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Preventing Children to Get Bad Impact from Violence in Media and Video Game

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Existence, when children would spend their whole spare time with their friends in the streets have, generally gone. Present-day youngsters choose another way of fun, such as watching Tv or playing a video game. Television these days contains rough, sexual and other topics which will not be suitable for children. It maintains their dreams of an idealized world or leads a few of them to concern for not having the comfort appeared on TV. Although two kinds of entertainment can contribute to an improvement to a child, many of them are very violent. Due to that reason, violence in media and video games should be banned to block an objective point of view and reduce aggressiveness behavior.

Moreover, not all the programs with obvious content are educational. The media that would be generally stimulated by such a prohibition exists completely for entertainment’s purpose and the benefit that can be made by its marketing. There are still many parts of non-violent ways to cheer children. The issue with harsh information being seen by children is not that they automatically lead to an objective view, but they are having a hit on society as a unity. Youngsters are seeing some improper subject and coming out on the other side perfectly numb to human feelings. As a society, we may not have such an issue with someone in our neighborhood, but imagine when a bunch of people walk past an abuse victim without giving any help? Violence is pushed on us to define the behavior and make us to not think seriously about an incident. Children do not have the mental resources to create some sorts of choices when they watch or see something. Eventually in the fact that the initiative to adjust any of this should come from the user because we live in a consumerist society. This is likely when parenting secure and keep on eyes about what their children want to watch.

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Furthermore, a video games that contains violence rise children’s aggression level. It happens when children have anxiety and turn to an improper way to express it. Rather than calming themselves, communicating it to someone, or emotionally expressing it by crying. They can make some abusive actions, such as kick a wall or hurt their pet or beloved person. Sadly, several modern games contain violence. Youngsters have more creative imagination than adults and it even more strong than we can imagine. Having children play these video games is risky. The Virtual world in their mind may feel like daily life because of the graphic that looks like the same in reality especially when they use VR tools. As they usually take the first place in killing other player characters and get a bonus like diamond or virtual money in-game and sometimes unlock new ability in killing with a new way or new weapon. This can lead to gain aggressive movement in them. This condition is negative, as a child’s brain records a new connection every day. They learn and memorize some activities in their favorite game. It is often worse than watching TV, as the programs do not give a specific achievement.

In conclusion, in the present day it such a rare point to see children play outside with their friends. They choose to meet and play in the video game or just watching tv all day long. The bad part is the content that includes both video games and television. It can lead to their visual about the reality that visualizes it. That two kinds of entertainment can give improvement to a child. The information with violent material being seen by children can lead to objectiveness and aggressive behavior. Youngsters cannot to make choices when they see or observe that kind of information. The parental role is very needed in filtering any content that would be seen by his children to prevent such a bad accident to happen in the future.

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