it is poorly managed then it will show in the work. None the less you can still succeed!

This semester has taught me so much about procrastination and how it has affected me both positively and negatively. On the negative side of it, it has put more stress and anxiety on my shoulders, and on the positive side of it, it has taught me the patience I need for a paper to come together. But with active procrastination studies show that they are more successful at acceding in academics. (Schraw et al., 2007, p. 24) While the active procrastinator works better under the added pressures, they also lack the inspiration to learn. Thus far they will still preserve.

Throughout studies it is found to be “three major themes about active procrastination: Purposeful delay facilitated greater efficiency (I’m good at it); was done systematically (I’ve learned I can); and was reinforced by appealing academic and social outcomes (It’s worth it).” I’m good at it is said to be they work best the closer the deadlines reach. I’ve learned I can is also an I can but may not always be the smartest decision to make thus far probably not the best one. And lastly but not least! Is it’s worth it meaning I’m not worried about it and the outcome was worth putting off. What I take from that last one is the “it is what it is” kind of thinking. I also want to add that it is probably not the best choice.

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I’m not saying that procrastination is all bad or even that it is fantastic because the fact of the matter is that is far from that. And for most, it won’t work. If one has strong academic and higher grades, they may squeak by and succeed with procrastinating. But for most, it will not be the same case. The stress, the anxiety, the pressure it creates, is the worst feeling when it comes to academics. Not knowing if you’re doing something right or not so you procrastinate. Feeling like you could fail at any moment so you procrastinate. Which in reality you would think would motivate one to start way before the given due date.

“It really has nothing to do with time-management,” he says. “As I tell people, to tell the chronic procrastinator to just do it would be like saying to a clinically depressed person, cheer up.” (Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University) With that, this has sufficient meaning, and I hold hearteningly agree with this. The first time I had read that, I was like WOW! That is insane to put in perspective, that while procrastination is common in many young adolescents and young adults it’s not the same for everyone. Procrastination does not define the procrastinator.

Let’s talk about the negative effects of procrastination, It can have major effects on one’s health. Depression is one illness that links with procrastination which can lead to high anxiety and many other stressors on top. Causing poor focus, poor learning, and overall poor academics thus far it still does not mean procrastinators are all failures! On the flip side, the positive of procrastination – When in the right scenario, it can have positive attributes. Like more time to come up with ideas for a given project or assignment. To research, and conduct. With extra time, it allows one to be more creative. In conclusion to this, I do believe that procrastination or no procrastination you can still succeed at whatever you put your mind to! Whether you set goals to achieve them, or you just wing it.

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