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Power of Verbal Abuse in Causing Depression: Analytical Essay

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The main issue in the image that have chosen which is image 5 is depression problems are rising in the society. Depression is a very common and serious mental illness that may negatively affect people’s life. It is also known as clinical depression or major depressive disorder. This mental illness can affect any ages of people includes adults, children, adolescents, and even elderly. Depression will cause physical and mental problems includes having a feeling of sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, and tearfulness. Depression is actually a very serious mental issue that need to get treatment as soon as possible to avoid that illness to affect people’s life. Therefore, we must understand the causes and effect of depression that happens in our life and find a way to cure depression. Based on what I have observed in this image, I have realised the power of verbal abuse, negative thoughts, and smiling depression and how they affect people’s life.

The first thing that I have observed in this image is the power of verbal abuse. When most of the people hear the word ‘pain’, they will automatically assume that it is physical pain like hitting, kicking, hair pulling or punching. Emotional and verbal abuse is a type of abuse that the victim is not being hurt physically but it may just a few words or a sentence that are arranged in a way that will bring emotional distress straight to the person. It is an act that intentionally or unintentionally hurts a person’s heart or soul. Emotional abuse or verbal abuse may have short-term or long-lasting effects and it is as serious and powerful as physical abuse. For example, the artist of the second picture of image 5 has used all those ‘fat’, ‘mental ugly’, ‘liar’, ‘faker’, and many more hurtful words to represent that how a simple word or term a person spoke out will causes the victim feels shame, hopeless, confused, and most importantly fear to accept themselves just because they are not perfect. As an example, if an overweight person is being verbally abuse by people, they will refuse to accept himself and he or she will have no confidence on their appearance. Overtime, this will cause low self-esteem and even leads to depression. The artist also used only black and white colour to draw this image to represent that how verbal abuse can bring darkness to a person’s life. Therefore, people should think before they talk to avoid into troubles and hurts other people’s feeling.

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Furthermore, the second thing that I have observed in this image is the power of negative thinking that may affect a person’s emotion and even their behaviour. This is because human’s thinking, emotions, behaviours, and actions are close related to each other and may directly affect each other. Negative thinking is the thought process where people think the worst in everything which will causes them to reduce their expectation toward everything. It is also a very powerful thought that leads to stress, depression, anxiety, and many more mental illnesses. This happens because when we are thinking negatively, we may deal with emotions such as sadness, loneliness, fear, hopelessness, and worthlessness. For example, in the second image of image 5, the artist drew a ‘brain’ with full of negative thoughts and the facial expression of that ‘person’ was not happy. The artist has included ‘I hate myself’, ‘I will never be good enough’, ‘my body is disgusting’, and ‘want to just disappear’ to fill the ‘brain’. It represents how negative thoughts affect our mentality and even our life. They may feel like they are nothing to the society. Thus, they will not appreciate their life and suicidal thought starts to fill their mind. Having negative thoughts is also a kind of self-abuse that may leads to serious consequences like self-harm or even suicide. Not only that, the artist used white colour as the background and black colour as the ‘body’ of that ‘person’ to represent how dull a person’s life could be if they think negatively. Letting fear and negative thoughts control us will have no sunshine and colour in our lives. Hence, if we are not able to avoid negative thinking, we can try to make it a positive power and challenge to face the difficulties.

Besides that, the last thing that I have observed in image 5 is the ‘smiling depression’. In a simple word, smiling depression is a term of a person appearing happy and fine on the outside but he or she is living in depression on the inside. Some people may look perfect outside but actually they are broken inside. Someone with smiling depression will experience the same symptoms as depression but on the outside, they may be an active, cheerful, or may have a steady job and family love. Behind the door, their mind is filled with thoughts of worthlessness, hopelessness, and stress. This happens because they do not want to burden the people around them if they express their thoughts and feelings. Not only that, they may also feel shame if they show their weaknesses. It reflects how the society living stressfully but they still need to smile and face their life. For example, in the first image of image 5, the person wrote ‘I’m ok’ on the left-hand side of the wall. At the right-hand side of the wall, the person actually wrote ‘I’m not okay’. It also represents how we should see people at different angle. Besides, the artist used bright colour to draw the clothes and the surrounding. The artist also did not show the face of that person on the left of the image but she is actually showing a sad facial expression when she is in right image. Therefore, we should not judge a person by their appearance or their lifestyle because we do not know their difficulties and their though time.

The reason why I choose this image is I can understand those who have depression or anxiety problem in their life. This is because I have friends who had depression and they have told me how they think when they feel meaningless to live. For example, I had a friend who have suicidal thought when she is driving home, after she calm down, she realised that she had depression. During the talk, I understand her hopeless feeling and I would try my best to help her to relief from depression. Therefore, I choose this image to express my feeling toward this image and most importantly about depression. Depression problem is important to the society to beware of to reduce suicide cases and make their life better. If they beware of depression, they will try to get a treatment and recover as soon as possible. Lastly, I hope people that fights with depression can escape from the dark and have a colourful life.

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