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Prejudice Towards Minorities as a Social Problem on the Example of Muslims

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Prejudice has been an innate concept which has been growing in an individual since time immoral. It is a negative attitude and feeling towards an individual based solely on one’s membership in a particular social group. Prejudice is the broader term which has shaped certain elements such as stereotype, discrimination, etc. But prejudice includes all the aspects such as the affective, behavioural and cognitive style of thinking in shaping opinion. This has been developed with the onset of social norms as we are guided and oriented more towards to our societal impact and this has made us driven to social norms. Attitude is consistent which is hard to change and so, certain things in our society are more prone towards it.

Prejudice becomes stronger when it gets conformity from our ancestors as they act as a guiding principle. Conformity works as a stamp on the belief which has a vague picture of it but if it gets approved it will be imprinted on the mind of the person. The influencing nature of some rumours sometimes delves society to suffer a lot and can hamper the projected group. People have certain sets of belief in their mind which is hard to change as they believe whatever the knowledge they acquired from some random source is good and reliable. But, this misconception is a hard reality of society. For example, Muslims has been associated with terrorism easily. But, this doesn’t make any sense that every Muslims can’t be terrorism. Such misconceptions making the society weak and the associated people suffered at the end. It is an imprint that gets stored in the mind and hard to manipulate this thought.

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In the month of June I was doing my research project on economic activities of leather industries and its developments. My research destination was in Kanpur’s suherbs area known as jajmau. Jajmau is popularly known for its leather tanneries. Jajmau is known for generating high rich leathers for the leather goods. During the British colonial time, this leather sector was set up because of high demand for uniforms, leather belts and shoes and saddles for the cavalry. Jajmau area is a Muslim majority area and most of the tanneries are owned by Muslim majority people. Recently from nammai ganga project and other government initiatives has forced tanneries to shut down their activities. There are around 300-400 leather tanneries which were operating and out of which 30- 40 tanneries are operating now after nammai ganga project and kumbh mela 2019. As these tanneries are the only sources of income for muslim community. Many of the tanneries owners have said that there is some politics motion in targeting muslims group through raising such environmental issues. owners have also said that there are other industries such as steel, chemicals etc which releases more effluents as compare to leather tanneries and there is no strict action has been taking by state pollution board. Even the few leather tanneries which are operating in jajmu, 1/3 of them are owned by Hindu community people. The attitude of majority community is very rude and hostile towards minority groups. As these leather tanneries are not only connected to muslim community but it also provides large job opportunities to backwards groups in the unorganized sector. After the cases of cow vigilantism, nammai ganga projects has to lead to a prone attack on the leather industry of Kanpur.

The attitude of not allowing Muslim people to grow is an overgeneralization thought which affects the belief of a minority group. It is a pattern of hostility which is created against the entire group as to fulfil some irrational function for the bearer. The separatism leads to genuine conflicts of interest which further leads to more further imaginary conflicts among groups. As this generalized judgement is certainly based on notions which are created by groups based on probability. A stereotype is an exaggerated belief which is used to categories or differentiates among the people. Its function is to justify people conduct concerning the bearer category. Stereotype acts as a justificatory device for categorical acceptance or rejection of a group whereas the selective device is to maintain simplicity in perception and thinking. In India, there are certain stereotypes against Muslim like there are belong from the invader class, unhygienic, not patriotic toward nation etc. These stereotypes are justified for hatred and hostility for some particular group and even they also serve as a projection of personal conflicts.

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