Premarital Sex: For And Against

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To all who are married and are planning to get Married, Aside picking a partner in Life, aside the fact that he/she should be GOD Fearing and Purpose Driven, SEX is Very Vital and plays a Crucial Role in all marriages and any other Intimate Relationship, I am not Saying people should have Premarital Sex, No. The Truth is as Someone who is Praying for a Happy Home, You both need to talk about your sexual life adequately, God won't come down to tell you about your partner sexual life neither Will God tell you the if it is wide, tight, large, small or medium size. The Fact is, if you don't Talk about Important Issue as this before Marriage, then definitely there is a tendency of Cheating, because One who is sexual handicapped or sexual unsatisfied will someday look outside his or her matrimonial Bed, Aside the Fact that Sex brings you closer and more intimate, aside the fact it is also a Means of Procreation, SEX also help HEALTH Wise, it Reduces Stress and Adequately Nourishes the female species and Hormones, it also help in making you both free,open and relax around each other,aside Giving attention, care,good meals, love, you should be ready at all times to be a different lady or man every single time you both make out (make love),if today you are a Beyonce or Drake on Bed,tomorrow be a Rihanna or Jay Z, spice up your Sexual life Together, appreciate each other after having a Good Time, tell Each other the part that got you screaming and tell each other the part that didn't go down well with you,in doing so you Tend to give each other Gratification properly and as such help each other to enjoy the Process the Best way.

SEX is not Just about Reaching ORGASM or Getting your sexual hunger filled up with Marathon Dosage, SEX is about been able to give each other Sexual Comfort, Happiness, and Safety which begins with the kissing, cuddling, caressing, and all the four Play you can possibly think of and then gradually maximizing the Atmosphere of Geniue Gratification for one another not just yourself and ensuring that your partner is well Fed and satisfied with all the process till the end. After making Out, Relax Yourselves on the bed, table, or any where the Action was carried out, lay on each other, say thank you to each other then carry yourselves to the bathroom, have a warm shower, come back make a good meal or better still, If the love Making was too sweet, take yourselves out and have a good time .

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You are not Meant to compliment each other just by how much he/she gives you, how well you dress or well mannered or coordinate yourself, You are to Compliment and Appreciate each other Sexually as well and as much as you both Invest in yourselves. Don't feel shy to talk about your sexual life with your partner, Remember SEX is also you both Responsibility just as much as You Look Out For Each Other.

This is one of the ways to Avoid Divorce and Negative thoughts, Be Warned.

The Time of Our Fore Fathers and Pattern at which they did theirs is different and has long passed, This is 21th Century and Time changes, Be Flexible and Ready to learn new stuff and get into Experiment with your partner,

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