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Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be Happy

We all know this phrase that was said a long time ago: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. However, few people have understood the meaning. It is very welcome to love our neighbors, even if our needs are not met. But as you often say in the sentence above, putting yourself in the first place is synonymous with egoism. However, a person who has self-esteem does not have to be selfish. All people are born with a survival instinct that tells...
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The Secrets of Happy Families': Review of a Book

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2004 Household Economic Studies, only 61 percent of children are raised from birth to age eighteen in a home with both of their birth parents. What this statistic told us was that if we as society don’t open our eyes to new ways of defining family, we’ll miss a real opportunity to make our families and our communities stronger. What this statistic tells us is that if we as a society don’t open our...
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Philosophers' and Psychologists' Agreements or Disagreements on What Happiness is

Chinese philosopher Confucius explored what is needed to achieve happiness and sustain it. He believed that happiness is largely down to the individuals’ moral innocence and place within society rather than the individuals desires. Confucius looks at multiple ways to develop good character throughout our lives by increasing our place in society and thus increasing our happiness. One element Confucian’s believe in to be happy is to invest in friendships and the idea of ‘Jen’, which means feeling concerned for...
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Essay about Positive Thinking

Today I’m going to be sharing with you all about the effects of Positive Thinking. Positive thinking on the surface sounds useful and I’m sure most of us would prefer to be positive rather than negative. There was this one quote saying, “If you learn to harness the power of positive thoughts, you’ll attract more positive circumstances”. However, you will attract more negativity and pain if you think negatively. I’m sure you all wouldn’t want that, wouldn’t you? At first...
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Cultural Belief about Optimism

Positive psychology is the determination of the processes and situations that contribute to the flourishing or maximum operation of individuals, groups, and people. People become optimistic by having a positive attitude towards situations, people, events and outcomes. in the history of optimism, it has been shown that it has enhanced a celebration to live in the best of all worlds to celebrate one’s self (Peterson,2000). Seligman (2011) explains about resilience of two MBA graduates from the University of Pennsylvania. He...
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Positive Psychology Intervention: Gratitude Journal

Positive psychology focuses on the characteristics of life that lead to happiness, fulfilment and flourishment. It takes the side of scientifically informed perspectives on what gives meaning to life and what makes it worth living (Dunlap, 1923). The aim of positive psychology is to focus on what is right with people rather than what is wrong with them; preventing mental illness rather than treating it (Dunlap, 1923). In the field of positive psychology, there are positive psychology interventions (PPIs) which...
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Keeping Positivity Alive During Difficult Times

Focus on positive ideas to deal with a situation than wallowing in sadness or anxiety. Kindness when shared, multiplies, and changes one’s perspective A gratitude journal or notes of things that one is thankful for, reminds one of good times. Difficult times like economic crisis, political unrest, and pandemic bring out anxiety and sadness in a majority of Americans. But through time, it has been proven that having a positive perspective or cultivating satisfaction can help one to sail through...
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The Use of Positive Psychological Exercises on Well-Being

This paper will examine the use of positive psychological exercises on well-being through viewing variations of heart rate when completing the exercises. Research from Cohen and Pressman (2006) state that disorders, such as, depression and anxiety have been examined as a larger risk for mortality rates. A great extent of research has proved that greater wellbeing has a strong correlation to a better physical health, findings by Cohen and Pressman (2005) whom examined the improvement of cardiovascular health and lowering...
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Emotional Impacts on Well Being

A revolution in the science of emotion has emerged in the last few decades, dealing with how positive and negative emotions mold individuals in an unexpected manner, with the prospective to create a theory shift in assessment of decision theories. The review reveals that emotions constitute dominant, persistent, and conventional drivers of decision making thus affecting an indivdual. Across different domains, important regularities appear in the mechanisms through which emotions influence judgments and choices. The present paper organizes and analyzes...
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The Relationship between Personality Traits, Meaning in Life and Beliefs about Free Will

The desire to find meaning is recognized as a fundamental human quest. Adler introduced us to the realization that humans live in the world of meaning, Frankl convinced us to believe that our life is directed at and guided by meaning, while Freud suggested that all our actions mean something. Meaning in life is seen as an important construct which is implicated in various research topics, including beliefs and having a consistent understanding of self, others and life in general....
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Psychology as an Art and Science of Behavior

Psychology is the art and science of behavior. It is a subject which is not just enclosed in books, but one that lies in the realm of reality, and becomes a part of our everyday life. Human tendency, more often than not is to not look at the flipside of things, but to look at the conventional path endorsed by quintessential beings of the 21st Century which is where the need for positive psychology comes in. Only when people change...
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