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Principles of Government Expressed in the Declaration of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence was an extremely important factor throughout our society’s history. This document thoroughly formed the existing colonies into an independent country, finally they were separated from Great Britain. These principles shaped our country into one of the most accepting and substantial places of the time.

The Declaration of Independence was the first to support the colonists wishes. The colonies believed Great Britain was treating everyone really unfair and unethical. The British passed many tax laws that badly affected the colonists, protesting and riots was not making the cut. The colonies needed something stronger if they wanted to be treated right with their own laws and government commands. Colonies now had the ability to announce their independence. This option is best because it filled the colonies needs and keeps the two parties at peace.

Patrick Henry of Virginia wanted to use his voice and mind to show his thoughts and get people to follow his. In section 4, paragraph 4, Patrick Henry recited his most famous speech: “There is no longer any room for hope”, he began. “If we wish to be free . . . we must fight! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston. The war is inevitable—and let it come!”. Patrick used his self to bring people in agreement. This was the peaceful option rather than forcing people in an unhappy environment like the British were doing.

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There new government needed factors or principles to rely on. A man named Jefferson explained that it is unfair to have a duty to obey the king, it is unfair to force someone under a government in which they have no say in. His arguments were thought of as related to the principle of natural rights. This means that everyone should be given the same rights because “All people are born equal in God’s sight”. If a government fails to protect their people’s thoughts and rights it makes it ok for “the people to alter or abolish it”. This is important because they have a plan for most circumstances. There for there is less chance for failure Also after the government fails, the people have a free path to form a new and better government that will protect them as people and respect their happiness.

On July 4, the final version of the Declaration of Independence was approved. The people understood that the actions they were going to make was against Great Britain. Still some brave people pledged and surrender their lives in hopes to get what they wanted, to make their country a safe place to live. This pledge was extremely important because it meant they are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect what they have made with each other.

Over all, the Declaration of Independence was their key to the colonists dream life and they gave so much so this would follow through. Principles that formed this community such as ‘all men have basic human rights given to them by God’ was important because it gave the people a strong structured way of life. They believed in feelings over war and wanted happiness and freedom all over there independent colonies.

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