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Possibilities of Vaccination in Preventing Yellow Fever and Malaria

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The vaccine became very common and it has reduced the rate of diseases by a lot. In order to understand how vaccines defend against bacteria and viruses in human body, you need to know how immune system works. White blood cells in our immune system gives us an constant alert against pathogens and each have different functions. When an immune cell meets its target, it replicates itself and produce antibodies which are protein weapons and attack the target. Once the infection is gone, memory cells remember the germs for the future so it can quickly eliminate them when they reappear. This is how we develop immunity. Vaccines are basically weakened versions of viruses or bacteria. They let the memories cells remember the data and make immune system prepare and destroy the real enemies. Some people might have heard of danger of vaccines and it makes vaccines seem like a big risk to take. Although in reality, the risks posed by vaccine are really small, some people avoid vaccine because they’re scared. If you choose not to vaccinate, you have higher chances of getting the diseases that may occur in Amazon River such as Yellow fever, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid. Symptoms might be deadly causing vomiting, nausea headache, and even death. Therefore, it is very important to vaccine before you travel.

Hepatitis A: Hepatitis A is a food and water-borne disease that you need to be concerned in Amazon Physical contact with a person with hepatitis A can also spread the disease. It can cause fever, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and jaundice. Therefore, it is important to get a hepatitis A vaccine. You need to take 2 doses, 6 months apart. It is 100% effective and one can be fully vaccinated once they get it. Each dose approximately costs $65.

Rabies: Rabies is a serious disease that can be caused by licks, bites, or scratches from infected dogs and other animals such as bats, foxes.

I would recommend you to take pre-exposure rabies vaccination before travel if your activities include contact with animals. Rabies vaccination is a 3-shot series (days 0,7, and 21 or 28) and each dose costs about $210.It’s quite expensive but you’ll be completely immuned forever once you finish the complete vaccination.

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Typhoid: Typhoid fever is also a food and water-borne disease. Typhoid can cause high fevers, weakness, stomach pains, headache, and loss of appetite. Some might experience constipation, and some have a rash. Internal bleeding and death can possibly happen as well. Typhoid vaccines only require one dose and cost around $50 but is only 50%-80% effective, so you should still be careful about what you eat and drink. Always ask your tour guide before you drink or eat something.

Not only Hepatitis A and Typhoid, diseases like Leptospirosis and Schistosomiasis might put tourists in danger. River contaminated with animal urine and parasite contains a lot of bacteria. These diseases can cause serious illness including heart, kidney pain, cancer, and even death. When you’re on the cruise, you need to be cautious with having a contact with water in order to reduce your risk of Leptospirosis and Schistosomiasis. Ask your travel health specialist how to prepare if you’re planning activities such as swimming and fishing. There’s no way to completely prevent such illnesses; however, minding your food and water will keep you safe from dangers.

Yellow fever and Malaria are both caused by mosquito. When you’re traveling Amazon, it is important to be prepared for the mosquitos because sometimes they might cause some serious illnesses.

Yellow Fever: One of the examples of disease that can be caused by mosquito bites is yellow fever. Symptoms take 3–6 days to develop. It can cause fever, chills, headache, backache, and muscle aches. It sometimes leads to bleeding, shock, organ failure, and sometimes death. So, it is very important to get a yellow fever vaccination before you travel. The vaccine costs about $160. It lasts for life for most people, but a booster after 10 years is recommended for certain people.

Malaria: Malaria is also disease spread through mosquito bites. It is barely noticeable because symptoms usually take a long time to appear. Symptoms are high fevers, shaking chills, and flu-like illness. Malaria has possibility to cause serious illness and even death. Unlike Yellow fever, Malaria doesn’t have specific vaccine to prevent it so make sure you wear long sleeves when you have an outdoor activity.

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