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Sales Strategy for Selling Yuesai Cosmetics’ Ganoderma Lucidum Product to UK Market: Analysis of Pricing Strategy

1.0. Introduction Internationalization present great opportunities for international companies to exploit new international market opportunities with a goal of higher customer reach to increase sales revenues, profitability and overall growth of the companies. Yue-Sai Cosmetics has changed the face of China through its recognition as a completely owned foreign cosmetic company in 1990. The company starting from zero in 1990 in the cosmetic segment has made efforts and improvements that have seen it become a favourite brand enjoying a brand...
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Main Factors Determinants That Influence the Export Pricing Strategy: Analytical Essay

Abstract: Export pricing strategy is considered to be a fundamental tool for market growth, lack of literatures still exists. The gap is related to lack of both qualitative and qualitative studies specifically for small businesses which can produce an improvement in the industry and for managerial directions which needed to in exporting practices. Through this paper is aiming to explore the main factors and determinants that influence the export pricing strategy. Introduction: Pricing strategy can be regarded as an organization’s...
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Case Study of Lululemon: Analysis of Pricing Strategy

Case Summary: Lululemon a well-known athletic apparel company, founded by Chip Wilson, who initially embarked in the surf, skate, and snowboard apparel business for more than 20 years, when in the mid of 90s was introduced to Yoga for the first time, he got hooked and moved into the yoga trend at just the right time. In 1998 in Vancouver, Canada Lululemon was developed and defined as a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men. The first designs...
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Analytical Essay on Pricing Strategy: Synergy of Dynamic Pricing in Different Ways

Introduction Kotler, Burton, Deans, Brown, and Armstrong, (2015), are of the viewpoint that dynamic pricing is considered to be referred as that surge pricing strategy, in consideration of which a business entity sets the flexible pricing for the goods and services it offers to the potential customers and the end market. This price of the goods and services is known to be set on the basis of the demand of the current market and its situation (Kirschen & Strbac, 2018)....
3 Pages 1316 Words

Impact Of Discount Pricing Strategy On Organizational Profits: Analytical Essay

Abstract: The purpose of this study to investigate the impact of discount pricing strategy on organizational profit and the importance of planning for a discount; the study was conducted depending on unreal numbers, and it clarify that discounts increase sales volume, but not always increase the profits. KEYWORDS: Pricing Policy, Discount, Organization, Profits, SMEs, Sales Volume Introduction Pricing decision is a decision that must be taken carefully, because of its nature and its effect on the overall goals and objectives...
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Consumer Behavior and Pricing Strategy at Costco: Analytical Essay

Introduction: Costco Wholesale Corporation is the largest membership warehouse club in the United States. Today, the firm has more than six hundred numbers of warehouses, with more than twenty areas of operations around the world, including the more than four hundred warehouses in the United States, and there were more than 70 million cardholders and the annual revenue reached at $105.2 billion (Costco Wholesale Corporation, 2014). Costco is open only to members with either of these types of membership: Business,...
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Overview Telstra's Pricing Strategy Decisions

Pricing strategy decision plays one of the most crucial roles for media transmission. Before rolling out an improvement on valuing they need to consider how and where they are going to situating the business. They have to contemplate obvious objective clients. Pricing strategy decision is also affected by market segmentation. Demographic segmentation, geographic, psychographic and behavioural segmentation plays a vital role for taking pricing strategy decisions. The primary target market of Telstra is the working class and the youth and...
1 Page 669 Words

Differentiated Pricing and Price Pooling in Supermarket and Cinema Pricing Strategies

There are various marketing strategies utilised by businesses working toward creating profit and customer satisfaction. Deciding how much to charge for each of your products or service requires evaluating how much customers value what they are buying. One of the most important aspects of any business marketing strategy is pricing a product successfully. A pricing tactic is a strategy implemented by the marketing department of a business to help attract more customers and to maximise profits. There are four main...
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Johnson & Johnson Pricing Factor

Johnson and Johnson is a prestigious brand and still it has kept up its valuing to a moderate rate with the goal that the normal man can purchase the items. Johnson and Johnson pursues a very much arranged valuing approach in its showcasing blend estimating technique, principally keeping it in the scope of the shopper value file. As we probably am aware the significant piece of the organization’s market is from customer items so it keeps n mind the moderateness...
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Unethical Management Practices of Valiant Company

The share prices of Valeant dropped in just a few weeks from $ 262 to $ 27. This was due to the main reasons – the company’s pricing strategy, the company’s $ 600 million overestimation of its target earnings and the debt problems. Valeant used a pricing strategy where they increased the prices of the drugs of the acquired company to abnormal amounts every time an acquisition occurs. It was noticed that there was a 5500 percent increase in one...
2 Pages 731 Words

The Psychological Aspects of Pricing

Pricing is an important aspect to market a product or service such that it reaches the maximum targeted customers as well as profits the organization to keep continuing its production. Being an integral part of marketing, it is critical to decide and come up with sound pricing strategies that “facilitates customer value creation, structure price decisions, and earn profit” (Kienzler and Kowalkowski, 2016). It drives the supply and demand of a product of service in the market or can be...
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