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Principles of International Law in Practice: Examples from Different Countries

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Why has international law found it difficult to find a resolution to the Syrian conflict?

In 2018, Russian and Iran supported Syrian government to recapture areas in eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside and Daraa governorate. Syrian government used different methods to make anti-groups in these areas to surrender. In Syrian conflict for a particular time chemical attacks were taken place, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) was authorized to attribute responsibility for those attacks.

ISIS and AL Qaeda kills the civilians of Syria and even abuse and kidnaps them. As of march 2018, the Syrian observatory for human rights (SOHR) a monitoring group in UK estimated the death toll since the start of the war be as high as 5,111,000. At the end of the year a new UN special envoy was appointed. As active conflict partially decreases, Russia and Syria called for refugees to return and Syria passed law to facilitate reconstruction. Despite this, government forces continued to violate human rights and international humanitarian law, arbitrarily detaining and mistreating people, and imposing onerous restrictions on freedom of movement. UK and Netherlands stopped their support for stabilization and resilience in northwest Syria and US froze its funding for recovery and stabilization in areas captured from ISIS, asking UAE and Saudi Arabia to step into support local authorities.

Syria is a Muslim country which was supposed to be protected by all gulf countries but if any countries tries to support Syria ISIS will not let that country go free. ISIS power is beyond the law nowadays. ISIS people are surrounded worldwide. We can’t even trust the people who is close with us because we doubt them, we have to be careful if we want to survive in this world. Now law start to take its attempt to surrender ISIS by arresting people who have visited their site and who commented or supported for them. Still ISIS is growing day by day and no one could stop them unless all government all together join a force and cooperate with each other and destroy ISIS people. We all know ISIS is destroying world, they brainwash normal people and ask them to join their force.

In Syria, ISIS has killed many innocent people and captured them. Syrian people have suffered a lot because of these groups. ISIS kept Syria under their control, even Syrian government couldn’t save people life. But if all country together have to make a special strategy and have to make ISIS surrender them self. Seven years of war made Syrian tiered, half a million died, more that 5 million refugees. Has anyone ever though from were these ISIS get their weapons, I wonder how, and from who. If they never had weapons how will they fight, they have their own strategies too.

Is the US above the law?

If the US has a agreement with the other nation, US has to follow that treaty but at the same time turning over an individual accused of a crime that would be a crime in the US. At some case US refuse to turn someone over for trial for political reasons. The US is notorious around the world for only abiding by international agreements when it finds them convenient. For example, when the United States invaded Iraq despite a vote against such action by the United Nations Security Council. That vote should have precluded military action by the United States, but the US proceeding anyway, later seeking the support of several other nations to legitimize the move. Other examples have included conducting military actions on the sovereign soil of foreign nations during peacetime, engaging in espionage, and disregarding agreements regarding the environment.

International law is really just a conglomeration of treaties, precedents derived from international dealings, and contracts. There is no international body that truly enforces international agreements, except to the extent that the United Nations may authorize member states to use coercive or even military sanctions. Even then, some nations, such as those on the Security Council have broad de facto immunity. Many international laws only apply to these countries to the extent that they agree to be bound by them.

Some countries doesn’t agree with these international laws at such cases. At some situations foreign laws can take into action in American courts. Most commonly, these cases deal with contractual disputes where parties agree to be bound by the laws of a foreign nation, but where the transaction occurs on American soil. In some cases, it can also happen when foreign governments engage in business in America with American citizens.

Parties in those kinds of cases must ask the court whether they can apply those foreign law in the American court. If the foreign law doesn’t affect US domestic law violation only then foreign law can be applied in the court. A contractual agreement based on sharia law may be entirely valid but agreement based on human trafficking would not be valid. These cases will become complicated and goes for appeals. Thus, it is critical to contact an attorney if dealing with this type of dispute. An attorney will be able to help the party to understand the legal and political aspects based on the case and will prepare the best to reply the opposite, whether on appeal or issues with enforcement.

Why are countries like China and Russia allowed to breach laws and not be punished while Iraq and Afghanistan get punished?

The Treaty of Nerchinsk of 1689 was the first treaty between Russia and China. Sino-Russian and China secret treaty of friendship is of a twenty years strategic treaty that was signed by Zemin and Vladimir Putin on 16th July 2001.

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China and Russia has their own way for everything, they don’t depend on any other country. They have their own rules and regulations. No country can stand against China Nuclear power which can destroy whole world. Compared to US and other countries China is not that developed country but no other country could stand against China, not even USA. India is heart of its military power still China could destroy any country in minutes if they wished to.

US is scared of China and Russia because of this. So, years before US president Obama put a treaty in front of Russia “new Start” treaty in which Russia will help US to make nuclear weapons. On 2011 this treaty was signed and now its going to expire on 5th February 2021. Will they renew the treaty?

China has the world largest navy. Even US can’t be compared with it. China’s maritime power has been multiplied by shore-based, anti-ship missile systems. The PLA Rocket force has developed on the mainland a new generation of medium range, anti-ship missiles, the DF21-D (with a nine hundred-mile range) and the DF26-D (a thousand-six-hundred-mile range). They are believed to be potentially capable of hitting naval targets, including Nimitz class carrier battle groups, up to two-thousand-five-hundred miles from China’s coast. Now China’s development is a lot powerful, they have a wonderful metro tunnel and metro stations. No one can touch China and Russia that easily, if anyone does, be ready to die that’s all what I can say from what I have heard.

War in Afghanistan is now 16 years old and with Iraq its 14 years old. Iraq had the best health care system, not after the war. On 2013 half of the doctors fled away. Afghanistan and Iraq is in a bad condition after the war, they have nothing to offer to other countries, they are not powerful like China and Russia.

To what extent are all countries equal in the eyes of the law.

It is a principle which states all individuals must be treated by the law equally and that is with the same law of justice. Law give an guarantee that all individuals or group of people should be treated equally in front of law, there should not be any discrimination. Everyone have there right for the justice. Everyone must be treated equally under the law regardless of race, gender, national origin, color, ethnicity, religion, disability or other characteristics, without privilege, discrimination or bias.

All countries have this principle of law but still in some cases or in some countries its being violated. Gender equality is nowadays so popular. It is said that women and men should have equal right in every place but still its not happening, specially in work place etc. only 6 countries in the world gives equal right for men and women survey says.

In some countries women have special rights than men. She is supported by the law for example India, UAE etc. even though in India women are protected by the law, still women rights are being violated, some women are not protected by the law specially if the women is raped. If a women is raped she should shut her mouth up and live like how she used to be and act as if nothing happened. If she want justice she need to go to court, even if she goes to court may be she get the people who raped her to get punished but at the moment the society comes to know she is raped they see her in a different way. Is that a sympathy or criticizing or whatever we can’t understand them, some says “oh poor girl, now how can she look others face, how will she survive in this society, some says she deserve it why does she have to do job at night”. Why is that “if a men do late night duty or shift – he is good, taking care of his family, hardworking, good”, – but at the same time if a women is working at late night society says: “Why does she have to do that, can’t she go home early, does she have no family, is she not married?” Why is that, why should society criticize them. But at some country women and men are well protected, they does late night duty and goes home late at night, no worries other than lots of work duties. Each countries have their own rules and regulations, even based on their culture and tradition too.

Is the use of force ever justified by international law?

The use of force by states is controlled by – customary international law and by treaty law. This principle is now considered to be a part of customary international law, and has the effect of banning the use of arm force except for two situations authorized by the UN Charter.

Law is made when there is disagreement, each country have there own view point, some country agrees and some disagree at that time the law is made, so that it can protect the people, it give justice to people who need it. If a country is not giving justice to people and supporting money power, and doing things against international law, then the international law can take action against that particular country. A law is law, its not just for a country its for all the world. So sometimes international law can be forced upon to some countries. If a new types of case raised in a country and that country have no law to be against that action at that time that country can meet with other all countries at meeting and apply a new law to be against it or protect it. Women have restriction to drink in those Muslim countries because it gave value to its culture and tradition, some law can’t be forced on any country. We have human right system too.

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